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Historical Monuments in Qena

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2 historical monuments in Qena

Historical Monuments in Deir el-Bahari
Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir el-Bahari)
Hatshepsut's temple is nestled within a monumental complex called Deir el-Bahari (the northern monastery). It derives from an ancient Coptic community ve had settled in the temple saving it from complete destruction. The temple has two huge terraces that precede the third, where the temple stands. On the terrace walls, there are scenes from Hatshepsut's life. In the northeastern corner, there is a temple of Anubis, and in the southwestern, there is a shrine dedicated to the goddess Hathor. As a female, Queen Hatshepsut could not be buried in the Valley of the Kings, so she had her tomb constructed here, which pierced the mountain so she could be closer to the Valley of the Kings.
Historical Monuments in Deir el-Bahari