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Things to do in Córdoba

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The top 303 attractions in Córdoba

Cathedrals in Cordoba
Cathedral of Córdoba
Situated in the center of the city, next to Plaza San Martin, Cordoba Cathedral is now complete and functional, and is the oldest in Argentina. Both its majestic facade and its interior are very nice and in the 18th century style. The Europeans may not find it very special because of the enormous legacy of cathedrals we have, but considering that it is in South America, it is a real gem.
Amusement Parks in Cordoba
Sarmiento Park
The Eiffel Wheel In Sarmiento Park, Cordoba, is in a metallic structure which has been almost abandoned. It is a trip to a world of a different time when theme parks worked, but now it is just an attraction. Few people from Cordoba know that this structure was designed by Gustav Eiffel and was purchased in 1910 by the government of the Province of Tucumán. This is not the only work that remains in the city from the workshops of the famous French constructor. In Nueva Cordoba neighbourhood you will find the Eiffel Villa, a house full of iron that also goes unnoticed by city dwellers. I attached this picture because it reminds me of when I was a kid, and we used to go to the amusement park. More than once I remember seeing the city from the highest point of the wheel.
Of Touristic Interest in Cordoba
Camino de las Altas Cumbres
This journey is a must if you´re around Cordoba. If you go during the winter you might be hit with a bit of hail on the way but it could be nice to play around in the snow. During the summer, the landscape is very beautiful and you can see the mountains. Definitely a must.
Forests in La Cumbrecita
La Cumbrecita
In Córdoba, every corner is unique and special, with its rivers, valleys, mountains and waterfalls. Each landscape becomes a magical place, perfect to visit in the fall, spring, winter or summer. With every season you can discover a different charm that will make your stay here unforgettable.
Gardens in Cordoba
La Cañada
Ka Cañada is a creek that runs through the heart of the city and is channeled with stones and surrounded by an avenue with characteristic things of the zone. It is very nice given that spring is starting and it is a fantastic landscape to enjoy!
Museums in Cordoba
Rocsen Museum
This museum is located near the town of Nono in the Traslasierras Valley of Cordoba. Its facade is very picturesque and, with 49 statues, represents all the men who helped to shape the evolution of human thought. It is an interesting and extremely eclectic museum as it has a bit of everything. If you´re in Cordoba, it´s a great place to visit.
Cities in Villa Carlos Paz
Villa Carlos Paz
I went to Villa Carlos Paz to visit a friend who was touring with a musical. This city of Cordoba has a tradition of shows, especially during the holidays. For those who live in a capital city like Buenos Aires, escaping to a place like this is great as the comfort level is optimal and it is balanced nicely with access to the things that one is used to, such as kiosks, stores, restaurants , bars, cinemas, theaters, galleries, etc ... All this within minutes of outdoor places where you can connect with nature, lakes, hills, streams, etc. If the weather is good there are cool mornings, sunny afternoons and lovely nights. Here you will find fresh air. It is invigorating.
City Halls in Cordoba
Córdoba Cabildo
It is the headquarters of the authorities of the former colony, and in its time it is where they kept the slaves, and during the recent military dictatorship (in the 70s) it also became a place of detention, torture and murder. It is interesting to see the smallest spaces in the basement of the building where many former slaves were kept all together imprisoned.
Universities in Cordoba
University of Cordoba
This is one of the buildings within the Jesuit Block, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you'll find the Society of Jesus, the Rector of the University of Cordoba, the chapels and churches of the Jesuit order, the library, the Colegio Nacional de Monserrat and the School of Exact, Physical, and Natural Sciences.
Churches in Cordoba
Cities in Cordoba
Squares in Cordoba
Plaza España
The other day I was bitten by the bug of wanting to take pictures, but I did not know where to go. I was accompanied by my best friend and we walked and walked, thinking we could photograph and suddenly we thought about Plaza España (a small square in a roundabout where many of the major avenues of Cordoba meet.) I had never been in the middle. Despite being located on a roundabout the noises sounded far away and it felt like a different place. It was quiet, a world which moved at a different speed.
Of Cultural Interest in Villa Carlos Paz
San Roque Dam
In the year 2009, I visited the province of Cordoba in Argentina. With its lakes, dams and mountains, there´s a wide range of things to do in terms of gastronomy, hospitality, accommodation, and art. We visited San Roque Dam, Alta Gracia, cosquin, Jesus Maria, Rio Ceballos and many other places. Definitely visit Cordoba! The whole family will enjoy it.
Rivers in Mina Clavero
Mina Clavero River
The RIO MINACLAVERO is a natural course of water flowing down from the high peaks in the Province Of Córdoba Argentina, to the Traslasierras Valley. It is formed from the combination of several streams flowing down from the Pampa de Achala, among which there is a feature called The cornetita, Potero of Whites and White Cerrito. The water is clear and cold and it has healing powers, or so it is believed. At the bottom of the Traslasierras Valley, through the town of MinaClavero, there are some small beaches to enjoy.
Of Cultural Interest in Cordoba
Villages in Villa General Belgrano
Villa General Belgrano
This little village that can be found in Cordoba, Spain will definitely surprise you. It is somewhat like finding a German village in Argentina. It's a true taste of Germany in full Córdoba. There you can enjoy the Oktoberfest, the Alpine Chocolate Festival or Tyrolean Carnival, activities that the inhabitants of the City held regularly since they arrived in 1932. In that year he began a current Central European immigration: German-speaking people coming fleeing famine, war and ideological persecution.
Flea Markets in Cordoba
Paseo de las Artes
My favorite area of Cordoba is the Uptown Arts Stroll: a flea market open every weekend,where it is easy it is to find artisans selling matte cow leather lined containers, designers showcasing their work, antiques and collectibles or simple homemade pie. The Uptown Arts Stroll is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 16:30 to 21:30 in the evening and those hours are crowded. It is hard to take two steps followed between the lively crowd flitting from post to post, among many things very curious and just want to buy even the most grip. Personally, and even overcoming the temptation to buy anything, it would be able to go three consecutive days without ever getting bored. The Promenade of the Arts is one of those markets where you may forget the time simply wandering through their posts that are lit, and taking pictures right and left. And if we add joy and breathed in Argentina ...
Villages in La Cumbre
La Cumbre
The Summit is the Punilla Valley town in the province of Córdoba. We went to see the Christ and the house of the Argentine writer Manuel Mujica Lainez (a really interesting tour). The house is named "Paradise" and really it is, both parts are inside and the gardens were designed by Thays. In 1 of the pictures you can see the tile man who is a very famous writer.