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Things to do in Strasbourg

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The top 87 attractions in Strasbourg

Cathedrals in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Cathedral
We had just finished dinner and were headed to the apartment when we passed through the Cathedral Square and noticed a huge crowd. Since it wasn´t even 9 at night and we weren´t in a hurry, we decided to wait to see what was going on. The facade of the cathedral was lit up like the rest of the various monuments of the city and suddenly, all the lights went out and the best known part of the 4th movement, Allegro con Fuoco of the Symphony of the New World by Dvörak started playing very loudly. Different colors began to illuminate the facade and the interior of the cathedral. It was truly an extraordinary spectacle. Unfortunately, our photos aren´t great but it was super beautiful.
Cities in Strasbourg
La Petite France
La Petit France is the most beautiful district of Strasbourg. There are small cobbled streets that curve around the river that cuts through the city and beautiful, typically Alsatian style houses with limestone roofs and wooden windows. It´s a place to just wander around in, to relax, to remember in in pictures and to find small restaurants and little corners.
Of Cultural Interest in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Christmas Market
Strasbourg is half French and half German, it's a beautiful city that is a charm at Christmas. It is in the area of ​​Alsace, is huge and is a very nice city with plenty of museums, shops, a huge cathedral and, of course, huge christmas markets, with the typical mulled wine, pasta and chocolates. I highly recommend it if you like Christmas. Also petite france is like a neighborhood that is stuck to the side of Strasbourg and is very nice, you can do a route on the ship where there is a Spanish guide to explain the history of Strasbourg.
Of Touristic Interest in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Canals
Reasons to visit: It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the best preserved medieval cities. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is one of the highest in the world; the Barrio de la Petite France, with it's houses of wooden beams, channels and bridges and dams is fantastic. It is the site of the main European institutions, they say it's the Christmas Capital where you should visit the Christmas decoration in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The flowers that decorate the facades in summer, are another reason to come to this beautiful French city at different times of the year.
Gardens in Strasbourg
Parc de l'Orangerie
The oldest park in the city is a favorite place for lovers, joggers and Sunday strollers. Kids will love the play area too with its circuit of old cars, the mini-farm and the zoo (all free). Storks, on the verge of disappearing before, have been successfully reintroduced to the area. Since 1971 more than 800 babies were born This beautiful bird and the symbol of Alsace can be admired in all seasons. The lake has a romantic waterfall and you can go canoeing. or the Joséphine Pavilion hosts temporary exhibitions and events that you can check out. The Buerehiesel, a beautiful half-timbered house, contains a gourmet restaurant. There is also a little bowling spot and a terrace that give you yet another way to spend your free time.
Historical Monuments in Strasbourg
European Parliament
The European Parliament Building in Strasbourg is the meeting place for the EU parliament. Strasbourg was, in 1952, the seat of the Assembly of the ECSC and EEC. But the area of the Parliament is also a good spot to go for a nice walk from the city centre, as there's a bike path that is quite pleasant to follow, leading you to the edge of the water. You can also see the building from the water if you take a boat.
Historical Monuments in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Covered Bridges
you have to watch it in the evening or at night really pretty
Cities in Strasbourg
As far as I know, this region extends from Strasbourg to Mulhouse, about 160 km from north to south, and from the Vosges Mountains to the Rhine from east to west. It is an area of vineyards, charming villages, and beautiful mountains. There are two unusual museums, the Mulhouse Automobile Museum, which is said to be the best in the world, and the Railway Museum, which is also very interesting. A wonderful region, with great wines.
Squares in Strasbourg
Place Kléber
The biggest Christmas tree with changing colours really beautiful
Museums in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
The Modern Art Museum of Strasbourg, on the other side of the Pont Vauban, includes many graphic and photographic works, and you can attend shows throughout the year. However, this spot is more than just an art museum - it's also a gathering spot for skateboarders and other similar sportsmen. Indeed, Jean Arp Square, with its many stairs and green spots, really is the ideal spot to spend a sunny afternoon. To get there, take the tram to the Museum of Modern Art stop, or walk along the covered walkway to the bridge Vauban. On the other side of the shore, on one of the barges will also find one of the popular night spots in Strasbourg, Zen club.
Museums in Strasbourg
Musee Alsacien
This museum of arts and popular traditions offers visitors an enchanting journey through Strasbourg´s history. Wind through old houses connected by wooden stairs and corridors to and check out the thousands of objects from rural life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: costumes, furniture, ceramics, toys, religious and secular imagery.
Citadels in Strasbourg
Parc de la Citadelle
You can still find a place in Strasbourg that will help you escape from the usual hectic pace of everyday life. There are many places in town that offer beautiful views of the city but one I particularly like is Parc de la Citadelle. It´s located right in the heart of the city, along the river. There is an exceptionally clear view of the city and when the image is reflected in the water it´s even more wonderful. The park is surrounded by trees that seems to keep a nice calm inside a bustling city.
Cities in Strasbourg
Of Touristic Interest in Strasbourg
Learn something about the history of Strasbourg in a war boat with an audio guide in 22 languages
Airports in Strasbourg
Gare de Strasbourg
Strasbourg station is a mixture of the old station and a new, futuristic glass bubble that covers a larger passenger space with more services. The station, which was opened in 1883, covers two floors, and you can reach the docks by a flyover. You can take the TGV to Paris in just 2 and a half hours, and you can also travel to Germany or Switzerland. Discount tickets are not valid on international trips; sometimes it is cheaper to take a discount ticket to the border, then change for a regular ticket.
Historical Monuments in Strasbourg
Afi Esca Headquarters
This building, finished in 1936, occupies an excellent place on the edge of Illinois. It is the headquarters of the insurance company (ESCA). Again, this is one of the most remarkable buildings along the river that one can see during a walk (on foot or by boat) around the island. Here you will find some lovely views.
Museums in Strasbourg
History Museum (Musee Historique)
The Strasbourg historical Museum was opened in 1920. The main mission is to evoke the history of the city, political, economic, social and cultural. It has important collections including paintings and graphic art, weapons, military uniforms and daily life. Also life objects evoke the memory of great men like General Kleber with his wardrobe and furniture displayed.
Palaces in Strasbourg
Palais Rohan
This imposing 18th century palace, a few steps from the cathedral, belonged to the Rohan family, a family of prince-bishops from Strasbourg. Today, there are three museums housed within: fine arts, decorative arts, and archaeology.

The best things to do in Strasbourg

Are you preparing your list of what to do in Strasbourg? Great! There are many places to visit in Strasbourg. The city is not only home to institutions of the European Union, but it is also important culturally and historically. The European Union neighborhood is, undoubtedly, one of the things to see in Strasbourg that you can not miss. The European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights, Europol, and Eurocorps are the most prominent institutions and some of the main attractions in Strasbourg.

The historic center, the Grand Ile, is another of the things to do in Strasbourg that must be added to your list. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will surprise you with its typical Franco-German white houses with black wooden buildings. The Notre-Dame Cathedral with its impressive astronomical clock, the church of Santo Tomas, where Mozard played the organ, and the customs building are some of the Strasbourg attractions.

Some of the Strasbourg activities for art and history lovers are the Palais Rohan and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, where you can learn a bit more about the history and legend of Strasbourg. At the end of a long day, the city's canals and gardens are perfect for relaxing. What better way than in a boat on the river to see Strasbourg. After, you can relax in one of its parks.

If you are looking for more stuff to do in Strasbourg, be sure to check out what other Minube users recommend.