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Things to do in Vallnord

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The top 124 attractions in Vallnord

Spa in Andorra la Vella
Experiences in a place like this are rarely boring. The site is huge, in fact it is the largest spa in Europe to date. Its changing rooms are big, well-furnished and clean. There is a broad variety of activities in various areas. You can eat very well and the price is not too expensive (2 people for 40 euros). Their elevator to the highest peak in the SPA (1 Euro per pers.) has charm and originality. In the evening session, there's a show with water, lights, music and a theatre group. So good!
Streets in Andorra la Vella
Meritxell Avenue
It is the most famous street in the city and probably even the whole country. It is the street to go shopping on, lined with stores of all kinds. Do not forget that Andorra has always been a very interesting country for tourists in everything related to Shopping. It is true that there are not as many economic advantages as there were before, but there are still great prices. And the perfect place to buy something is in this area. Furthermore, it is also an area where there are many restaurants or bars to have a drink. In short, this is a place you must visit if you come to this city.
Villages in Ordino
Beautiful Andorran village full of charming corners. The various monuments there are also worth visiting like the Romanesque churches, palaces and museums. Nestled in one of the valleys of the Pyrenean country, it´s a great place to enjoy the surrounding nature. The villages of Andorra are surprisingly clean and are architecturally very nice. Ordino is a great example.
Shopping Malls in Andorra la Vella
Illa Carlemany Shopping Center
Illa Carlemany is the first shopping centre in Andorra. In the heart of the Parish of Scald, it has over 47,500 m2 combining 600 parking spaces - over two underground floors and an outdoor area-, housing and offices on the upper floors of the building, 52 shops, 5 cinemas, 9 gastronomic venues, a leisure area for children, a gym and a supermarket. The entire complex is over 4 floors, the bottom two, with entry from Carlemany avenue, are open to a central courtyard surrounded by the shops. This project, launched in 2002, beyond only wanting success and business logic itself, contributes to improving the urban environment of the principality, and meet the expectations of both citizens and tourists in Andorra. The project was started seven years ago by the architect Pere Andorran Aixàs- whose latest work is the new congress centre of Andorra la Vella Comú - Terradas office in Barcelona - the Aquarium of Barcelona and the CosmoCaixa museums in Madrid and Barcelona. He hopes to place a distinctive offering within the business landscape and architectural playfulness of Andorra. It was born in the midst of a difficult economic situation at European and global levels, but the project's evolution during the marketing of different commercial and leisure spaces make it an open and optimistic bet for Andorran traders.
Of Cultural Interest in Andorra la Vella
Dalí's Sculpture
Dali's sculpture Noblesse du temps (Nobility of time) can be seen in Piazza de la Rotonda, the bridge that Avenida Meritxell creates over the river Valira. It was installed at this location in 2010 but the bronze sculpture is dated between 1977 and 1984, it measures 4.90 by 1.70 meters, it is 2.60 meters deep and long and has weighs 1,400 kilos. The sculpture belongs to a series of melting clocks that were created by Dali to symbolize the passage of time. The clock, which melts around a tree trunk, looks over a crown, which the artist says represents the time domain on humanity. Tourists enjoy taking pictures with the sculpture.
Of Touristic Interest in Andorra la Vella
Un paseo por Andorra la Vella
There are lovely old Pirinees village and routes that you can enjoy all family.
Churches in Andorra la Vella
Church of Saint Stephen
The Church of Sant Esteve was constructed in the 12th century in the old city of Andorra la Vella. It is a Romanesque church and keeps its origins such as the apse and bell tower. The apse is preserved in its Romanesque state, which had wall paintings that are in the Art Museum of Catalonia Nacionalde and 2 private collections. To highlight a polychrome wooden beam and some baroque altarpieces. Many sculptures are worthy of admiration and highlight the architecture of some of the houses with graffiti. Hours of operation: Open every day in July and August: from 10:00 to 13:00 and 15: 00 to 18:00. Rest of the year: Weekdays: 8:00 to 19:30 Holidays: 8:00 to 10:30 and 12:00 to 19:30. Entrance is free of charge.
