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Things to do in Aquitaine

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The top 1.448 attractions in Aquitania

Deserts in La Teste-de-Buch
Dune of Pilat
At first, you tremble at the dune's height, then you prepare yourself to ascend; third, you take three steps and debate if you should take the next ones; fourth, you laugh at yourself at not being able to climb up; fifth, you stand halfway up several times to look down; sixth, you look up to see what you have left to go; and seventh, you reach the top and tremble at the views; eighth, you realize how easy it is to climb down!
Festivals in Bayonne
Feast of Bayona
This mythical place celebrates the arrival of summer with the Bayonne Festival with young and old from all parts of France! Bayonne and the surrounding cities are assaulted every night (the celebration lasts from Wednesday to Sunday). Some official shuttle buses become increasingly animated, carrying hundreds of thousands of people, who walk the crowded streets all night. Of course, you have to dress traditionally in red and white, which adds to the charm of this unmissable party. Alcohol is often consumed with little restraint during these nights, which has led, on occasion to some disasters. But the party just keeps going and everyone still goes to Bayonne in early August to celebrate.
Villages in Biarritz
We chose it as a stopping point on our trip to Northern France and it was a positive surprise. The town is very walkable, with the ability to enjoy its squares and terraces as well as its shopping and of course your beach crowned by the Hotel de Ville. It's a nice place and if we can return, we would be happy to do so.
Of Cultural Interest in Bordeaux
Bordeaux Mirror
Built to decorate the Place de la Bourse it has become a place where people spend hours lounging and frolicking barefoot in the water jets that come out of the ground. It also provides a breathtaking view of the reflection of the neoclassical buildings, thus the name Miroir d'Eau (water mirror).
Historical Monuments in Bordeaux
Place de la Bourse
For theses holidays we planned to leave Spain and go to Paris but in the end with a few questions about what we would find we decided to go to Bordeaux, as it was closer and seemed like a nice, relaxing place. In all honesty, it really didn´t disappoint us, it was just what we were looking for for the holidays and it had many things that made it worth the trip.
Cities in Saint Jean de Luz
Since childhood I have had the pleasure of going to this lovely coastal town many times. I have family there, but I go because I love walking the streets, which are so typical of the place and always full of people. You cannot stop going to Gambetta Street. You can find everything there. You can see lots of shops of all kinds, selling typical products, fashion etc. Pastry shops invite you in without hesitation. The famous "macarrons" are exquisite. Follow the path to the beach and, even though you have to walk a little, it's worth going to the Punta de Santa Barbara, a beautiful walk with marvellous views of the coast. It's a must! Another place where you really have to go is the municipal market in the center of the town. I like it a lot and I keep going whenever I can to buy fish, pates and so on.... In short, there's always something to interest you. These are just a few examples of what you can find if you go to this lovely town on the border with Spain. I encourage you to go. I promise you will return like me.
Theaters in Bordeaux
Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux
Just down the street from the administration, you'll find the Grand Theatre, built in the late 18th century, one of the emblems of Bordeaux. The Grand Theatre is the main hall of the Opera of Bordeaux. It hosts a varied programme, aimed at a wider public, especially young people. There are not only operas, ballets and concerts, but there are also conferences. There are opportunities to visit several times a year at open days.
Cathedrals in Bordeaux
Bordeaux Cathedral
St. Andrew's Cathedral in Pey Berland, is a very important landmark for Bordeaux as its impressive tower is visible from almost all parts of the city. This beautiful cathedral was declared years ago as a heritage of humanity by UNESCO and is one of the thousand things to visit in Bordeaux.
Viewpoints in Biarritz
Rocher de la Vierge
From the viewpoint of the Watchtower continue along the Rue de la Petite Atalaye under a thick fog and intense cold enhanced by continued strong gusts of icy wind from the Bay of Biscay. However, this weather does not darken the landscape, rather, it embellishes and enhances andsets the stage to the postcard that unfolds before our eyes. A few meters from where we can make out spectacularly huge and angry masses of water crashing against the rocks, the noise is deafening and feel the water on our faces but look at the white foam waves that form when in retreat. We moved quickly, buffeted by the gale through a narrow metal bridge, built by none other than Mr. Eiffel, crossed under a small tunnel, near which stands the small shrine of the Virgin of the Rock and reach the end of the narrow neck that penetrates the sea and there, with little protection of a low wall that just reaches to the waist, we felt the force of the wind and the sea with greater force. If possible, try to take a picture though almost impossible we tried ... The time seems to fly and without realizing it, the fog, the storm gave way to large clearings. In an instant the landscape changed completely, revealing the profile of the Grande Plage, the Casino Barriere and the grand Hotel du Palais. No doubt: If viewed from the Virgin of the Rock, the view of the Basque coast is spectacular, stunning, superb.
