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Restaurants in Teruel

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174 places to eat in Teruel

Restaurants in Albarracín
Rincón del Chorro Restaurant
Great food, best cheese in the world in 2011. It's a great place both for tapas at the bar and for lunch or dinner in the dining room. In the heart of Albarracin. Economic and very complete menus with game meats. Exquisite desserts. The restaurant staff is very nice and will recommend to you the best dishes. And good beer!
Restaurants in Mora de Rubielos
It is a little restaurant just a few metres away from the town hall square, and is a place that skiers cannot miss eating in winter, to regain strength, before they go back to Valencia. This establishment belongs to the Gargallo family, producers of ham and pork products in the area, for this reason the menu (among other things) is based on these products. They enjoy making sandwiches, adding tomato, fried peppers, warming the bread, etc. delicious although they have reduced the number of varieties. The paté with chestnuts and mushrooms, with toasted bread, is very good, and also the “patatas a lo pobre” with egg, together with different salads and other dishes. They also sell good food products, and the service is charming. They manage the neighbouring Jaime I Hotel, which offers in its dining room, excellently served and prepared, an exquisite menu for €16. Both places are highly recommended.
Tapas Bars in Albarracín
La taberna
This small bar has only 6 tables inside, though there are many more in the terrace in the main square which are spectacular. Their patatas bravas are the house specialty, and the omelette, the sandwiches or bacon and cheese, are other delights that you can enjoy during your journey full of ups and downs, a very recommendable spot in Albarracin.
Restaurants in Teruel
Torico Gourmet Centro Restaurant
This restaurant has two premises, this one next to the Plaza del Torico and the other in the extension. To enter you have to go through a type of tunnel, and it’s normal to have to wait until a table becomes free. I must say that I made a mistake with the second course, the fish stew had pieces of squid of doubtful freshness, apart from that, the first courses were very well made, and the peppers stuffed with cod and the lima beans were two succulent dishes.
Restaurants in Linares de Mora
La Venta Hotel-Restaurant
This is one of my favourite villages in the Gúdar Mountains and up to now I hadn’t had the opportunity to eat here. It is a hostal-restaurant at the entrance of the village on the right, and it always looks crowded. As usual, it’s convenient to call to make a reservation before, especially in the skiing season, so I called early in the morning and they gave us the last available table. The owner recites the menu from memory, it is very funny how he remembers the dishes. The cannelloni were very good, large salads, stew or Manchego gazpacho (a small portion), are some of the first courses. For the second course, a very good baby lamb, or black pudding with apple sauce (could be better). The home-made desserts are for sweet teeth. The dining room is small and very noisy. The price with a bottle of Borsao wine and coffee is €18.
Tapas Bars in Teruel
Tapas y Copas Bar
If the weather is good, you should have a beer and a "tapa" on the "Paseo del Oval", since it's one of the most lively places in Teruel, and sunbathing on one of the terraces is most enjoyable. Tapas y Copas is an old, timeless bar with curious interior décor with huge stalactites hanging from the ceiling that you think might fall onto your head as you walk through. There are variety of tapas as appetizers. Here's a photo of the beautiful facade that got the prize for the best facade contest organized in Teruel (voted on facebook), scrumptious!
Restaurants in Ráfales
La Alqueria Restaurant
Clara’s food is absolutely well made and delicious, José’s wife, it is she who waits on the tables in a friendly and chatty way in this small restaurant, which is recommended in the Michelín Guide, which only has six tables. It’s a nice touch the way she explains the making and composition of the dishes before your choice. It is this couple from Zaragoza who have managed this little hotel for only a few years. It’s a blue building in the square of this village which was declared a Historic and Artistic complex, and nice to walk through it. We are in Matarranya county, with its wild nature and medieval villages which you shouldn’t miss. Above all if it is the weekend or a holiday, call them because you can’t miss trying the caramelised suckling pig, with a delicious crunchy skin, stuffed sirloin, or the salad so beautiful that is a shame to disarrange it, with red pomegranate, mushroom tempura on top, escarole lettuce and spring onions below, a delicacy. The apple pie with natural vanilla custard, perfect, together with the “trufas tigretones”, a very big Belgium chocolate dessert, which the next time it would be better to share between two, the cinnamon ice cream with rum is very well prepared. Well prepared and presented dishes. The wine was picked from a wide choice, from Aragon, recommended by José, very nice. Go to Matarranya county and don’t miss eating here.
