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Things to do in South Moravian Region

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Activities in South Moravian Region
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The top 32 attractions in Jihomoravský

Of Cultural Interest in Terezín
Terezín Concentration Camp
This camp is located 60 km from Prague. More than 140,000 detainees were at Terezin of different nationalities, mostly Czechs and Germans, 33,000 of whom died from disease and starvation due to the poor conditions of the camp. There was a field for the detainees to use but instead it was used for propaganda purposes to benefit a Jewish city under the Nazi regime. It even made a propaganda film. A Jewish ghetto was created in the town and a concentration camp within the fortress. This camp made a big impression on me, as do visits to other such places.
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Cities in Brno
The city of Brno was on my way to Poland during my short trip to the East. In my three day stay, not once did I manage to correctly pronounce the name of the place, but it didn't keep me from enjoying the quieter environment compared to the hectic tourist location of Prague. The city center, the capital of Moravia, offers various historical monuments, including several churches and a cathedral. Also nearby you will find the Villa Tugendhat which was built in 1920 and classified by UNESCO as a monument of modern architecture. I stayed in the cheapest hostel, open only in summer when it is out of season, a school and a gym ... Unfortunately I have no address, sorry! (Correction: Thanks to Jose Luis I can tell you now that this hostel was on Janska street!). To put it briefly, Brno is a nice place to stop in to get know the real Czech Republic rather the typical destinations that everyone might think of visiting.
Churches in Brno
Church of St. John
This church, in the centre of town, is called "The Church of Saint John and Minorite Monastery". The architecture is nothing special, and I have not seen the inside, but the light fell on the building at just the right moment, and with the group of soldiers in the foreground, I knew I had to capture it.
Flea Markets in Brno
Vegetable Market
Market cabbages of Brno, in the province of Moravia, has existed since the thirteenth century. It's located in the historical center of the city. This market is full of fresh produce and you can find all kinds of vegetables and fruits. It is totally amazing considering its size. It is as great as it is small. Countless tons of white peppers are piled on shelves. It is a sight to behold, for the color and quality. So glad to buy vegetables there.
Cemeteries in Terezín
National Cemetery in Terezín
In front of the entrance to a small fortress, you will find The National Cemetery. It was established as such in September 1945. Here the remains of nearly one hundred thousand dead were taken and were buried from the Small Fortress, the Jewish Ghetto, the city of Terezín, and the Litomerice concentration camp.
Museums in Terezín
Ghetto Museum
In the small town of Terezín you can find the Museum of the Ghetto. It is situated in a large building, right in the center of the town and next to the bus stop where buses that are heading towards Prague stop at. There are several exhibitions, including collections of drawings made by the children of the Holocaust, reflecting on their lives and daily activities within the camp. There are also maps displaying the Nazi invasion territories, testimonials, photos and a recreation room which has authentic objects of Jewish ghettos. You must not miss this place.
Castles in Mikulov
Mikulov Castle
This fabulous baroque palace is in this beautiful town, well known for its wines. It is worth visiting it in the evening when it is fully open to the public. Understandably, some sections are closed to the public but otherwise, you can wander around taking pictures without being overwhelmed with people. There are plenty of things to see.
Of Touristic Interest in Lednice
A Beaty Walk through the Gardens of Lednice
Within the grounds of the palace of Lednice and en route to the minaret, we have a very nice walk along a lake of about 1,500 m worth done on foot. For those who tire easily, floats and boat are available. I did it on foot and loved it. Here are some pictures of the walk.
Historical Monuments in Lednice
Minaret Arab on the Grounds of Lednice-Valtice
One of the great attractions to be found in the area of Lednice and Valtice are the small decorative buildings which are scattered throughout this huge area. Opposite the palace of Lednice, situated behind a pond about 60 meters high there is a minaret that was created in the period of adaptation of the English park. The minaret was erected as a romantic gazebo in Islamic style but never served for religious purposes, although there are inscriptions on the lower part of the minaret which are taken from the Quran.
Of Touristic Interest in Mikulov
Charming in Mikulov Square
This pretty village can boast of having a square, which although not very large, is lovely. It addition to the typical plague tower, has a nice fountain, a house with graffiti ( typical in the Czech Republic), their stalls and of course, its terraces. The Church also looks onto the square, and from there you can see the hill and the Palace with its beautiful arched entrance. It does not lack any detail. It is worth spending some time here.
Of Touristic Interest in Mikulov
Houses That Look at Mikulov
On one of the streets that run off the plaza, you can find little houses with curious dormer windows that seem to look straight into your eyes. I'm sure that you will enjoy them.
Museums in Brno
Moravské Zemské Muzeum
Zemské Moravské museum is in Jihomoravský and was founded in July 1817. It has over 6 million valuable materials from the fields of natural and social sciences. It also has exhibitions, lectures, traveling with jobs for young people and extensive publishing activities.
Caves in Blansko
Katerinska Cave
This cave is part of the Moravian Karst and is full of stalactites and stalagmites. There is a figure that looks like a witch, giving its name to the cave.
Cathedrals in Brno
Castles in Brno
Villages in Dobrockovice
Dobročkovice is a small rural town about 40 kilometers from Brno. The first written record of it in 1348 said there were 204 people. The dominant feature of the village is the Gothic Church of All Saints, which was originally built in 1348. There is beautiful nature and friendly people.
Museums in Brno
Kapucinu Monastery and Crypts
The basic fountain from which this essay bases The Principles of the Order of the Clares Kapucen documents that are reflected in the first book of Cappuccini, vol III. It's a home that Lázaro Iriarte transformed. The main iriarte study benefit is a complete picture of the occurrence of the Order and its history in the early decades. The concept is not limited to the official current.
Museums in Brno
Mendel Museum
The Mendel Museum (Brno) is an exhibition based on a master of genetics, through science and art. It demonstrates part of the social and cultural life of the city where Mendel grew. He was particularly known for his work as professor, for his interest in meteorology and breeding bees. This exhibition explores the man who led him to formulate his laws of heredity. It also shows experiments and discoveries.