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Villages in Arges

5 villages in Arges

Villages in Curtea de Arges
Curtea de Arges
This area in Europe is so remote that it this hides things as nice as this monastery, which has a slightly tragic legend. According to legend, the architect who built it had a vision, and that every time he built the building, it collapsed. He believed that in order for the monastery to stand, he would have to bury his wife between the walls. From that day until today, the monastery still standing. In the picture with the red marks is where wife is buried.
Villages in Pitesti
Pitesti is a city in Romania on the Arges River. It is an important commercial centre, and also has a university. It is on the main road from Bucharest, and if you're going out to discover Transylvania or going towards Sibiu, Pitesti will be your first stop. It is an hour from Bucharest since they have built a fast highway to connect the two cities. From Pitesti, it is more complicated to drive as there are small roads and lots of traffic. It is a city that has had a turbulent history. It was created in the Middle Ages and has served consecutively as a centre for the national party to express their ideas outside the capital, and during the communist era it had a national prison and was a centre of repression. If you make an abstraction of the modern centre, the city has a certain charm with Romanian Orthodox and Catholic Churches, and there are beautiful homes of important families.
Villages in Arefu
Arefu is a high town, next to the Transfagarasan highway, one of the most beautiful roads in Romania. Going up to the highest peaks of the Fagaras Mountains, this road was built originally for the army to use, and is over 2000 meters high, reaching some glacial lakes. Staying in Arefu is a good idea, because it won't be as cold as further North. The village is below 1500 m above sea level, and has small hotels and several restaurants. To get to the lakes, only a few kilometers away, take a small road that goes round and round. It will take 3 hours to cross to the other side of the mountains. Also near Arefu is the Poenari fortress, built on top of a hill. It was built in the 13th century by the kings of Valachia. Vlad "Dracula" used it for his defence.
Villages in Albestii-Pamânteni
Albestii de Arges
Albestii de Arges is a village in Arges, southern Transylvania. The city is located near the Arges River, 37km from the county seat, Curtea de Arges. The city was founded in the time of the Habsburg dynasty, when the country was taken from Austria. It's next in Fagaras mountains, and hiking possibilities and outdoor sports are numerous. Many roads to the smaller town aren't paved, and as it is in the middle of nowhere, if it's rainy I don't recommend it. If you're careful though, there are some amazing places to explore. From the mountains, you can follow the streams, almost all go into the Arges River and take you back down the valley.
Villages in Câmpulung