Harbors in Bordeaux
Quays of Bordeaux
Bordeaux is a magnificent city with an impressive historical heritage. The old town is full of small streets and hidden corners, all displaying it´s history. Here you can see the piers with the reflection of the buildings in the Bordeaux Water Mirror. This city has managed to renew and modernize itself very well. This city has recently been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Historical Monuments in Bordeaux
Place des Quinconces
Quinconces Square is in the center of Bordeaux, it´s a nineteenth-century square which was built on the grounds of Château Trompette. Vauban was a fortification that didn´t served as much more, and King Louis XVIII donated it to the city. From 1817 onwards, Similar facades were constructed, forming a semi circle, and defining the place naturally. The plans were made by Dufart, with six groups of classical buildings on each side of the square, each consisting of three floors and an arched base. It is one of the largest squares in the city. As there are 12 hectares in the center, it can be used as the site of many events throughout the year. They organize parties, flea markets, concerts ... In the square you can see a monument to the people of the region who defended democracy during the French Revolution, and a fountain. You can reach the plaza by taking tram B.
Beaches in Biarritz
La Grande Plage
Less than 45 minutes away from San Sebastian we can find one of the most magical places in the south of France. Here is where you can enjoy the beach, play some casino chips in the famous casino and not lose the opportunity to taste the wonderful mussels in any restaurant in the area. And attention to its sunsets!
Nature Reserves in Hendaye
Domaine d'Abbadia
An absolutely spectacular journey where you can lose yourself all afternoon. There are lots of ways to go alone or with a guide. Shortly after starting the course you become the magnificent "Château" (palace) of Antoine d'Abbadie. A site well worth visiting, for less than 7 €. It's located along the coast, on the road between Hendaye with Ziburu. On our tour, we saw it from the bottom end of the well maintained grounds. We made our way by choosing one of the paths. All the sites were magnificent. I particularly liked sitting down in one of the old bunkers facing the sea. One of them had a wind rose on top. It is wonderful to the two stones on the cliff up close. From the beach of Hendaye you can see the undaunted majestic passing of time. Also seen from a privileged perspective are Hondarribia, Mount Jaizkibel, and the lighthouse of Cape Higuer.
Historical Monuments in Bordeaux
Monument aux Girondins
This monument is at the end of Quinconces Square, in the center of Bordeaux. It's a monument to the memory of the deputies of the region, victims of "Terreur" during the time of the French Revolution that was represented by widespread corruption and when many people were killed for trying to impose democracy. This monument was built 1894-1902, has a wide pedestal with 2 water basins and is decorated by bronze horses and characters from mythology. Higher up there is a large white column (43 meters high) with a statue of liberty, freedom is represented as escaping from slavery and the lower sculptures represent the triumph of the Republic, of Concord, history and local rivers.
Villages in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
This is one of the most charming cities of the French Basque Country. It is the last stage of the Camino de Santiago before the Pyrenees. It is very touristy, and walking down the main street of the old town, note that is a mandatory stop for those doing the Camino de Santiago. There is only room for rent or shelters for pilgrims. We missed the visit to the Citadel, which is located on the top. From the top, you can see a nice lookout point with views of the whole city and the mountains. This place is lovely during the day and magical with the lights that appear in the evening.
Cities in Bayonne
From Irun, you must cross the border to get close to this lovely city, the chief of the Basque country, bordered by the river Adour. We recommend the walk along the 3 neighborhoods that make up the old town, the Petite Bayonne, the Grand Bayonne and Saint Esprit. On the roofs are 2 big spiers of the cathedral of Notre Dame, a lovely Gothic building, and it is surrounded by an interesting set of squares and mansions protected by Vieux Chateau and the remains of 3 defensive zones. Cottages Guipúzcoa.
Historical Monuments in Bordeaux
Pont de Pierre
This stone bridge was built by Napoleon around 1830. It links the left bank of Bordeaux with the Bastide neighborhood, and it´s an historical monument of the city. During its construction, there were many problems because of the strong current of the river Garonne in this area. It is thanks to a diving bell that the could stabilizing pillars could be carried out and stabilized. The copper bell was placed at the bottom of the river and allowed a person to breath under water for 30 minutes. The bridge has 17 arches, which are exactly the number of letters that are in Napoleon Bonaparte´s name. On each side, there are representations of the emperor. The bridge was the only one to exist in the city until the bridge of St. John was built in the 60s, which explains the bad traffic before.
Of Touristic Interest in Sare
Le Train de La Rhune
It is one of the most visited attractions by tourists in the Basque Country. One of three existing zipper trains in France, which ascends a height of 700 meters in 35 minutes. The trip is only at a speed of 8 km per hour, so you can freely enjoy every moment of the most beautiful views of the coast and interior. Throughout the whole journey it is very common to see pottokas grazing or approaching the train to greet tourists, as well as the flight of birds of prey. It is advisable to go with good binoculars, because with a little of luck you could spot the sands of the Landes, the observatory of the Pic du Midi de Bigorre (located more than 150 miles away!) or the snowy peaks of the High Pyrenees ... The temperature at the top can be cool, so it is advisable to wear a jacket and use good sun protection.