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Things to do in Mykonos

61 contributors

The top 28 attractions in Mikonos

Streets in Mikonos
Little Venice of Mykonos
Beauty Unleashed in one of the nicest places I have visited. From the windmills there are views to Little Venice highly worth a mention, but here are some of different angles and lights. This little wonder of Venetian origin, near the Kastro (old town) and in the centre of the neighborhood of Alefkandra (Natural panning site).
Villages in Mikonos
Mykonos Old Town
The island is the mixture of the calmness of the inhabitants with the non-stop partying of the tourists. The island is small and easily explored if you rent a small car. Gas prices are €1.78 liter. You should come with the desire to have fun and relax, if you can. Mykonos is recommended for its clean water, pretty beaches, and connections to other islands and the rest of the country.
Historical Monuments in Mikonos
Mykonos Windmills
We could only enjoy Mykonos for a few hours, just enough to watch a picture- perfect sunset. No touch-ups are necessary when the image quality is this good. I leave you one from my personal album (if you want to use it, please credit the author).
Beaches in Mikonos
Agios Sostis Beach
The Greek island of Mykonos has a well-deserved reputation for being a destination for sand, sun, and partying. But, the island is also incredibly beautiful and its natural beauty is worth the visit, even if some areas, especially the south, are too crowded. Almost like a counterpoint, many of the northern beaches a relatively quiet and, since the island isn't that big, you can reach them from the city in less than 40min. After searching around for a bit, we decided to stay in Agios Sostis, a gorgeous cove with clear water and very few people. The beach has a great restaurant you must visit where they serve fresh fish. Right above the beach, there is a charming white chapel in the typical Cyclades Islands style.
Islands in Mikonos
The island of Delos (Greek Δήλος, or "Dilos", meaning "stable and visible") is one of the smaller Greek islands of the Cyclades chain, in the Aegean Sea. It's also known as Lagia, Hare Island, Ortygia, Island of the Quails, Cintera , and also Chlamydia, Belts, Pelasgia, or Pirpile. Technically, it belongs to the peripheral region of Mykonos. It was once one of the most sacred places of Greece. Greek mythology says that emerged from the ocean stuck in the trident of Poseidon, but was still initially a floating island until Zeus chained it to the sea, making a safe-haven for Latona, away from Hera's jealousy, to give birth to Apollo and Artemis. As the birthplace of Apollo, it was one of the most popular places to worship him, and the island was his possession until he exchanged it with Poseidon. It now houses archaeological wonders. At one time, it had over 50,000 inhabitants and true works of Greek art. Luxury homes, banks, shops, squares, temples, all built over 2 millennia. Enjoy the pictures, I enjoyed it!
Beaches in Mikonos
Platis Gialos Beach
One of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Mykonos. Perhaps the most "familiar" as it's closest to the capital (barely 5 minutes by transport) and also where there are more hotels, restaurants, delis, etc. The clear blue water, sun loungers, sun, white sand and a landscape that rather seems more caribbean than mediterranean. If Paradise Beach is the party animal, this is quiet yet but with enough people, so if you want privacy, don't seek it here. Very close there is a 5-star resort where I had an amazing pint. As we had to visit all the beaches and bays of Mykonos during your stay, this was our first and we liked it.
Churches in Mikonos
Church of Panagia Paraportiani
This small chapel is one of the musts in Mykonos' old town, certainly its peculiar profile is one of the "ostcards" more commonly sold in the city. Certainly every tourist ve passes in front (the writer included) seems to need to take a picture in front of this church. Aside from the glaring contrast obtained between Aegean blue sky and whitewashed walls, it is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset in Mykonos.
Beaches in Mikonos
Panormos Beach
Panormos Beach is north of the island of Mykonos, and was one of the more secluded beaches we saw on our visit to the island, along with Ftelias. We did go in the afternoon, to visit the north of the island, but bars, restaurants and beach bars were closed (you could tell the beach season was over and it was now September). The beach was not bad, the sand on the northern beaches is not as white as in the south, and also that the tourist style is different, some northern beaches allow caravan camping and some weren't very clean or neat. It was nice for a while though. A beach to visit if you go to Mykonos.
Beaches in Mikonos
Paradise Beach
At this beach, you'll find everything from great views to crystal-clear waters while relaxing on your towel in the sun. There's also an outdoor disco which opens at 5pm every evening! These are the contrasts of Mykonos, and nowhere is it more clear than on this beach. Nearby, there is a campsite resort, perhaps the most crowded of the island. You can get to the beach by ferry, or a rental car on the island. To me it's not the best beach, but it is the most touristy due to its bars and discos.
