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Things to do in Comarca of Vigo

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The top 600 attractions in Comarca of Vigo

Beaches in Vigo
Praia de Samil
Praia de Samil is just outside Vigo, but it's easily accessible by local bus or car. There is a promenade, with many children's play areas, cafes and public showers. I recommend you go there during the low season, because in summer it gets too full.
Villages in Baiona
Bayonne is a seaside town. Most people here base their livelihoods either directly or indirectly from the and it shows. It is a city that receives a lot of tourism because of their inn, marina and beach. It has a good nightlife, especially in summer. There are many establishments which are being renovated. They celebrate the festival of the Annunciation the first weekend of August.
Bays in Vigo
Ria de Vigo
It is a Beautiful place with great beaches and good food. There are Trails for hiking, mountain biking, etc.. Sailing, paragliding ... There is even a nice golf course in Moaña with fantastic views from it's restaurant with good prices. In the southern part of the Ria de Vigo, you'll find the big city, with airport and all transport services. Both sides are connected by the Rande Bridge. A place to enjoy almost any hobby.
Markets in Vigo
Mercado Da Pedra
The Stone Market is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vigo, with all kinds of designer clothes at very good prices. What I find rather dubious is the origin of the goods, I don't quite understand the existence of this market, which seems to be totally "legal" located inside municipal infrastructure. In theory the clothing is imitation, which I think it violates all kinds of copyright laws, there are other theories that clothing is contraband. In any case, it is always packed and the prices are very cheap compared to the original brands. The price is the same at any of the stands, and is usually "standard", ie all generally have the same price: € 30, whether shirts, pants, shirts ... Except the hunters. For example, we find a Polo shirt for 30 €, or Belstaff jacket for € 80. I have purchased something, and even a shopkeeper gave me the phone number if I wanted to order something for the next time I went - clothes are good quality, they do not fade or become damaged in the first wash. Although mainly clothes, you can also find bags, snuff (without tax), Puma sports and some electronics. This market is located opposite the Yacht Club next to the famous Fish Market, where the typical ostreiras and several restaurants. Open mornings only until 15h.
Nature Reserves in Vigo
Ferry to Islas Cies
To enjoy the paradise of the Cies Islands, you have to take a ferry and can do so from different parts of Galicia, but most people go from Vigo. The trip takes an hour or less, depending on the time and the state of the sea. The journey itself is worth it, just to see the scenery of the islands in the distance. It costs 17.50 return, and if you go camping, I recommend that you book in advance, considering how long you plan to stay (but a lot of people change their minds when they get to the islands).
Beaches in Nigrán
Patos Beach
What I can say? I visited this place one day and fell in love with it. I rented a cottage and lived there for five years. I learned that there is a magical sunset. I learned the nuances and subtleties of color. I learned that I was in love with the light. Javier Rey
Of Cultural Interest in Vigo
Rande Bridge
This suspension bridge was opened in 1978, however, it wasn't until 1981 that it became operational. Rande Bridge allows access between the municipalities of Redondela and Moaña, along the Rande Strait. It was designed by the Italian engineer Fabrizio de Miranda, and the Spaniards Florencio del Pozo and Alfredo Passaro. It currently sees a lot of traffic, which is why, hopefully in the near future, there will be an extension added. It fully measures 1558 meters in length and was once considered the longest cable bridge in Spain.
Viewpoints in Vigo
Monte del Castro
In the Monte del Castro, you will find a park of the same name. The park is considered the lungs of the city, and it is a must visit for tourist for several reasons like, it's great views , monuments, dense vegetation and it was the origin of Vigo. On the top of Mount Castro several cafeterias like the "El Mirador" which lives up to his name or two more next to a roundabout where you will find a great fountain and almost next door of the cafes is the door to the fortress. It has two guns at the entrance. The upper part of the fort in my opinion is the most beautiful, it has great views of the Ria de Vigo and manicured gardens, also you can see "The Castle", an old and famous restaurant, where there were even weddings, but it is now in total abandonment. In the Monte del Castro there is also a playground, recreational areas for skating and riding bikes. Also like to mention that the city has parking problems, so I used it as parking. In Monte del Castro, there is a park of the same name which is considered the lungs of the city. Tourists should visit it for several reasons, firstly because it was the original source of Vigo and also for its great views as a lookout point, the wonderful monuments and dense vegetation. At the top of Mount Castro there are several cafeterias such as the "El Mirador" which lives up to its name and various others. At the entrance, there is a fortres with two guns mounted on it. It is perfect for its great views of the Ria de Vigo and its manicured gardens. There is also an old famous restaurant called "The Castle", which used to host weddings but is now derelict. The Monte del Castro also has a playground and recreational areas for skating and riding bikes. It is also worth mentioning that it is difficult to park in the city.
