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Things to do in Tarn

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The top 164 attractions in Tarn

Cathedrals in Albi
Albi Cathedral
This Jubé dates from the early sixteenth century. Originally the pulpit from where the priest read the sacred texts always beginning with the words "Jube Domine Benedicere" translated as "Lord deign to bless". The repetition of this phrase gave this place the name of the first word. It is carved in soft limestone which with the passage of time has been hardened. Initially there were horcinas containing 75 statues which unfortunately were destroyed during the revolution. It has three side doors giving access to the aisle, the center one leading directly to the choir.
Cities in Albi
Is it possible to visit Albi in a day? Sure! The first thing you should do is visit the tourist office next to the Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Place Saint Cécile. It's better to have a map of the city and the tourist office will suggest three different routes to discover Albi.
Villages in Cordes-sur-Ciel
Cordes Sur Ciel
In the Midi-Pyrénées region's department of Tarn you can find one of the true gems of French architecture and urbanism. The medieval village of Cordes-sur-Ciel is perched on top of a rock and shoots up into the sky, doing justice to its name. Within the old city walls, the winding cobblestone streets cut a maze through the charming wooden houses. The first walled zone, dating back to the early 13th century, is still visible from the peak of the hill. The Saint-Miquel church with its unusual steeple, was built in 1263 and fortified in the 14th century, with various additions continuing up until the Renaissance. It's considered one of the "Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées" .
Palaces in Albi
Palais de la Berbie
A few meters from the Cathedral of Santa Cecilia is the impressive Palace that was constructed in the thirteenth century by Bernard of Combret as host of the bishops of Albi. Over time, as desired by the bishops, this fortress gradually became a residence with great recreational facilities. Also take note of the beautiful French garden that was ordered under the reign of Louis XIV to be created below the old garrison of the first archbishop of Hyacinthe Serroni. Today it houses the Museum "TOULOUSE Lautrec" which contains the largest number of works of the famous painter worldwide. It´s expressly forbidden to take pictures and videos inside.
Villages in Belcastel
In the early twentieth century, it was accessible only via bad roads, and the people languished under the remains of the abandoned fortress, built on a steep rock overlooking the village and the valley. In 1974 the French architect Fernand Pouillon bought the ruined castle and undertook a complete expensive restoration, with active cooperation of the villagers and regional institutions, and the castle regained its original appearance. This initiative encouraged the people of Belcastel to restore the rest of the town which, now looks very beautiful, and has received the title of one of the most beautiful villages of France.
Villages in Cordes-sur-Ciel
Aubergue de la Halle Restaurant
Aubergue Restaurant de la Halle is where we decided to sample the food after a day touring the beautiful village of Cordes sur Ciel. This is highly recommended if you are in the area of ​​Toulouse. The restaurant is located in the center of Cordes sur Ciel, in the emblematic Plaza which has a lovely porch with columns. In this restaurant you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the area and find a place to enjoy beautiful views of the greenery of the mountains next to Cordes sur Ciel. It is here you will find tranquility and ambience, taking a French wine while you wait to be served. Among the dishes we could choose from the you'll find all the specialties such as foie gras, duck or cassoulet, a dish named after the area of Carcassonne. Do not miss the delicious desserts. The service was friendly and fast and helped make the meal enjoyable. For quality, price and location, this is one of the best restaurants in Cordes Sur Ciel.
Gardens in Albi
Palais de la Berbie Gardens
This garden is located right behind the episcopal palace and the tourist office. In addition to the garden, you can enjoy stunning views across the city, and gaze over the River Tarn as it passes through the city, crossed by various bridges.
Villages in Lautrec
Lautrec is a surprise for the traveler. I went from Castelnaudary to Albi, but I wanted to avoid the highway passing through Toulouse, the fastest road linking the two cities, but rather lose myself in the beautiful region of Midi-Pyrenees. I don't remember when I saw the first sign that said something like, "Lautrec-Medieval City". Since I really had all the time in the world. I decided to get lost along the fantastic roads and visit this town. The surprise could not have been greater. Lautrec is a beautiful town that retains much of the flavor, colour and feel of a medieval village. It's not very large in size, but big in beauty. You could spend the entire day exploring every nook and cranny from the medieval period that you'll find there.
