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Things to do in Saintes

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The top 13 attractions in Saintes

Cities in Saintes
A town with an impressive history, with a river you can easily go along, if it's not raining of course. Although there you should be used to rain. Highly Recommended. Visit the Abbey of the ladies, and great music festival that program a lot From cultural events as well as hosting, youth orchestra Atlantic of which I have been part. Great eats and tyhe wine and cognac are memorable.
Of Touristic Interest in Saintes
Saintes Old Town
Strolling through the semi-pedestrian district of the old Saintes is a romantic walk: as the modern statue "kiss" proves, in the park of the audiovisual library in the former convent of the Jacobins. Next, to it, the Hotel Martineau has beautiful art nouveau lamps and the old council houses the collections of the Museum of Belaux arts. There is a bell tower, dating from the fifteenth century, and you can walk through the shadow Cathedral of San Pedro bell tower to the small streets where the fruit and vegetable market is held.
Historical Monuments in Saintes
Arch of Germanicus
The fact that the city of Saintes has an important heritage goes without saying, but the fact that Germanicus Arch is one of the main monuments is rather surprising. Until 1843, this arch stood on the main deck of Saintes. After the demolition of the bridge, a new place was found for this monument which is more than 19 centuries old. Now, it is located across the river Charentes (on the right bank) and it welcomes tourists and residents of Saintes. Its condition is perfect, despite having spent many years outdoors in the elements. The arch is dedicated to the adopted son of Tiberius, Germanicus, Tiberius himself and his other son Drusus. Their names are engraved along with the name of the person who commissioned the arc. They must have spend all their savings because the Arc is huge ... The corners of the three great pillars supporting the two arches are covered by fluted pillars topped by Corinthian capitals. A mixture of the most prominent sculpture in the area and a trip here is obligatory for all those that are visiting Saintes.
Churches in Saintes
Basilique Saint Eutrope de Saintes
The Basilique Saint Eutrope de Saintes is one of the most important monuments in Saintes. This 11th century church is a pilgrimage center that's dedicated to Saint Eutropius, the bishop. The originality of the architecture of this shrine is said to be one of the highlights of the Camino de Santiago. It has a single nave and two overlapping presbyteries. Because the church was built like this it allowed the shelter of many pilgrims at the same time. Different parts of the church are engraved with passages from stories and bell tower reaches 65 meters in height. The crypt is dark because it's undergound, and is in stark contrast to the upper building. In the presbytery there's a sarcophagus with St. Eutropius' remains. The huge baptismal font was made from a single block of stone. This sanctuary is the delight of lovers of Romanesque art!
Historical Monuments in Saintes
Saintes Amphitheatre
This place is a testimony of the time left in the city. Its condition gives you an idea of ​​the size of the place and the atmosphere that was once here. It is a bit outside of the city, awaiting us from the top of the cathedral tower. The vegetation that covers many of its sides gives a strange character, where nature and artwork combine to a perfect mixture. It seems to be hidden under human scent, but this historic place wans´t missed by anyone. It's exciting to step into the arena as the dust passes between the stands and the moat. Your imagination runs. A French-Olympia. Today you can walk between its arches, through the old pit and the driving range, up to the bench. This is quite a good way to learn the legacy and significance of the Roman Empire in France. A village, Saintes, ve has been in these lands for more than 5 centuries.
Museums in Saintes
Horse Racing in Saintes
Le Haras National
Since 1846, the bolt has been in a park of 10 hectares, not far from downtown. You can wander freely. The buildings are bare, sometimes a neighing stallion comes. The stables are no longer used, but there are some aspects remaining from the fifteenth century. In addition to the thoroughbred, it has the breeds of Poitou-horse, a mix of donkey- Poitou with long red hair.
Tourist Information in Saintes
Historical Monuments in Saintes
Tapisserie de la Genese
The Romanesque walls of the church of the Abbaye aux Dames are covered with a series of contemporary tapistry. Modern designs give the medieval monument grandiosity, and create a beautiful harmony of colors. Thirteen tapestries, designed by the painter Jen-Francois Favre, are devoted to the subject of the creation of the world. The 3m x 1.8m works are identified with a small explanatory text. A beautiful set!
Festivals in Saintes
Festival de Saintes
If you have good taste, I recommend that you visit the Festival de Saintes. The Abbaye aux Dames is the chosen place to celebrate a new chapter of this great cultural event. Since its inception in the seventies, the artistic focus of the festival has changed over the past 40 years. Originally, the Saintes Festival was dedicated to an older style of music but is now open to many differnt styles. Each year, the festival reaches out to provide new and exciting music. For 10 days in July, the music of thirty concerts fills the walls of this temple from noon to midnight. Each festival hosts about 14,000 spectators from around the world in an exciting environment. Why not be part of it?
Sports-Related in Saintes
Gabare Cruise
The best way to get to know the Charente Maritime is on a barge ride down the river. This experience begins in the city of Saintes and will take you on an exotic trip through the countryside. The best option for the barge is to use it for excursions, as it is big enough and is the safest way to sail these waters. The barge is an old barge that was previously used to transport goods around the area. The landscapes of the river banks are only accessible from the river itself. A walk through the heart of Charentes will show you the less well-known attractions in this French region. Monasteries, churches, villas, farms, bridges and other remote locations from a completely different perspective.
Abbeys in Saintes
Abbaye aux Dames
A Historical Monument, association and cultural center. The Abbaye aux Dames is all this and more. The sacred atmosphere that fills the place comes from the heritage of the Benedictine nuns ve lived here until the French Revolution. It is a religious place you should not miss, especially because it is a perfect example of the Romanesque style in the Poitou-Charentes region. Its distinctive pine-shaped bell tower and its façade are witness to this. The sober façade contrasts with the interior, which contains stone carvings and is light and airy. In the convent buildings of the Abbaye aux Dames there are numerous activities whose main theme is based onmusic. But peace has not always breathed within its walls. During the Empire, the Abbey was converted into a prison and soon after into a barracks. The church regained its religious use in 1939 after an extensive restoration. Discover the tracks of time on the walls of this legendary church in the town of Saintes.
Cathedrals in Saintes
Saintes Cathedral
Built between the twelfth and the fourteenth century, the Cathedral of Saint Pierre de Saintes is a beautiful building with a copper dome. The treasures housed here are some of the most famous in the region, including some beautiful antique pieces, like a silver chalice. There have been many royal visits to this site, by Charlemagne, various kings of France, and even Napoleon. Since its reopening in 2013, they have displayed a painting of the new pope, Francis.