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Things to do in Afghanistan

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The top 25 attractions in Afghanistan

Historical Monuments in Herat
Our Lord Jesus Christ
The monument, or the person who encompasses everything in what we believe, our hopes, our fears, our now and our then, is Jesus. Praise and criticism but always loved.In Afghanistan, a monument to which we hold a daily basis, is prayed and talked to. It is the Christ of the chapel of the Spanish Air Base in Herat, a Christ who speaks to me daily and gives me something (faith) to follow and continue our mission. These are difficult times in which coexist without reason to hope for a better world. A monument eternal, infinite figure extends to all our hearts, believers or not. It is a corner created with love (what we all needed to express) and I dedicate it to all my fellow soldiers that are with me to soldier to fight for hope and peace. "Our Father who art in heaven and on earth eachother, in the distant land of Herat ..."
Citadels in Herat
Citadel Ekhtiyaruddin
You can find it in the city of Herat. Dating back to the year 1304 AD and conducted by Malik Fakhruddin Kart. It is a citadel and was named after another well-known governor named Kart. There are stories that are based on struggles, suffering and sacrifice, and this is the case of the Ekhtiyaruddin Citadel. The citadel was the center of an empire, the Timurid, for 100 years (from the years 1405 to 1506). When the empire began to disintegrate, was it was damaged by Uzbeks and Persians. Back in the 19th century the citadel was protected by the contenders outside of Kabul until a named Emir Abdur Rahman proposed an alliance in the year 1881. In the year 1929, he was governor of Herat, Habibullah II (Bacha Saqao),and sat on the throne of Kabul for 9 months. Genghis Khan and Tamerlane fought within the citadel. It is as story filled with war that continues today. For this reason no army troops can guarantee safety.
Mosques in Mazar-i-Sharif
Cities in Herat
Cities in Kabul
Ruins in Herat
Flea Markets in Herat
The Flea Market of Herat
Without a doubt one of the most fascinating yet hardest cultures I have come across. I say hard because of the war and for the situation many Afghan women and children undergo, but must continue to live day to day in the hope of progress and improvement for all. One of the ways to survive in Herat are the famous markets where you will find 3-star products in high demand by tourists: Burcas, Lapis stone and carpets. Did you know that alongside$ Chile, Afghanistan is the largest producer of Lapis Lazuli in the world? Yes, and I will tell you also that in Spain this stone is quite expensive and here you can get for a reasonable price. The Burcas as I said, also are a product fairly in demand and of course as a good market you can haggle and you ought to otherwise you will end up paying four times the final price. And the carpets, a flagship product throughout Afgansitan, I believe are quite good and as always, you need to haggle. In any street in Herat'll you will find a stall, or a store where these things are sold these at a relatively affordable price. Herat is a world apart which is worth visiting.
Cliffs in Chakcharan
Palmares, Alajuela
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Archaeological Sites in Chakcharan
The Minaret and Archaeological Remains of Jam
This site has a huge minaret, much larger in size and higher than such buildings usually have, it was part of a mosque from which nothing remains but the size of the minaret - it is what stands out about in this place. Basically it's a huge brick tower that looks like it was built in parts, it is divided into sections and each section has several kinds of decorations such as flowers and circles. Around the tower are the ruins of several buildings, the remains of a palace, a former Jewish cemetery, a pottery kiln and some remnants of fortifications. All this is set in a pleasant natural environment that highlights the beauty of this site.
Archaeological Sites in Kabul
Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley
This is a place that might be considered a great wonder of the world. It comprises two huge statues of Buddha, the bodies if which have been carved directly into the rock, but the features are formed by a combination of mud, straw and plaster. They are majestic religious manifestations. Unfortunately, this place is not in great condition as it has deteriorated through time and has not been particularly well-maintained, however it is still very impressive and is a must for anyone visiting Afghanistan.
Of Cultural Interest in Herat
Unusual Places in Qala-Nau
Villages in Qalat-e Gilzay
Of Touristic Interest in Tarin Kawt
Cities in Tarin Kawt
Museums in Tarin Kawt
Cliffs in Anar Darreh
Of Touristic Interest in Tarin Kawt