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Historical Monuments in El Jadida

5 historical monuments in El Jadida

Historical Monuments in El Jadida
Portuguese Cistern in El Jadida
Most famous monument of the Moroccan city of El Jadid. In 15th century Manueline style, there is a large square room that's 30x30m, its roof is formed by 36 arches that rest on 25 pillars. It's an impressive sight with its robustness and semipenunbra on which it is. The image of the vaults and columns that reflect off the water covering the floor is fantastic and unforgettable, more reminiscent of a place of meditation. They shot scenes from the film Othello by Orson Welles here.
Historical Monuments in El Jadida
Walls of El Jadida
The city of El Jadida, whose name means 'The New', is found south of Casablanca, along the Atlantic coast. It is an old Portuguese colonial town known for its impressive walls. The Portuguese arrived in the region, a strategic point for trade and navigation, in the fifteenth century. Mazagan fortress was founded in 1506. The city was not fortified, but the walls were built in 1542. It was then one of the strongest fortifications and extremely difficult to conquer. The Portuguese withstood the enemy's attacks for more than two centuries. The famous water tank, that can still be visited, was created to resist for longer. The Kingdom of Morocco were successful in conquering the city in 1769, with Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah. Today the walls have been renovated and turned into a tourist attraction that are iluminated beautifully at night for all to see.
Historical Monuments in El Jadida
Historical Monuments in El Jadida
Historical Monuments in El Jadida