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Things to do in Banjul

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Rivers in Banjul
Banjul Ferry to Barra
To get to Banjul, the capital of Gambia, you have to go a little to the north to catch a ferry across the mouth of the Gambia River to the city of Barra. The paths are continuous, but the large number of people moving makes this journey seem endless, not only when you're waiting for the barges, but because of the time it takes to cross to the other side of the river. The operator of this ferry is Gambia Public Transport Corporation, and it takes roughly 90 minutes to complete the journey. During the trip you can see all types of vehicles, pets, travelers and traders who go or come to the big city to sell their products. Taking this tour and watching the different boats carrying different goods is an unforgettable experience.
Of Cultural Interest in Banjul
Women and children flock to the beach in Tanghi to help fishermen bring their catch to shore. While waiting for the boats, they sing and dance on the sand, braid each other's hair, and take care of the little ones. Each person is given two or three fish, in many cases it's the only protein the family will have. Gambia sells fish to other countries in Africa. Close to the beach you can see the precarious "industry" of salted and smoked fish.
Markets in Banjul
Albert Market
In the main urban area of ​​The Gambia, the capital of Banjul delights with a bustling market. Albert's Market covers an area of ​​more than eight city streets, consisting of many small shops offering visitors different trades divided by sector. The smells, the bustle of people and the unique and traditional products for sale transport you straight to Africa. You can spend a whole morning trying to walk through the market, as the sellers stop you every few steps to offer you goods or to tempt you to their stalls.
Nature Reserves in Serekunda
Of Touristic Interest in Banjul
Smiley Tours Senegambia
We simply had a super great vacation (Kololi, Tendaba, george Town, Kaoloack, Saly, Dakar, Lac Rose, Somone, Mar Lodj, Banjul). Ismaila (Smiley) is a very reliable and friendly driver. He drives very safely and has comfortable big car. We were travelling with 2 adults and 2 children (9 and 12 years old). In The Gambia it seems that he knows someone in every place! He helped us where ever he could (e.g. with the formalities at the border, and when the ferry was out of order on the last day of our trip he arranged a boat to the other side). We were free to arrange our own programme during the day. This was all very relaxed! By the way, he's also a mechanic, so we had no worries about the car.
Cities in Banjul
The capital of Gambia is a place of contrasts. Despite being the country's biggest city, the structures are tiny, the tallest is the Arch 22, a bow in the middle of the city that is prohibited to pass through. Everyone must go around except the head of state. Most streets are unpaved and not clean, as in the rest of the population of Gambia is made once a month, so it really depends on the day you visit, whether or not the streets will be clean. In Banjul the streets are full of "shops" where they sell all kinds of things and of people going from one place to another running errands, but there are also many places to see. the Royal Victoria Teaching hospital offers guided tours in return for a donation. It is worth seeing because you can understand the difficulties faced in these countries. When we went to see one of the best rooms, the "laboratory", the doctor explained he was excited because a few months ago he couldn´t do analysis, and explained in detail what was this process. I was also struck by the X-ray room, as they had a machine that had given the British in 1970 or so but did not work for two years. Seriously, it's an amazing place. In Banjul we can also see the National Museum, which has some exhibits dated but we can draw a lot of attention, for example, here sets out the dress she wore Miss Gambia in 1984. Another life hotspot that you can visit is the St. Joseph's Adult Education. It is an education center for more than 20 years dedicated to helping disadvantaged women. These places are really worth a visit and is a must walk hours through this capital to understand the serious differences that exist in these countries. It's indescribable, a must see
Rivers in Banjul