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Restaurants in Syria

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10 places to eat in Syria

Restaurants in Hajin
Cena Beduina en El Desierto
The typical Bedouin meal consists of a very spicy delicious rice with nuts, hummus (a rich chickpea paste), goat's cheese cream, very sweet tea, pitta bread, tomatoes and boiled eggs. Everything is delicious! I do not know if it's because of the chefs or if it's the act of eating in a tent in the middle of the desert among friends and friendly Bedouins, but my dinner in the Syrian desert is one of the most fun meals I can ever remember. The Bedouin people like talking, music, learning about other cultures and joking. They are very clever people, free and independent and they have taken advantage of adventure tourism to improve their lives. If you do not want to sleep in a tent, many restaurants organise a "mini-tour" to the desert on camels which includes transportation, dinner, live music and return to the hotel.
Restaurants in Damascus
Narcissus Palace
In a narrow, nameless, and crowded street in Damascus, you'll find Narcissus, a place you'll never forget. Narcissus Palace is a beautiful old 18th-century house that has been converted into a restaurant. It is a true center of social life and talk in Damascus. If one wants to know how Syrians spend their time (or what they eat and chat about), then all you have to do is come here, although, like many other places in Damascus, finding it may be a bit difficult. Just ask any of the friendly Syrians as they all know. With an atmosphere of musician playing lutes and bubbling fountains, you can try the best of Syrian food: mint salad, delicious hummus, stuffed eggplant, the famous drink "bolo," lentil soup, or spicy grilled chicken. Syrian food is healthy, delicious, and very affordable. You can eat your fill, drink two or three "bolos" (freshly-made lemonade with mint), and sip a Turkish coffee boiled with cardamom, and the price will not be more than 5-6 euros. It's a fascinating and charming place where huge Syrian families gather every evening to do what they love most: talk, eat, and laugh with the people they love. It's a must.
Restaurants in Damascus
Beit Jabri
The Jabri is always packed with young Syrians drinking tea, coffee, and juices, and smoking hookahs. It is the usual place to start your night in Damascus (which can be long) and you can enjoy delicious food until well after midnight. The Syrians are, like the Latin people of Europe, night-owls, and really come alive after dark, spending time with friends and family. Life here is typically passed indoor, a fact reflected in the houses which seem tiny and dark with no windows looking outside, clothing (veils are removed as soon as one enters the house), and friendly, hospitable character. This is a magnificent place to eat and spend time enjoying the lively atmosphere. Their hummus and falafel (I recommend ordering the accompanying sauce) are especially good. I tried the best hookah of my life here...
Restaurants in Damascus
Umayyad Palace Restaurant
Like most places in Damascus, this charming restaurant is located in a narrow, nameless alleyway adjacent to the south wall of the Omayyad Mosque. The whole bottom area is decorated like Ali Baba's cave and is very tourist-oriented: furniture encrusted with pearls, rich oriental carpets, dim lighting, etc. At night, there are Syrian music and acrobatics shows. Although the bottom floor can be interesting, I recommend climbing up to the top floor where there's a restaurant with a fantastic terrace. The views of the Umayyad Mosque are truly spectacular and it's a chance to dine in a quieter environment. Here, hearty meal with various juices (they don't serve alcohol) can go for around 10-12 euros. It is quite expensive for Damascus standards, but worth it because the food is delicious. I especially recommend the stuffed eggplant (the best I've ever had), Syrian pizzas, thyme salad, and delicious falafel with the omnipresent hummus. Aside from the stunning views, good prices, and delicious cuisine, this restaurant has great service and one of the city's best hookahs. Totally recommended.
Restaurants in Bosra
Tarajan Restaurant
I'll be perfectly honest, places to eat in Bosra are few and far between, except for the expensive Bosra Cham restaurant. It's a Palace are dens of food that leaves much to be desired. Yes, these restaurants have an exceptional view of the Roman theater and the citadel. The quality / price is not good for the very good quality restaurants usually have Syrians but usually involve a quick alternative if you have little time to visit this unforgettable people. Tip: order the Trajan Restaurant chicken pieces otherwise you'll have to take almost all of it home.
Restaurants in Damascus
Ornina Restaurant
The Ornina was a stop at midday for us to regain strength. It is very modern and has been renovated, but retains the essence of a typical damasciana house, its courtyard, fountain, stairs to the first floor where you can eat or just have a drink, or smmoke a shisha. The list is quite complete, and the staff all very kind. Definitely a place to rest in a city that makes you very comfortable. It is close to the mosque, and situated in the Christian Quarter.
Restaurants in Damascus
Al-Khawali Restaurant
The first dinner I had in Damascus was in this restaurant, the Al-Khawali, near the main street (you can see it from the corner). It's a good place you can enjoy a typical Syrian meal, good desserts, and good atmosphere for not much money. Sometimes there's a line, so it's good to book ahead or go late in the evening since Syrian eating hours are rather earlier. You also can't miss heading up to the roof, especially at night, where you can see the spectacle of the city lit up at night.
Restaurants in Aleppo
Cantara en Aleppo Restaurant
El Cantara is one of those restaurants that you don't normally include in your initial plan when you are backpacking, but you shouldn't miss this menu. They had a few pizzas and pasta dishes that let us enjoy dinner like we were in paradise. It's highly recommended, of course, but mostly, it's peaceful and nice for a quiet dinner or lunch with friends. It's very easy to get there, in the area of ​​the Old City.
Restaurants in Damascus
Pastrys in Syria
Damascus is full of bakeries and patisseries which you can't miss. There, you can try "kibbeh" (wheat cakes stuffed with meat), delicious "borek" (pastries filled with cheese or meat), or just simple sesame bread. If you have a sweet tooth, you can't leave the country without trying the "baklava" (puff pastry stuffed with pistachios, almonds, or pecans and accompanied with chocolate, strawberries, or honey). There are a thousand specialties and really cheap prices. It's also makes for a perfect gift. Do not miss the wonderful wooden candy boxes decorated with colorful wooden tiles. Want to send a message? Syrians send it with cupcakes (and a good black tea, of course)!
Restaurants in Deir ez-Zor
Traditional Palmyra Restaurant
Palmira isn't well know for its food. Being a town that was almost artificially created around the ruins, there are only a few tourist restaurants at more or less affordable price. Most visitors end up in the same places. This is the case of the Traditional Palmyra Restaurant. A restaurant with nothing special except that it has a very relaxed atmosphere, nice decoration and a talkative and charming owner. As the specialty dish it is recommend: lentil soup-delicious-and the "mansaf" or bedouin rice dish (with spices, nuts ...) which costs about 3 euros for two servings. This restaurant has internet available (haggle as the price is good, the standard across the country is like a euro per hour, about 70 Syrian liras).