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Things to do in Czech Republic

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The top 511 attractions in Czech Republic

Bridges in Prague
Charles Bridge
You must visit this bridge in Prague. It is ancient, with lots of history and lots of romance. The truth is that nowadays it is barely visible, because of the thousands of tourists who visit the city continually cram in so much that you can barely see where you are going. At night, however, is a little less crowded, the views on one side and the other of the bridge are beautiful, even the river is nice, the darkness hides the brown water, haha! Actually, it is really good fun to walk around at night in this beautiful city
Historical Monuments in Prague
Prague Astronomical Clock
Please go first thing in the morning! Not only because there are fewer people and less noise, but it seems the rest of the plaza, the country and the world are immersed in silence to hear the ringing of the bell that makes Death and the the raven cry. This was the only intention of the watch maker's intention to give each and every figure and set design their very own role. It puts the icing on the visit inside the Tower where a small room offers a secret look to the habitations of the Apostles. Honestly, you never get tired of watching the clock every time you pass by the Plaza,it is a magical moment to be enjoyed more than once.
Squares in Prague
Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti)
Free traffic and surrounded by historic buildings, the Old Town Square is one of the most beautiful public spaces in Europe. Some of the streets like Celetná and Ovocný trh, are pedestrian. You will see part of Prague's turbulent past consrved in the buldings around the square.. The north side is dominated by the white facade of the Church of St. Nicholas. On the East side you find two magnificent examples of architecture of the period: the home of the Stone Bell, restored to its original Gothic and Rococo Golz-Kinsky Palace. A row of colorful houses of Romanesque and Gothic origin with their fascinating highlights distinctive emblems ae located on the south side of the square. We were lucky that night as the stalls in the square had stayed opened late, so we tried some of the local specialties like traditional fast food, such as the wine pastries and what they sold in the stall shown in the photo, which is a kind pizza with a crispy fried garlic puree (a lot)on top and a mountain mountain of grated cheese. mmmmmmm
Castles in Prague
Prague Castle
Once again I apologize for my ignorance, because when we decided to go see the Prague Castle, I imagined a typical castle, with its walls ... etc. But no! It is not a typical castle for me, and hence enthused me so much! What put the "icing" on my arrival was running into the changing of the guard, which although itself is nonsense, we found it funny (I recommend it, we did not expect it). The castle has internal courtyards and surrounding buildings ... sights of the city before arriving! It is very highly recommended that you visit, especially, especially ... for visiting St. Vitus Cathedral which is LOVELY! Yes, I personally do not recommend the full entry and BE CAREFUL! You can climb the tower walk, but it's not worth it, no ventilation, it was claustrophobic, very high, and the views didn't impress me as much as the entrance. We all arrived at the top winded and there was a chill in the air so we had to wait to stop sweating in order to not catch pneumonia!
Of Cultural Interest in Prague
Dancing House
When I planned my trip to beautiful Prague (Czech Republic), I decided not to return without having seen a building called the Dancing House which is so unique and beautiful. The truth is that once in Prague I had breakfast at the Cafe Slavia (Kavarna Slavia and unexpectedly found it walking down Resslova street with the intention of taking a shortcut in stead of taking the more attractive route by the river from the hotel. The building wass jointly designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry and a Croatian architect named Vlado U.S. Milunic. Certainly a daring design. In the glass tower the movement has been captured perfectly and together with the other tower which is somewhat shy and formal the result is magnificent. I personally recommend seeing it. It also lends itself perfectly to being photographed.
Cathedrals in Prague
St. Vitus Cathedral
You must visit this place after the changing of the guards, it is situated close to the cathedral, which is reached via the interior hallway of a huge building. If you go inside, you can admire the stained glass featuring ships that are on the windows and are truly spectacular. We liked it a lot .. but we didn´t like all the people that there were. It was Saturday, too many people walking the streets and you had to be careful not to trip over them while admiring something ... well :), Prague is beautiful and everyone loves everyone wants to come and see it..
Neighborhoods in Prague
Malá Strana
(32) of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you do visit, you will enjoy centuries-long history, beautiful historic buildings, bridges over the river Vltava and numerous towers. Visit the Royal Castle, watch the parade of the Royal Guard, and see the panorama of Prague from the lookout near the royal vineyards. You absolutely must visit the numerous beer halls in Prague and test the many types of quality beer; the most popular beer gardens are a small family breweries with limited-edition un-filtered beer. Visit the restaurants and find a very delicious variety of Czech recommendation is veal steak in blueberry sauce. If you have the ability to visit Prague, do so and enjoy the beauty of true capital of Europe.Eternal city...