Beaches in Mikonos
Paranga Beach
The gorgeous Paranga Beach is on the island of Mykonos, in the Cyclades archipelago. The village of Paranga is very small, quiet, and has little traffic. You can get there by car, scooter, or one of the bus lines leaving Mykonos Chora every 15 or 20 min. The route to this beach is very steep and twisting, the beautiful beach and the warm waters of the Aegean will welcome you upon arrival. There is only one hotel, a supermarket, some hotels, and a campsite. You can go to spend the day there and you'll have a blast!
Beaches in Mikonos
Kalo Livadi Beach
Kalo Livadi Beach is one of the longest beaches on Mykonos. It is situated 10 kilometers from the town center. It has white sand and crystal clear waters. There are several beach bars with sunbeds for hire and music to chill out to. It reminded me a bit of the beach of Salinas. Despite the music and the people, it is a quiet beach, not like Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach. We stayed for 6 days and returned to the beach on 3 of them.
Harbors in Mikonos
Mykonos Port
Myokonos port is a small port, close to the old town of Chora where the fishing vessels arrive with their cargo of fish. There's a small market where you the harbour restaurants buy supplies, along with the local housewives. Luxury yachts traveling to the other islands moor here. In the port there's a beautiful Orthodox church, whitewashed with blue domes - the church of Saint Nicholas. And outside you can see the island's first pelican, the local mascot, who loves to pose for photos!
Beaches in Mikonos
Ftelia Beach
Ftelia Beach is nice but its waters are not as clear as other beaches of Mykonos. The fashionable beach bar is "Alèmagou" has a thatched roofs and offers many Greek snacks. here you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset.
Beaches in Mikonos
Elia Beach
A very nice beach, quite typical of what you'll find among the southern beaches of Mykonos. We arrived at lunchtime, first looking for a restaurant (if I remember correctly, the Ristorante Capelayo). After eating, we went to the "chill-out" area on the sand. It's amazing, the chance to relax here on the island with no people, no noise, no pollution ... the beach is great, with beautiful blue water (a little cold). It's one of the longest beaches on Mykonos, and to reach it you'll need to drive, as they don't have any public transport. If I remember correctly, you can see the other island belonging to the Cyclades (and much larger than Mykonos), Náxos, from the beach.
Nightclubs in Mikonos
Skandinavian Bar
The Skandinavian Bar is located in the centre of Mykonos, between the narrow streets and alleys. It really is hard to find from the outside! It's a normal bar, but at night it's very lively, with an incredible number of people squeezing inside. A great place, with a wonderful atmosphere!
Museums in Mikonos
Delos Museum
Visitors to Mykonos can take the boat to the island of Delos and visit the ruins to see what many call "stones and figurines". But good, much better that way, because in this way the minimal interest we can enjoy without stress of the classic Greek museum, simple and spartan, where there is only room for the treasures found and a brief description of them, where it raw quite visual and history that we and our head. That is the museum of Delos. Lions Shelter for the wind and rain destroyed when they were in the place now occupied by backed outdoors. Shelter for the tiny pieces of pottery and enamel, mosaics and marble busts of gods and philosophers. A single building, the palace house, few rooms, but with a stillness and silence that call the contemplation of works of art treasures. And it's free.
Beaches in Mikonos
Psarou Beach
This is the closest beach to the capital of Mykonos, and one of the most beautiful on the island. If you're going to spend a day on the beach, I recommend this one.
Beaches in Mikonos

The best things to do in Mikonos

As far as attractions in Mykonos go, the beaches are the undisputed stars of the island. With their white sand and crystalline waters, they seem straight out of the Caribbean.
The beaches of Agios Sostis, Paradise Beach and Platis Gialos are just some of the best known, but beaches aren't the only things to do in Mykonos.

Mykonos is one of Europe's top tourist destinations so there's a wealth of Mykonos activities to suit all tastes. In homonymous capital and largest city of the island, you'll find the highest concentration of places to visit in Mykonos. Don't miss the scenic houses and balconiesof Little Venice, the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, or the famous windmills, perhaps the most iconic things to see in Mykonos.

History buffs will also find plenty of stuff to do in Mykonos, starting with the Archaeological Museum which houses objects found in excavations in Rinia and Mykonos and the Aegean Maritime Museum. Another of the top Mykonos attractions isn't actually on Mykonos, but rather on the nearby island of Delos. The ruins of Delos are known for their well-preserved columns and are perhaps the most popular day-trip destination in the area.

For more on what to do in Mykonos, have a look through these recommendations from real travelers and start planning your trip today.