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Things to do in Kolding

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Top attractions in Kolding

Castles in Kolding
"If not for you we would not be here" if what Danes would tell you if you're Spanish and you go for a visit to Koldinghus. Or at least, that is what we were told when we went to visit the castle on its anniversary. "Let us thank the Spanish for their carelessness, and thank them for the castle that was burned and were given the opportunity to make something historic" They blame the fire on the French and Spanish soldiers, during the Napoleonic Wars in 1808, watched the castle and to combat the cold decided to have a bonfire on the matmorras with such bad luck of falling asleep. A restoration was carried out a decade ago, and the castle has massive and extensive royal airs but stays empty and some converted into exhibitions. It faces the lake in Kolding, where the national animal (the swan) is seen feasting with amazing views ... As long as there is sun, it is something not so easy.