Squares in Prague
Wenceslas Square
This is one of the other major points of the Czech capital. It is located in the cultural and commercial center of the city, in the New Town, and at almost 650 meters long, its size is astonishing. On one end, at the top of the stunning hill, is the National Museum. At the other end, the shopping district. Many downtown streets end here making it almost impossible not to visit when you're touring Prague.
Rivers in Prague
Vltava River
If you find yourself in Prague on the small side of town and want to get to the other side of the river Vltava , to look at the dancing house then look for the bridge to take you directly to that location ...
Churches in Prague
Church of Our Lady before Týn
This church embodies the spirit of Prague and portrays a sense of mystique. It gave Walt Disney the idea a cartoon cover.
Cemeteries in Prague
Old Jewish Cemetery
What is death, I ask myself? I see it as the universal mechanism which determines when a flower blooms, when a sheet has to dry and fall,and when a butterfly comes out of it's cocoon, when our cells have to die to regenerate or when they die completely. But when we agree on the place and time with that pot falling from a balcony or a stray bullet that street scuffle. None of this is really important. What does matter is answering the question: How do we want to live in the future, as a body? But we can not solve our present plan. And if we meet, maybe we can not stop the pot falling from balcony but if the stray bullet in the fray street. Death is, in short, the price to pay for the privilege of having lived. Prague. November 2005
Exhibitions in Prague
Lennon Wall
This wall, like the wall of I Love You in Paris, is quite different from a simple barrier. It's a wall of freedom, used by young Czechs to express the ideal of peaceful rebellion. During the lows of communism, many bands, most notably The Beatles, were banned because the lyrics of their songs were contrary to the ideals of the government. However, John Lennon was admired by young pacifists, and after his death in 1980, they filled this wall with messages of freedom in his honour. Working in secret to avoid jail, they wrote Beatles lyrics on the wall, as well as messages of freedom, as a challenge to the regime. Authorities tried to stop this spontaneous display of freedom of expression, even using violence. This was a highlight of my tour of Prague, and I wanted to leave my mark on this wall of liberty. My message: everyone smiles in the same language, because everyone understands what a smile means, never forget to smile. Smile as long as you an :) LOCATION: The John Lennon wall is located in the Mala Strana close to Kampa Island and the French embassy in the main square of the Grand Priory. It is several centuries old, and is owned by the Knights of Malta, ve have allowed young people to use it for freedom of expression.
Viewpoints in Prague
Petřín Lookout Tower
Greetings my fellow travelers. In our climb to the Petrin Hill we found several spots which overlook the city of Prague with its beautiful towers, churches and bridges. There is a viewpoint at the top of the Petrin Hill but not such a shocking thing to see. Prague, because about 100 meters down from this place, there are paths where you are surrounded by nature. Many people sit halfway between vegetation or grass sunbathing and admiring the beautiful views. Definitely a great place to have a more natural Prague.
Churches in Prague
Cities in Ceský Krumlov
Český Krumlov
One of the most famous cities of the Czech Republic, besides Prague, is definitely Cesky Krumlov. Once you've visited, you'll understand why. It's spectacular. It's bathed by the river Vltava, the same river that passes through the capital, whose boardwalk invites you to stroll along it. It's on the centre island where this city continues to flourish and retain its prodigious medieval old town. I recommend walking around this city of culture and to stop from time to time. As you walk among colourful and painted facades, look up towards the castle, nothing else matters.
Streets in Prague
The Golden Lane
I went to Prague with my daughters. When we arrived, I was fascinated by the beauty of the buildings, the streets, and the people. Every corner of Prague is like something from a fairy tale, and it all feel very safe. I'll be sure to go back when my grandchildren are older, as I want to share this wonderful experience with them as well!
Historical Monuments in Prague
Synagogues in Prague
Spanish Synagogue
The exterior of the building is not too attractive, although the Moorish atmosphere of the interior is beautiful. Inside, you'll discover a real gem. Besides the beautifully decorated ceilings and walls, the temple shows books, records and photographs of the Jewish community in Prague and during the Holocaust. In another room is there is an exhibit of silver tools once used for painting Torahs. Outside there is a sculpture in honor of Franz Kafka.