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Things to do in Todos Santos Cuchumatán

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The top 3 attractions in Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Villages in Todos Santos Cuchumatán
Todos Santos Cuchumatán
Todos Santos is a town in Huehuetenango, near the border with Mexico, which has the distinction of being cute yet very traditional. Everyone is dressed alike. The Mayan costumes were not invented by them. They were slaves of the Spanish masters. The Spanish wanted to recognize their slaves, and ordered a tailor to make them all the same dress. Now, people are still dressing alike in the villages, but not quite. There are several tailors. Everything is done by hand, and it is impossible to make the exact same suit twice. The distinction of Todos Santos is the red pants. All men wear it, it is very nice, and once a year, on 1 November, a popular annual festival, they buy new pants to last all year! To get to Todos Santos, you can walk with or without guidance from Nebaj by Cuchumatanes, or take a bus from Huehuetenango. It leaves early in the morning, though there's a later one at 2pm. It goes up the mountain and you can see far away, sometimes to the sea. It's a beautiful region. The people of Todos Santos speak Mam.
Festivals in Todos Santos Cuchumatán
Feast of All Saints
Todos Santos Cuchumatanes has a special way of celebrating its annual festival, the feast of All Saints which is obviously on 1st Nov. This town, is over 2000 meters high in the Cuchumatanes range, near Huehuetenango, where you can get a bus to go up to Todos Santos. It is also within walking distance of a beautiful 3-day hike from Nebaj, Quiche. The town is strange in that all men have the same red and white trousers. And on November 1 is the time that you buy new trousers! Small hotels are booked up a few days before the party, but the people are very happy, in exchange for participation, 30Q per person in general, to share everything with you including their home, and their steam lodge, which is a type of sauna traditional type of the Mam. In the morning there is a horse race, men put on their finest attire, drink a dozen beers, and mount the horse. The track is 200m long and can be seen from above. After every lap, they get off the horse and have another beer. They end up absolutely drunk, but the party, which lasts two days, is always cheerful and pleasant.
Hiking in Todos Santos Cuchumatán
Plateau of Los Cuchumatanes
The Cuchumatanes is a mountainous region of Guatemala, within the Huehuetenango department to the Verapaz, through Quiche. They are among the tallest mountains of Guatemala, and it's normal to be more than 2000 feet in altitude. There is a plateau where you can go hiking, and spend three days Nebaja in the town of Todos Santos. It's a beautiful walk, with exceptional views. First you start in Nebaj, go to the town of Acul, and start the difficult climb, which takes most of the day. It's a trail on the side of a cliff that takes at least 4 hours. The plateau is at the top, and there are some villages, which are very far from everything and where few people speak Spanish. These towns are beginning to open to sustainable tourism, and each community has a house for accommodating tourists. They were built by an NGO, and the inhabitants generally ask for 2 euros/night, for maintenance and implementation of community development projects. Don't miss the sweat lodge, a sauna style hot bath, but much smaller, to relax from your day of hiking.