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Restaurants in Malaysia

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131 places to eat in Malaysia

Culinary Interest in Ipoh
Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations
At around 1,600m above sea level, the weather is fresh. Instead of humid heat, during this visit you'll be grateful for your jacket. Here there are vast areas devoted to planting tea leaf plants. The uniform green mountains are cut by roads that collectors pass along to store the leaves in the bag they carry on their backs. Hard work in the middle of a beautiful landscape. You can visit the factory where they will explain the whole process to you, from collection to sale.
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Chinatown Pavillion
Located in [poi = 116867] China Town [/ poi] where?? On the first street as you enter the street with a roof on the left left at the bottom on the left (the streets have no names on the map :-) .... Whether you love Chinese food in Spain, or whether you hate Chinese food in Spain ... This is like real Chinese food and is nothing like the Chinese food you get in Spain, so, you HAVE to try it, this is a great place to do it, an Englishman living in the city said, you should eat in this place, it is delicious ... Well guy wasn´t wrong, so we ate very well there, and this curious little place gained a spot on minube.Com!! What can we say, delicious, cheap, dirty (you want a Chinese place), at least if you ask they take crab or lobster from the tank, they put it in the wok and serve it. Good, very good, and they are friendly, some efficient. Oops, we sat on the terrace, a few minutes later it began to thunder and Chinese people began to come from all over to get some umbrellas, everything was highly organized, and when, just before the flood started, we were covered, however when there was a free table inside we grabbed it, we didn´t particularly want to have dinner with wet feet ...
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Estana Curry House
It may not seem like it, but this is my favorite Indian restaurant. Okay, there are others such as Passage thru India or Bombay Palace which are more elegant, but this, for the price it offers, is unbeatable. Their rotis are excellent, the curries are delicious ... it also has a section with AC but it is more interesting to be outside, although hot.
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
BreadTalk Pavilion
Who gives a hoot about cholesterol, triglycerides, fatty acids, sugar, oleic, Omega 3, 5 and 7. Long live the gluttony that I'm going to eat everything ... That and many other things happen when you go to this place located on the 1st floor of the [poi = 148766] Pavilion Mall [/ poi] ... The smell of chocolate cake with strawberry cream, a heavenly scent, combined with your vision of all those sweet treats, take you back to your childhood, when you used to say 'mama buy me a bollicao'. These bollicaos are rice boiled with onions compared to the freshly made delicacies that you find in this place, nothing is frozen and heated, the dough is prepared by hand, fresh fruit fillings and baked. This is definitely a place to cherish the memory ... And forget about the scales!
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Old Asia Restaurant
Situated immediately outside the [poi = 116675] Kuala Lumpur Tower [/ poi] if you go a few meters along Jalan Raja Chulan, you will find a shopping center called The Weld. If your visit to the tower has made you work up an appetite, come in, appreciate the cool temperature inside and take a look at this small but extremely cozy place. You can try dishes from all over Asia for a great price (two people can eat for less than 8 €). The typical Malaysian Noddles, Vietnamese Lamb or shrimp tempura (see the photos) are delicious!! Extremely clean, fast and efficient service.
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
The Manhattan Fish Market
Foreign-style fish under the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur!! Asian cuisine is exquisite and in Kuala you can try cuisine from all around the continent. However, after a few days in the country, you may feel the need for a change. This place is a nice change, the perfect place to stop if you go shopping at the Suria KLCC (the mall beneath the towers). The prices are affordable and you can have a feast of fish and seafood in this well-known, American restaurant franchise, a nice, cozy and well decorated place where you can have a good bite ...
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
YO! Sushi
Dishes and more dishes piled high with Makis, Sushi, tempura and other dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun circulating throughout the restaurant, try this, or try that, super cheap greens, the dark blue ones are a bit more expensive, you cannot help but try and taste. You look at the menu, there's more! You order a specialty, to try :-), eat until your body says ... ENOUGH! You can not eat anymore more, ask one of the cheerful waiters for the bill and think ... Oh my Buddha! That taste is going to make me pass out, it is full of dishes and the place is luxurious. When you convert the price € euros you see that it costs just 15 euros for 2 people, your face lights up, lets come back tomorrow! This in Barcelona and I can afford it! You will return, but since you are there, to try, why not try another Sushi Train in the same place ... "" .... Located in the [poi = 148766] Malll Pavilion Floor 1 [/ poi], it belongs to the English chain YO! Sushi, this, however, has something that makes it special ...
