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Things to do in Afghanistan

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The top 35 attractions in Afghanistan

Historical Monuments in Herat
Our Lord Jesus Christ
The monument, or the person who encompasses everything in what we believe, our hopes, our fears, our now and our then, is Jesus. P
Citadels in Herat
Citadel Ekhtiyaruddin
You can find it in the city of Herat. Dating back to the year 1304 AD and conducted by Malik Fakhruddin Kart. It is a citadel and
Cities in Kabul
Mosques in Mazar-i-Sharif
Cities in Herat
Ruins in Herat
Flea Markets in Herat
The Flea Market of Herat
Without a doubt one of the most fascinating yet hardest cultures I have come across. I say hard because of the war and for the sit
Cliffs in Chakcharan
Palmares, Alajuela
Everything for furniture manufacture with the best prices in the Region! 2452-0819
Archaeological Sites in Chakcharan
The Minaret and Archaeological Remains of Jam
This site has a huge minaret, much larger in size and higher than such buildings usually have, it was part of a mosque from which
Archaeological Sites in Kabul
Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley
This is a place that might be considered a great wonder of the world. It comprises two huge statues of Buddha, the bodies if which
Of Cultural Interest in Herat
Museums in Tarin Kawt
Museu da Cachaça
Of Touristic Interest in Tarin Kawt
pasaje pan rosario
Unusual Places in Qala-Nau
Villages in Qalat-e Gilzay
Of Touristic Interest in Tarin Kawt
Cities in Tarin Kawt
Cliffs in Anar Darreh
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