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Restaurants in France

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4.967 places to eat in France

Restaurants in Deauville
Le Cafe de Paris
This is one of the favourite hang out spots for the gilded youth of Deauville. After renovation, it has become a very nice place with a cozy interior. It also has a very comfy patio, perfect for people watching. The food and prices are good, but remember, it's still in Deauville.
Cafés in Paris
Café Les Deux Molins (Amelie)
Without the movie, this cafe would be less nice. But if you go through here, I recommend you go. Food and acceptable price, even cheaper than average in Paris. The steak tartare, is a little spicy, but very good. The onion soup and creme brulee is a dessert worthy of praise, delicious. The best point, very nice service, although slow at peak times.
Cafés in Paris
Ladurée - Bonaparte
There is a cake that is typical of Paris and, in turn, typical of a bakery in Paris, Ladurée. The cake, like like a saint's bone but in colors, is called a macaroon and though many times I saw it in the window of the bakery on Rue Royale, near the Place de la Concorde, I never got to try it. The appeal of the dish lies in its many colors: red, blue, pink ... in its diminutive size and its exorbitant price. It was for this latter reason that the price-quantity of food I never convinced me to try it, but then again, we were students and we fed on just window displays, Auchan products, and the university cafeteria. Still, Ladurée remains a feast of colors and mirrors. An elegant show, as befits the finest in Paris, where, if not for fear that the macaroons would come out bad, there were even fireworks to commemorate old nineteenth-century Paris. Afterwards, a tower named Eiffel was built and many blisters had looked nice on the other side of the Seine bathed rockets and fireworks ... Meanwhile, away from the hustle and pyrotechnics, a child holds his own party with flavored almonds and sugar in the Tuileries gardens.
Restaurants in Nantes
La Cigale
The atmosphere of this restaurant is superb. it offers sumptuous décor with a magnificent view of Gralin square, especially at night when the Opera is illuminated. However, the waiters will judge you if you do not wear a tie, and may speak to you and serve you differently. However,the service is quite fast. As for the food, there are other cheaper restaurants in Nantes that are far better. You will be paying more for the views and décor than for the food, but it is a landmark of Nantes that has to be visited.
Restaurants in Paris
Le Moulin de la Galette
In the seventeenth century the Debray family bought this old flour mill and called it Moulin de la Galette (Mill of the Cake). They sold cake with a glass of milk. The Parisians of the time, used to go for walks in the area and enjoyed these delicious cakes, eating as they walked through the beautiful hill of Montmartre. Years later the son of old Monsieur Debray created a beautiful garden at the time when Montmartre was suffering a transformation due to artistic splendor that the area had become. The world of Cabaret and dance had moved to Montmartre, and in this Ballroom met artists like Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, etc.. Today you can visit the inside as it is private property, but if you can appreciate from the Rue Lepic. The Moulin de la Galette was declared HISTORICAL MONUMENT in 1939.
Restaurants in Béziers
Cafe De La Bourse
This is a restaurant with a selection of dishes from the Languedoc-Roussillon and around the south of France. It was a great value with great service. It is situated in the main square of Béziers, Place Jean Jaurès, on the end of the boulevard Paul Riquet. It is a humble culinary place, but you can eat fairly priced dishes from the area. The terrace is on the outside, the perfect place to have a meal during the spring and summer. Among its menu there are fish dishes or "produits / fruits de mer" as they say: Prawns, mussels in white wine and all kinds of fish. With some exceptions, most of the dishes are Mediterranean, characterized by its lightness and high quality of its products. The exception is the "cassoulete", another specialty. The "cassoulete" is a typical dish from Languedoc-Roussillon whose basic ingredient is white beans, which are cooked with chunks of meat and sausages (which may vary depending on the recipe) and you usually find pork ribs, sausages, bacon , bacon and duck confit. A plateto fortify and resist all walks and paths that the traveler is imposed on the remainder of day!
Cafés in Bordeaux
This store offers the best cinnamon Baillardran (small cakes are caramelized), which is the specialty of Bordeaux, they also sell Nougatines baskets and cakes of all flavors (fruit, chocolate or coffee). There are other shops like this in the city center, including in Dijeaux street. There is a shop that opened a few years ago in the Montparnasse train station, linking Paris to Bordeaux.
Restaurants in Le Mont-Saint-Michel
La Mere Poulard
A visit to Mont Saint Michel cannot end without visiting the restaurant "La Mere Poulard", offering French cuisine and tradition. And even if you don't want to break the bank, at least you have to have a drink in the bar watching the bay. Finding it is easy, you can't miss it: there are always people on the outside watching them cook, as before, pancakes on the fire.
Restaurants in Paris
Chez Gladines
Chez Gladines is a Basque restaurant in a neighborhood on the left bank in Paris. This is, in my opinion, the best place to eat in Paris. The house specialties come from of the south-west, things like duck confit. Of course, it's delicious. The only problem is that it is so popular that it is difficult to find a table.
Restaurants in Lille
Les 3 Brasseurs
Oops! Thanks Guanche for this note. My friends from Lille always take me to this Brasserie, so that I can enjoy my traditional "Welsh", a really greasy dish, I'll confess what it's made of: One slice of bread soaked in beer (on the bottom), covered by about 2 or 3 inches of melted cheddar cheese ... And served with a portion of chips! That and a beer, and you'll be able to withstand the climate of Lille and a nap like little angels!