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Express Teppanyaki
"Never, no, no I in Asia am nothing like these Asians, they are pigs and they give me a bad feeling" we heard this once ... Do you agree with the person that said it?? Never mind, we've already found the solution! The chef in front of your very eyes, cooking delicious dishes at breakneck speed, giving a real knife dance, salsa, skimmers on a hot steel plate, all with extreme cleanliness and hygiene so that you can´t complain about anything. And do not tell me you do not like Japanese food because if you do, they will make you anything you want, simply grilled, which I hear is healthier ... On the [poi = 148766] 1st 1 Pavilion Mall [/ poi], another treat to enjoy ...
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Have you read about the place [poi = 148668] Yo! Sushi [/ poi]? All that trying and tasting until you can not eat anymore ...? Well here it is the same, I would say even more so! One of the things that stand out about this restaurant is that the staff themselves make their own noddles (noodles go), in the same entrance you have a master craftsman making Japanese noodles, cooking all day (I took the photo the man was not there, as photos are not allowed, we think it's a lack of respect as the gentleman is not a monkey show). The Ramen noodles, guiozas, the makis and everything is delicious, the prices are similar to its neighbor Yo!. Here, you can also order takeout. It is located on the first floor of the Pavilion Mall .. We repeat (these dishes are really delicious!)
Restaurants in Semporna
Bismillah Restaurant
Bismillah Restaurant is one of a number of Indian/Malaysian resaturants in Semporna. I loved having roti or indian dosai with cardamom spiced tea for breakfast there. Located on the main street with the dive center in Semporna, the Scuba Junkie, Bismillah also has a menu in English and offers free and pretty fast wi-fi connection.
Restaurants in Semporna
Mabul Cafe
The Mabul Cafe is the best restaurant in Semporna for its affordability and service. It serves Chinese, Malay and Western cuisine at good prices (3 euros per fish), as well as alcohol, something that most restaurants in Malaysia don't serve because it's an Islamic country. It's on the first floor of a building on the street that leads to the port, and it has a beautiful terrace for a great afternoon or night. A complete guide for Diving in Malaysian Borneo is at
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Restoran Yusoof Dan Zakhir
Located at the end of the central market of Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Yusoof Zakhir Dan is a pleasant and friendly Indian restaurant/ canteen with quality food. The chicken tandoori skewers hanging on display, sharpen the appetite. The great room, that opens to the outside, allows you to enjoy the vibrant and fresh air, which is really essential in summer. There are large dishes arranged on a buffet in the center of the restaurant, where the more adventurous will make their choice of "local" Indian food , including in particular the curried fish head ... Others (like us) will check the menu, taking care not to ask for very spicy dishes (there are a lot!). The tandoori chicken is flavorful, and perfectly cooked before your eyes in the wood oven. The naans are generous size, served with Indian condiments, all of which are delicious. The Malaysian dishes however, were less convincing. But the location, the quality of Indian food, and the efficient and considerate service won us over!
Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Pinchos Tapas Bar
I would like to connect with the Spanish community in Kuala Lumpur .. do you know the address of any Spanish people there? I would like to spend some time there. I don´t know whether it is possible to work as a private teacher or Spanish flamenco guitar player .. Any chance? .. I go in a few months .. Thanks and greetings from Spain. Manuel
Restaurants in Melaka
Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
Rice balls, simple yet delicately spiced rice dumplings, are one of the local specialties in Malacca. You can find them all over town, but according to the locals the best ones are found at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. The restaurant is located right on one of the main streets and you eat your rice balls right there in the open. You can also get some delicious roast chicken served whole, halved, or quartered and sliced right in front of your with a machete. Overall, delicious food and cheap!
Restaurants in Tawau
Yassin Restaurant
The Yassin restaurant was my "home cooking" the 2 days I spent in Tawau managing my visa and Indonesian boat ticket. It is an Indian/Malay restaurant where rotis and dosai are made in front of you, all the food is fresh and tasty, with very cheap prices, and you eat for 2 AC.
Tapas Bars in Kuala Lumpur
Street Food on Jalan Petaling
In and around Jalan Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur is the Chinatown, where one can eat very cheaply and fairly safely. There are numerous tables on the street with gazebos for eating. You can find a wide variety of food including seafood, chicken, beef, mushrooms, pork, corn etc. You also have the option of trying traditional dishes based on rice, pasta and balls filled with meat and vegetables. You can eat and also enjoy a local beer for only 3 € which is really reasonable. I'd recommend that you eat in one of these places and enjoy the atmosphere and intensity of these streets. And since you are there, why not try some of the local delicacies?
Culinary Interest in Brinchang
Culinary Interest in Kuala Lumpur