Of Cultural Interest in Ordino
Casa Museu D'Areny-Plandolit
The Casa Museu D'Areny-Plandolit can be found in Ordino, Andorra. It's in a 17th century manor house (the structure of the house is from the 19th century) that belonged to the wealthy aristocratic Areny-Plandolit family that worked in the iron industry in Andorra. The house was acquired by the General Council in 1972, restored and then later turned into a museum. When you're visiting you can admire a lot of objects and furniture styles that were different from the styles that were brought to Andorra in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the house you'll have a chance to see the main hall and the library (seeing it in person is what interested me since there are a lot of old leather-bound books that are really cool). The furniture and other household goods are in keeping with how the Areny-Plandolits family lived in the past. The facade of the house has a balcony that was built in 1849, made in Areny Forge, which was owned by the family. This house is a little place I would recommend if you're going to be traveling to Ordino.
Forests in Les Escaldes
Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley
The Vall Madriu-Perafita-Claror has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is situated in the Principality of Andorra. It is a place surrounded by nature, with all its strength and beauty. There is beautiful flora and fauna, breathtaking scenery, very good sign posts for the hikes (long routes), countless rivers and streams, clean shelters, spacious and well maintained, with tools and elements for firewood, to cook or dry your clothes, natural beauty and tranquility guaranteed.
Villages in Pal
This is a fantastic restaurant in a mountain hut, with very reasonable food of excellent quality and great service in a family atomosphere. There are 2 menus priced at 18 € and 25 €, all inclusive. The website is: www.restauranteularidepal.com
Sports-Related in Andorra la Vella
Tobotronc was great. I went with my 9 year old son and you can regulate your speed. It makes the climb a bit heavy after a while you can stay up there where there are activities, and then after come back down. We also tried the archery. It is very well organized and is a great idea to enjoy in summer seasons.
Churches in La Massana
Andorran Chapel
On the banks of the road and the river Madriu, this chapel used as a little rest area and is really great. There are tables, seating, parking and even a source of fresh water coming down from the mountains. There are stairs that lead down to the river. Here you can find some trails that take you up or down the river. Hikers, bike enthusiasts, or joggers continually wander through. From time to time there is a lovely bridge to cross the river, and shallow waters. This area is surrounded by greenery and flanked by two towering walls. It's a great place to take a break. It is halfway between La Massana and Andorra la Vella, on the right hand side it becomes low according to La Massana .. The parking lot has space for about 10 cars, but it's never crowded.
Churches in Pal
Sant Climent de Pal
The Lombardy style slender tower stands amid the beautiful architectural complex of Sant Climent de Pal. You can admire the harmonious whole, with the people, very well preserved, and the Romanesque church. Again in Andorra, stone, wood and iron. The church retains its few remaining Romanesque features (XI century), and that over time have suffered from a series of modificationes. But is perfectly imagine the lines of a glorious past. Another picture postcard image to remember, another story in our memory. Another place to get lost, frozen in time and challenging, inviting snow tourism and shopping. A treasure trove. Another small corner of the world for my trunk ;-)
Museums in Ordino
The Miniature Museum
I´ll show you a place that is both surprising and unique: the Miniature Museum. The artist is Ukrainian, the best microminiaturist the world. It is a permanent collection in the structure Maragda Ordino-Principality of Andorra. The works can only be seen through a microscope, with a lens of up to 300 increases, made of precious metals, mostly gold and platinum, in seeds, grains of rice, paper and even a hair.It is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle ... when something seems impossible to achieve. Another of his works is the man through life, symbolized by a golden thread, 400 times thinner than a human hair! Amazing work. I want to see everything and I know a little. Also in the same structure, on the ground floor, you will find the Iconographic Museum. Magnificent exhibition of Orthodox Christian icons of the most important Russian and Ukrainian schools from the XVI - XIX century. Sizes 70 polychrome wooden Christ in Spanish schools XI to XIX century. It is one of only three museums of icons that currently exist in the West. I encourage you to visit it and take more pictures, mine although illustrative, not entirely good, are just to give you an idea of ​​what you will see. And to photograph through a microscope requires his technique ...
Churches in Andorra la Vella
Sant Pere Martir Church
The Church of San Pedro Martir is situated in the parish of Escaldes, and was created by architect Josep Danish in 1956. It is a Romanesque temple whose construction highlights the granite. On the outside you will find screenprints of the Beatitudes by the sculptor Sergi Mas. Its cozy interior highlights the Immaculate and the sculptor Josep Viladomat Piedad. The church is open all year from 8 to 19:30, Monday to Saturday.
Of Cultural Interest in Pal
Old Town of Pal
Known for the ski slopes that bear its name, this small town in Andorra is quite an isolated village in the Pyrenees. There is not an awful lot to see but a walk through its narrow streets and a visit to its Romanesque church is recommended.
Of Touristic Interest in Ordino
Rivers in Andorra la Vella
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