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Villages in Norrbotten

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2 villages in Norrbotten

Villages in Abisko
The Abisko is probably the most northern place that I had ever been. I doubt that it is the furthest north, though, because Abisko is 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. Still, it is extremely high. What was I doing where Christ lost his sandal? Then begin a trip to Swedish Lapland, since in Abisko is a national park that is the beginning of Kungsleden or King's Road. There is a path that can be followed for days of snowshoeing. Abisko is a small village and a national park located in northern Sweden. Geographically, it is located in the Swedish province of Lapland near the Norwegian border. The park was founded in 1909, the same year in which the first laws of nature conservation were developed in Sweden. Abisko is also home to the scientific research center of Abisko. The center first came to be in 1903 in Abisko and it joined the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1935. It is used mainly for environmental research, biological, and geological purposes.
Villages in Nikkaulokta
Nikkaulokta is a town very similar to the tv program Northern Exposure, though much more authentic and smaller. The special thing about this interesting town is that it is closely linked to the Sami culture, as we saw in their buildings, flags and the facial features of the people. In Nikkaulokta wooden houses are very distinctive and have the roofs of Sami style. One of the most unusual buildings in town is the Nikkaulokta Protestant church because it's a mix of the Sami style and Christian religious architecture. Very different from any temples I've seen, honestly. The other buildings also had similar characteristics, untill we saw the village restaurant, which was covered with objects linked to Sami culture and nature. There, we enjoyed a feast of Lappish food, buffet style featuring meat and fish with a very unique and tasty sauces. At first is seems there is very little to do in Nikkaulokta. In fact, we were only staying the night there to wait for the bus to take us the next day Kiruna airport. However,a simple stopover to wait for a bus became a very special and memorable experience. To top it all off, we we able to see the Northern Lights.