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Things to do in Gibraltar

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The top 52 attractions in Gibraltar

Cities in Gibraltar
Going to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar is something special, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Algeciras, San Roque and La Linea, Sierra Carbonera, the Costa del Sol, the start of the Mediterranean Sea and if time permits, Ceuta and the mountains of Africa. All in the blink of an eye. The famous monkeys of Gibraltar contemplate the landscape as they come and go. To descend, you can walk down a narrow road as the sun sets over the mountains and the sky turns red. Wonderful.
Gardens in Gibraltar
Gibraltar Alamdea Botanical Garden
This is a delight for nature lovers and located right at the base of the gondola. A few hours of walking between plants, trees and other rarities that will delight connoisseurs. Then take the cable car and enjoy the views from the heights of the rock. '
Viewpoints in Gibraltar
Europa Point
It is the southern most tip of the Gilbratrar territory south of the rock. On days with good visibility from the Cape you have great views of the the Bay of Algeciras and the peoples of the region and Ceuta and the Moroccan Rif, on the other side of Africa. In the area there are some notable buildings as a beacon, the mosque of Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque and the Church of Our Lady of Europe.
Nature Reserves in Gibraltar
Apes' Den
This is the only species of monkey that lives in the wild in European territories .No one really knows who brought the Rock, some say it was the Arabs and others say the English. The only certainty is that they are the largest and funnest images of the Rock of Gibraltar.
Mosques in Gibraltar
Ibrahim - Al - Ibrahim Mosque
As you get to the first roundabout, entering Gibraltar, follow the signs to Upper Rock until you get to the other side of the Rock. On the side closest to Africa, there there is a flat area and that is empty, which is even stranger given the density of buildings in the Rock. You can park in the one you want. The mosque is next to the road of arrival, but far from the coast facing Africa. Was funded by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, and had a budget of five million pounds. Is the mosque most south of Europe, although not intended as illegal immigrants do not land in boats in Gibraltar when needing to cross the customs papers. Its function is to serve the Muslim community of the Rock. Given that most traders are Hindus , it is calculated that over two thousand are faithful. The mosque follows a simple typology. High minaret and a prayer hall. The resort is also within its walls, as well as a religious school, a library and an auditorium.
Caves in Gibraltar
San Miguel Cave
It is situated 300 meters above sea level. It has an a beauty unmatched to anything else due to the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is part of a complex that includes another series of caves like Leonora `s Cave and Lower St Michael` s Cave. It´s a place you must visit.
Villages in Gibraltar
Catalan Bay
The bay of the Catalans (Catalan Bay) or La Caleta, is named after the landing of troops from Catalonia during the War of Spanish Succession (in the year 1704). Currently it is a village opposite the main city, and sailors fountains, which has its own church, beach, restaurant service where the specialty is fish and seafood and one of the best hotels in Gibraltar, The Caleta Hotel. The truth is that it is charming because it is just about unknown to tourists visiting, who focus on Main Street and little more. This makes it possible to speak with natives and not just UK travelers.
Shops in Gibraltar
Gibraltar Crystal
In the centre of Gibraltar, after driving through the tunnels leading to the Old Town, there is an area full of shops. One of them hides behind an ancient glass-blowing factory. Here you can buy the finished articles from the factory but it is better to see how they do it as well. It is one of the few things that is still done in the same was as in the past. It is an art - transforming sand into a clear liquid under very high temperatures and then blowing and shaping the glass ... Very interesting.
Streets in Gibraltar
The Streets of Gibraltar
It surprised me to see this big rock from where you enter in Algeciras . It is a rock that is south of Spain, belonging to the UK, so the official language is English, but it was funny to see how they spoke Andaluz). Is has a side on the Algeciras Bay, the other on the Mediterranean. It is nice with the La Linea de la Concepcion. By the South, the Strait of Gibraltar, there is a crossroads that brings together North Africa south of the rock, the Mediterannean and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Over the centuries, this has been an important strategic point. Gibraltar also is one of the pillars of the Hercules towers. The Greeks called it Mount Calpe, while the other would be the Monte Abyla pillar in the north of Morocco. One day Gibraltar marked the limit of the known world. Going to Gibraltar was synonymous with going to the end of the world, to the waterfall where you could fall off a cliff without end.
Historical Monuments in Gibraltar
Harbors in Gibraltar
Gibraltar Port
The visit to Gibraltar is highly recommended. In few places you can have the feeling of leaving Spain in what it takes to simply cross a street. Walking at sunset near the port and enjoying a sunset like this and makes it worth the visit.
Statues in Gibraltar
Historical Monuments in Gibraltar
Statues in Gibraltar
Cities in Gibraltar
City Halls in Gibraltar
Parliament of Gibraltar
The Gibraltar Parliament belongs to the Government of Gibraltar and is on the main shopping street of the city named Main Street and in front of John Mackintosh Square. It was founded in 1917, being a trade stop between the Library and served to the Legislature of August 28, 1969 for the Assembly by Governor Admiral Varyl Begg. The Parliament is the name given to the place where we celebrate the Gibraltar House of Assembly between the years 1969 and 2006. The substitution of the name of the Assembly House of Gibraltar is a way to reflect its increasing autonomy as they are in accordance with the new Constitution. Parliament only has a camera that is is unicameral and consists of 15 members.
Of Touristic Interest in Gibraltar
Leisure Areas in Gibraltar
Near the end of the pedestrianized Main Street, approaching the harbour are one of the very few children's recreational areas in Gibraltar. Here, the main locations in which to spend your free time are the beaches, the new bowling ring or the Spanish area. Hence the importance of this small playground, given the scarcity of land for community facilities. Directions from Hotel Bristol (where you enter from Cathedral square) car park (at the back of the hotel). The playground has motorcycle parking at the entrance. Getting into the park itself is a bit tricky. To prevent children from getting out, in the way of traffic, the gate only opens from the top, where children cant reach. All the space here is used well, they've used it all to make a playground. Even tree trunks have been made into chairs to sit on!