Restaurants in Paris
Le Bouillon Chartier
This restaurant is located in the centre of Paris, specifically in the ninth district, the district of the Opera. Although it was right in front of our hotel, they don't accept reservations, so every time we passed, we found massive queues. In the end, we went on a day that was less crowded, just to see if it was worth it ... and the answer is NO. The decor is original, dating back to its founding in 1896. The room is rectangular, like an endless corridor, and to the left is a more intimate dining area. When our turn finally came, we were settled at a table for 6, with 3 other people: a Swiss lady and her two children (of course, we didn't know them at all). We managed to have some fun chatting in French and Spanish about our favourite destinations. The worst thing was definitely the food. We opted for a tomato salad, which was pretty good but a very stingy portion, and lamb chops, which were disappointing. I don't understand why people queue so long for this....
Tapas Bars in Bordeaux
The Central Pub
A mixture of a bar, French restaurant and pizzeria. Steak tartar is 12 euros, with chips, quite a good price. Confit de canard, duck broth costs 12 euros too. International dishes, English wines, and a long list of pizzas. The decor is rock, there's an old bike, and various accessories that recall the legendary Road 66. To accompany the dishes, imported beers and pressure. The menu is quite surprising, from sauerkraut, a dish of cabbage and sausage of the Alsace region, to flammekueche, a pizza with cream found in Belgium and northern France. I stayed with the classics ...
Cafés in Paris
The Berthillon ice cream shop is known for having the best ice cream in Paris. Berthillion, which is both a brand and a shop, can be found on the enchanting Île Saint-Louis in the center of the city. The brand of ice cream itself can be found in tons of cafes, restaurants, and gourmet shops around the city. In summer, the lines waiting to get a scoop of Berthillon attest to its fame.
Restaurants in Paris
Le Train Bleu
Le train bleu, or Blue Train, is a legendary Parisian restaurant. It is installed in Lyon Station, in the district of Paris XII. It is one of the oldest restaurants situated in Paris train stations. Therefore, it has amazing décor. Inside are huge lights, ceiling paintings, statues, heavy but very cute. The company railways built this restaurant for receiving the numerous visitors of the expo for the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1900. It was called the Buffet de la Gare de Lyon. The name became "Train Bleu" in 1963, a reference to the blue train that ran from Paris to the Italian border. It has been given historical monument status for the last 70 years. The paintings depict landscapes as if you are looking through the train window when leaving the station. Before, it was an institution, and many famous people like presidents, politicians, actors ... Came to eat at this place. Rather expensive but magical
Cafés in Paris
Le Grand Cafe Capucines
Le Grand Cafe Capucines offers probably a cafe of the same quality as any other but its price rises to four, five euros. You have been misled. The pastry is not extraordinary, rather small size buns. And yet we find ourselves at lunch. Not for the coffee and croissant, but the magic of the place, a few steps from the Opera House and the shops. Save an essence of luxury and romanticism. People come to eat, but we settle for a coffee. Next time, we go to the 'Jagen Das'. Okay Like everywhere and also in the center of Paris. The waiter smiles. Tourists, I imagine have lost their minds. He smiled and replied, merci, while pouring the coffee.
Restaurants in Lille
Morel Et Fils
This restaurant is an old bar "bonneterie", I.e. a lingerie store for women, which was converted into a cafe 30 years ago. It's situated in Lille´s Theatre Square, right opposite the chamber of commerce of the city. It is one of the most famous cafes in France, because it has recently recorded a movie that 20 million French people saw, "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis", a comedy about people in northern France. Two generations had managed the lingerie business, but the son, seeing the central location, decided to turn it into a cafe, leaving the mannequins and the typical business objects of their grandparents behind. They serve mussels and fries, as do most of the bars in Lille, and they are delicious. There is a great selection of Belgian and French beers. The facade of the building, from the eighteenth century, is a historic monument. There is a terrace for days when the weather is good, and it is also heated in winter. It is always very busy.
Restaurants in Nantes
Tabl'O Gourmand
If you are like me and you don´t have any ideas for Sunday night dinner, you should remember this place: Tabl'O Gourmand! It is an old restaurant with large wooden tables. Everything is great and it´s also perfect for breakfast or a snack. It´s open every day and is distinguished by the quality of its products and caring environment.
Restaurants in Paris
Cafe Les Deux Magots
I was invited to dinner in Saint-Germain, one of the most enchanting neighborhoods in Paris. What I didn’t expect upon entering Les Deux Magots, an old shop that was transformed into a café in 1885, was that great artists and intellectuals like Elsa Triolet, André Gide, Jean Giraudoux, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Jacques Prévert, Ernest Hemingway, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and many others had also sat at the very tables where I was to enjoy my meal. I felt like I was in the Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris;” I imagined myself in post-war Paris with jazz in the background and these illustrious figures passing through the doors. It’s worth visiting to try the delicious food, soak in the glamorous atmosphere, and enjoy the neighborhood of Saint-Germain.