Gardens in Albi
Le Nôtre Gardens
A very small, original restaurant popular with the locals. From the moment you enter, you can smell the delicious sweet and savoury souffles - there's something for everyone. The menu is varied, from scallop souffle to salted caramel, and the bright colours create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wooden terrace is perfect in good weather. Book in advance, especially if you're going at the weekend, as it fills up fast.
Of Cultural Interest in Albi
Pont Vieux (Old Bridge)
This garden is located right behind the episcopal palace and the tourist office. In addition to the garden, you can enjoy stunning views across the city, and gaze over the River Tarn as it passes through the city, crossed by various bridges.
Viewpoints in Lautrec
Salette Calvary
This is a lovely walk, situated just above the famous windmill of Lautrec. It is within walking distance of Calvary Salette, which today serves as a viewpoint of the town. From here there is a beautiful view of the entire surrounding area. You can see fields of crops, different shades of green and different colors, and there are more mountains in the distance .. You get here by going up a path that goes around the hill over 300m. There is a map where you can read about the Pyrenees. Inside, Lautrec is much better than outside. It is a beautiful valley where you can relax to the max, letting the wind blow on your face ...
Historical Monuments in Albi
Pont Neuf (New Bridge)
The Pont Neuf (New Bridge) is, as its name suggests, the newest bridge in the city of Albi, in the south of France. It was built in 1868 with the arrival of the railroad, and is a huge, impressive structure. A savage battle took place here on August 22, 1944, between the resistance and a German column. Be sure to cross it, as it offers a stunning panorama of the city.
Squares in Lautrec
The Church Square
This spectacular square is right in the centre of town. You can really appreciate the streets of the city from here. Upon arrival you can walk between the pillars, see the beams under the roofs, and marvel at the stunning facades. The only sound you will hear is the town barber! A beautiful place waiting to be explored.
Of Cultural Interest in Lautrec
The beautiful windmill in Lautrec rotates its blades in spring and summer, for tourist yes, but at least the can rotate, following the same direction for centuries and with the same mechanism. I climbed the stone stairs that leave from the village, near the church, got to the base, circled by a path up, I arrived at the height of the blades .. and then they began to spin! It was a show the some tourists who had visited, it was lucky for me as it was the first windmill I had ever seen. It made me smile.
Squares in Albi
Place du Vigan
Place du Vigan Albi is what the Champs Elysees is to Paris: THE place in town! This is where you need to go with your family, partner, friends ... whoever you're travelling with! The recent reform of the square has been a great success: a beautiful garden with a kiosk, an antique carousel, and a wonderful fountain which enables you to run between the jets. A great place to go to enjoy the summer.
Museums in Albi
Centre d'Art Le Lait
This contemporary art centre has the distinction of being installed in the two main cities on the River Tarn, Albi, and Castres, in beautiful heritage sites. You can see the work or the artist Buren (also responsible for the columns at the Royal Palace in Paris) in lovely surroundings, with breathtaking views of the river. A great place to enjoy boundary-pushing, contemporary art in an unusual way.
Rivers in Belcastel
Aveyron River
I love going to Belcastel, because the place offers different atmospheres in each season. The atmosphere is heavy in winter, so you can imagine how people lived in the Middle Ages. In the summer, going right along the river to discover the Aveyron, there are natural places where you can still see preserved and take part in fishing, hiking or other activities closer to nature, which is all around you. The morning fog adds its effect, it is a mystical place full of its myths.
Golf Courses in Albi
Golf d'Albi Lasbordes
One of the best golf courses on which I've had the opportunity to play. The route's not clear, the fairways are wide and relatively long, it's really not easy to score. The holes on the edge of the Tarn are incredibly beautiful and the most important part of the course is that the greens are perfect. It's surprising when it's 32 degrees. The only flaw of the golf course, is that it's a bit far. The prices are good (55€ for 18 holes), it's worth taking a tour of the restaurant and terrace. You need a handicap of least 20 if you want to enjoy it.