Gardens in Vigo
Parque Forestal de Beade
This weekend I was in the one of the most beautiful forest parks in Beade with the best views of the Ria de Vigo, a few kilometers from the city center on the Campus incline, towards Vigo University. This forest park, for me one of the 12 best in the city, has very well equipped playgrounds allowing you to enjoy the forest or bush without damaging it. The usual services are available, stone tables, barbecues, bar-restaurant, fountains, birdhouses. The excellent viewpoint with beautiful Cies Islands in the background and even a football field and a pond with birds (including a pair of goats)stand out. In short, it's ideal for nature and photography lovers, to have a good day in the countryside and enjoy nature, especially now that spring and the good weather is coming.
Castles in Baiona
Monterreal Fortress
Monterreal Fortress is located at the end of Bayonne promenade, on the peninsula of Monte Boi. You can go inside by paying 1 €. The interior is huge, so you can quietly spend a couple of hours walking around. The views of the coast from its towers are great, this alone is worth going in for. From inside, you can walk through the Monte Boi, to see the outside of the fortress. However, be careful not to miss the first turn as we did, as you then end up back at the entrance and have to walk all the way back!
Statues in Baiona
Virgen de la roca
This huge stone virgin is 15 meters high and it has a hollow inside boat-shaped gazebo in his right hand, to which you can access by a spiral staircase. Taking this path costs 1 euro but it is worth it due to the beautiful view it offers. It is located on Mount Samson, an attractive setting which overlooks the entire coast of Bayonne and in which there are stone benches and tables where you can regain strength after the rise and in which a popular pilgrimage dedicated to the Virginis is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. It is the work of modernist architect Antonio Palacios. But its face and hands are the work of Angel Garcia in white marble, and its crown was built in porcelain.
Gardens in Vigo
Parque de Castrelos
This is one of the favourite places of the people of Vigo for walking with children and seniors, sports or recreation, feeding the ducks and the seagulls and enjoying the artificial lakes, waterfalls and fountains. There is a variety of vegetation and the River Lagares crosses it the park, following a path that reaches the sea. This is one of the places chosen by the people of Vigo to take a stroll with children and seniors, sports or recreation, or for feeding the ducks and the seagulls that populate the artificial lakes, waterfalls and fountains. There is a variety of vegetation, and it crosses the river Lagares where you can follow a path, created in recent years, to the sea.
Viewpoints in Vigo
Monte dos Pozos
The Monte dos Pozos is an excellent vantage point and is on the outskirts of the city (4 kilometres) in Valladares, towards Mount Alba, surrounded by mainly pine and eucalyptus trees and scrub land. The view spans the entire Ria de Vigo from the beaches of Samil, O Vao, Toralla Island, part of Bayonne and the Cies Islands. One of the attractions is the artificial lake surrounded by barbecues, some ducks and a nice little wooden bridge. It's great for leisure and relaxation. Besides the forest of elms, oaks, birches and pines, there is a bar with tables and barbecues that allow a nice day in nature.
Museums in Baiona
Caravel Pinta
The inside is much more impressive than the outside! In my many summer visits to Bayonne, I've gone up to the Carabela La Pinta on countless occasions, and to be honest the inside is really impressive,because it's managed well and characterized by the fact that it makes you feel like you're going back in time. You really get to imagine sailing with Christopher Columbus hehehe. I think it's a must see place if you want to learn more about Bayonne's history.
Islands in Redondela
Beaches in Vigo
Playa del Vao
Fantastic urban beach on the outskirts of Vigo. Crystal clear water with little waves, fine white sand and great facilities. It's crowded in summer and can be difficult to park so it's better to use public transport that runs from the city center.
Hiking in Baiona
Monte Boi Pathway
In addition to the promenade, this is another one of the most beautiful places to take a long walk in Bayonne. This pathway is a promenade along the entire peninsula of Monte Boi, at the bottom part of the Monterreal fortress. The promenade is 2 kilometers long, starting at the beach A Cuncheira, and ending at fortress's clock tower. Along the path there are several seating areas with stone benches and gazebos. The views are wonderful. Beside the sea with its coves and beaches (for example Frades beach), across Monterreal's wall, and behind a forest of pines, oaks and willows.
Villages in Redondela