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Things to do in East Flanders

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The top 139 attractions in East_Flanders

Historical Monuments in Ghent
Ghent Historic District
Great .. Then what can you say about this picture! One cold winter day I was strolling along street this street down which I had traveled several times. This time I had my camera and was noticing every detail when I saw the perfect shot for that day. Ghent is a modern city but I managed to get a conservative look with its old facades of old buildings. Certainly, if you go to Belgium, do not miss Ghent and its squares full of symmetrical buildings!
Cathedrals in Ghent
St Bavo's Cathedral
Ghent Cathedral is impressive mainly for its huge tower, which is a more than 100 meters high and multi-storied square structure, which you can only go up during the Ghent Festivities in summer, by a narrow spiral staircase. You have to pay to enter the Cathedral, and inside the most famous work is the polyptych of the Mystic Lamb, from the Flemish painters the Van Eyck brothers, ve have a statue in their honor near the cathedral.
Of Touristic Interest in Ghent
Graslei and Korenlei
Next to Muelle de los Granos and the Hiervas you can find the Guild House Grain Meters, the Guildhall of the Free Boatmen, the Wheat house ... Each house has its own history but together they are testimony to the huge growth of the economy during the Middle Ages in Ghent. In most of the original buildings only the facades are preserved. Behind some of the facades a new hotel has been built. In one of the two sides (I forget which) you can take a little boat for a ride down the river. It is an ideal place to sit and relax and enjoy a nice view.
Castles in Ghent
Castles in Ghent
Geeraard de Duivelsteen
The name may cause some concern, especially when you're faced with the gloomy idea of this castle, but no, the Devil never lived in this 13th century fortress. Century after century, this place has been used for many purposes: Housing noble arsenal, monastery, school, Episcopal seminary ... Specifically, in 1623 it became an asylum for the mentally problematic and orphanage. In contrast, the other part was used as a prison or detention center.
Churches in Ghent
Squares in Ghent
At one time, this was the city's most political and social area. It was for the elite in entertainment, where there were parties, and conflicts were resolved. Since 1863, the statue of Artevelde James, who became a Ghent hero after managed to resolve the embargo on the importation of English wool to the Belgium, has been located in the centre of the square. Thanks to his performance, the problems hampering the textile industry were resolved, which had a big swing. When the people later found out that Edward III of England was not fulfilling its promises, riots broke out again, and Altevelde was killed. Today the statue built in his honour points toward England, the land that gave him glory and then brought him to his grave. The buildings in this square are from the eighteenth century, except Toreken (home town of socialists), which is from the twentieth century.
Bridges in Ghent
Tourist Information in Ghent
Trade House of Masons
In front of the Church of St. Nicholas is the original Masons' Guild house of the 16th century, and I say real because in the spring of Herbs there is an exact replica, constructed to original plans. The authentic and original one disappeared under some ugly walls until the year 1976 during renovation, when the work came to light. This striking building has a staggered façade, where the top 6 dancers are merrily with the wind. Currently it is being used as the Office of Tourism of the city, and under the building there is a XIII century basement. Do not tell me that it is not a beautiful tourist office :)
Of Touristic Interest in Ghent
Canales de Gante
Great, in summertime we've rented some canoes.
Museums in Ghent
Historical Monuments in Ghent
The rabot, construction finished in the year 1941, is a fine example of military architecture. In 1488 Maximilian of Austria tried to conquer the city, taking advantage of the most vulnerable point of the defensive wall. After 40 days of siege, he was unable to get anything up the field. Then the municipal government decided to strengthen the central building with two towers, which can be seen in the pictures.
Shopping Malls in Ghent
Korenmarkt (grain Market) - Old Post Office Building
The old post office building is now a shopping center where there are several shops for exampleMango, cafes, etc. It iss characterized by its beautiful clock tower, and as spring arrives the terraces are installed, it makes for a nice stop.
Theaters in Ghent
Theatre Royal Dutch - NTGent
In the restored Sint-Baafsplein you can find the Teatro Real in Ghent, which is notable for its facade. Above the entrance, Apollo and the Muses overlook the square, and at the top the goddess Harmony looks over it all. This is the municipal theater NTGent that although it is related to Ghent, it also has international works.
Gardens in Ghent
Citadel Park
This park is named after a Citadel that was constructed in the same place, after the fall of Napoleon. This citadel had to give up their land for the creation of the park in the year 1913 as part of the Universal Exhibition. Currently we can find in its field the museum of contemporary and fine art. It looks a bit bleak but it is a quite relaxing and good for taking a walk.
Train Stations in Ghent
Sint-Pieters Station
The Train Station of Sint-Pieters is in the south of the city, next to Citadel Park. From there trains arrive and depart for other Belgian cities. Next to the station you can take tram 1 or 4 to take you to the heart of the city. This station on the outside is of modernete style, but instead has a touch inside that is quite old, like a medieval castle. Too bad part of it was under construction when we went. In the surrounding areas there is a student atmosphere because there is a university and many young people traveling on ERASMUS.
Historical Monuments in Ghent
Klokke Roeland
Sint-Baafsplein Square has something to admire and photograph from every angle (something normal in Ghent). There are St. Bavo Cathedral, the Town Clock, in NTGent, and, in the centre, a large bell that calls the attention of all onlookers, the Klokke Roeland. This bell was recast in 1660, after Charles the 5th ordered the destruction of the previous on in 1324. The people of Ghent even have a song dedicated to this great bell! In this beautiful place, there are also other embellished monuments, as you can see in the photos.
City Halls in Ghent