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Things to do in Rondônia

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The top 48 attractions in Rondônia

City Halls in Porto Velho
Porto Velho
Porto Velho celebrated its 2nd year as a city in October, 2014, after its people struggled 100 years to build it. The city emerged from the premises of Madeira-Mamor railway. Thanks to the many economic cycles (exploitation of rubber, cassiterite and gold), the municipality was consolidated, and welcoming immigrants to make up its population.
Of Cultural Interest in Porto Velho
Madeira Mamoré Railway Station
The history of Rondondia would be difficult to explain without mentioning the railroad. These worked with steam locomotives, which needed water; for this reason, there are various water deposits running all along the old railway line. In the municipalities of Porto Velho and Guajara-Mirim, you can still find some of the old locomotives, although they stopped working decades ago. Access is completely free.
Of Touristic Interest in Porto Velho
Madeira River
The Madeira River is more than 6,000 kilometers in length, and is one of the main tributaries of the Amazon river, besides being one of the 20 longest rivers in the world, and one of the 10 mightiest. There is a stretch of the river that passes through the capital of Rondonia, and at this point we can enjoy the view of the city of Porto Velho, to appreciate the intense flow of this river, its spaciousness, and it almost always has a dark brown tone from the amount of sediments transported.
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Rainforest in Porto Velho
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Tourist Information in Porto Velho
Of Touristic Interest in Guajará-Mirim
Transporte de Guajara-Mirim a Guayaramerim
It’s dangerous but at the same time is cool
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Of Cultural Interest in Guajará-Mirim
Villages in Nova Mamoré
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Rivers in Guajará-Mirim
Of Touristic Interest in Nova Mamoré
Of Touristic Interest in Nova Mamoré