Restaurants in Albarracín
Mesón del Gallo
This hotel and restaurant is at the entrance of the village, just as you leave the tourist office on the right hand side. As well as being a simple two star hotel, it offers a set menu which costs about €11 and is very acceptable. The lowering of prices and the agreement that has been made between the majority of the hotel owners in such a touristic place, is surprising, since it seems difficult to believe that the majority of restaurants in Albarracín have set menus for about €11. The “migas” with egg are very well made, as is the beef stew. The stewed trotters lacked cooking time, ah…! And the dessert, a mousse of blackberries, very refreshing…
Cafés in Teruel
San Diego Café
The Plaza de San Juan is home to one of the city's most classic establishments, which is a delight for morning tea or coffee while people watching. It's a large and monumental Franco style plaza, which houses most of the institutional buildings, as well as the Casino Turolense, an example of regional architecture where stone and brick mix perfectly together.
Restaurants in Mora de Rubielos
Melanosporum Restaurant
I have to give the highest mark to the service in general, to the manager of the La Trufa Negra Hotel, Jorge, and to the assistant manager, Chimo, who we have known for some time, they are an example of friendliness and efficiency. Nice music, tables well set and very good decoration, the paintings by Calo which decorate the hotel are a fantastic choice, and the design elements very well chosen. I had the opportunity to try the noodles with truffle and mushrooms, to try again the paté with violet jam, and the cod, these three dishes are specialities of the house and they are permanently on the daily set menus which the restaurant offers. The three dishes are highly recommended and a great choice. From Monday to Friday, they offer a magnificent set menu for €15 in this fantastic environment. A tasting of “escalibada”, compliments of the house to start. Pate with violet jam for the first course, pork fillet with truffle sauce for the second course or caramelised leg of duck, and for dessert a fantastic curd cheese tart. It is this menu that I really recommend.
Restaurants in Albarracín
El Buen Yantar Restaurant
The restaurant El Buen Yantar is a place that you must stop at to eat in Albarracin. It has about six tables on the ground floor, and just as many in the upstairs dining room. The atmosphere is quiet and the local cuisine is exquisite. My wife and I ordered a soda and a glass of wine, a salad to share (goat cheese and vinaigrette) and then a meat dish for each (she ordered grilled 'secreto iberico', I ordered shoulder of lamb). The salad surprised us: very abundant and very good. The meat was excellent. Both the 'secreto' and the shoulder were large, were well-prepared and tasted excellent. The price was an amazing thirty-eight euros. I've never eaten so much or so well for that price. In the photo, you'll see the shoulder of lamb.
Restaurants in Albarracín
Tiempo de Ensueño Restaurant
It is a unique place in the area. Teruel and even more so, Albarracín, are full of restaurants serving trout and lamb, or where stews and soups are being served all the time, without deprecating them. The discreet sign attracts attention to this place, in a small three storied medieval building in the heart of this incredible village. Once inside, you are struck by the minimalist decoration, the uniforms of the waiters and the attention to detail. You can choose from diferent varieties of olive oils or types of bread. The tasting menu offers "trifásico de texturas y temperaturas" (a mixture of textures and temperatures) or "bacalao de anzuelo con yema trufada y tomate caramelizado" (cod with egg yolk with truffles and caramelised tomato) How does that grab you? Its price: €41.
Restaurants in Puertomingalvo
Casa Juan
It is a very well-known place in the area, including the people of Valencia, who think nothing of taking their car at the weekends to eat in this restaurant where quantity is guaranteed. When you sit at the table, and they begin to serve the dishes, local ham and cheese, clams, seasonal mushrooms, mussels, etc., and then they ask you what you want for the second course which usually is a good quality meat or a lobster stew in the heart of the Maestrazgo of Teruel. Although it seems strange, it’s normal to leave this restaurant fit to burst.
Restaurants in Mora de Rubielos
Restaurants in Valderrobres
Restaurants in La Iglesuela del Cid
Casa Amada Restaurant
Home made cooking and well-prepared food in this classic of the community of Maestrazgo. A luxury to see these villages and then get your strength back in this place. Bread, garlic and oil with a glass of wine while they bring stuffed potatoes, legendary in this place, chickpeas, rabbit very well stewed, chops, entrecote or grilled lamb. The nut cream caramel incomparable, the same recipe for years, and a very affordable price. A place and an excursion that you shouldn’t miss doing.
Restaurants in Albarracín
Restaurants in Teruel
La Tierreta Restaurant
I have gone to this restaurant in Teruel several times and enjoyed it, both a la carte and the sandwiches (From Boca in Boca). It's suitable for celebrations, daily menus, and dinners with friends or as a couple. There are custom tasting menus. The city has a reputation for being expensive, but this restaurant isn't. Don't miss the lamb confit or the pork!