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Things to do in Denpasar

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The top 23 attractions in Denpasar

Of Cultural Interest in Denpasar
Pura Goa Lawah
And then the serpent. Because according to legend, in the depths of the great mountain, the darkest of the grotto, lives a giant snake, Basuki, a spirit that feeds on bats hanging from walls and ceilings. The snake was not able to see, but the thousands of bats that literally filled the cavern walls did see us. And the faithful who at the time held a church service in this temple that much with more than a thousand years old and is essential in Balinese life for its important role in the rituals associated with life and death. The heart of the complex, no doubt, is the cave that juts over thirty kilometers into the mountain to reach nothing other than Besakih, the largest complex of temples of Bali. Although this temple has a special charm, one which seems to emanate from the mountain, with its tall, elegant meru towers and colorful nature. In this area of ​​the island, starting the path to the west, less trite and touristic, people seem to live at a different pace. If in Bali in general you find tranquility and kindness, as we approached the west of the island we noticed that this land was defined by its population of people who were tranquil, quiet, and patient, even with people who were clearly outsiders to the area and to the culture.
Lakes in Denpasar
Buyan Lake
After visiting the touristic Danu Temple, beautiful, yes, but it remains a magnet for visitors and a "must" when visiting Bali, I recommend following the road which leaves from the car park and moving on. When you spot a beautiful stretch of water, in a quiet and peaceful location, stop the car. That's Buyan. The water of the lake reflects the mountains which amateur hikers from around the world have explored, the quiet that seems to permeate the enclave, where not even the water dares to make a noise, it is incredible. Behind you there is a small temple, not as nice as the previous one, perhaps less romantic but also inhabited by water spirits. People come here to fish, to talk or just to spend the afternoon. It reminds me of the alpine landscapes of Switzerland or the close-by country of Nepal. Let's enjoy it for a few, long minutes before continuing ...
Rafting in Denpasar
Rafting in Bali
For the visual experience, it is worth making the rafting in Bali. The views are wonderful, the nature, the tranquility is just splendid. The rafting is very quiet, apart from a couple of rapids. To those who are afraid of such activities, I tell you that it is not dangerous and that is worth it.
Sports-Related in Denpasar
Tulamben Wreck Divers
I was diving with the Tulamben Wreck Divers just 50 meters from the beach where the wreck of the U.S. Liberty is. It was a cargo ship of 120 meters sunk by the Japanese in 1942. The depth is dive varies from 12 to 28 meters, and that makes it suitable for both novice and experienced divers. After 66 years, it has become home to all kinds of marine life. Every time I dived, I saw something new. The dives are start from the beach, where you go dressed as a diver from the dive center, but the women wear the tanks on their head and carry it for you in exchange for a few rupees. The dive center also has a nice hotel with a pool where you can practice to get your diving license.
Of Touristic Interest in Denpasar
Chicken fight in Bali
Cockfighting is a real passion - if a bit of a violent one - in this quiet village on the island of Bali. Many owners seem to genuinely love their animals, despite the violent tradition. I saw two owners training their champions, and you can see the bird in my photos...
Of Cultural Interest in Denpasar
Volcanic Stone Sculptures
On the island of Bali, especially around Ubud and Denpasar, you can visit one of the studios of the artists who work with volcanic stone. These are authentic masterpieces made from the Balinese black stone. If you visit a workshop, you can see the artists working and chat with them - some speak a little English - to learn more about their artistic tradition.
Surfing in Denpasar
Padang Padang Beach
Temples, Beaches, and Parks.
Of Cultural Interest in Denpasar
Jagatnata Temple (Pura Jagatnatha)
The Pura Jagatnatha temple is especially dedicated to Hang Sang Widi Wasa and is the only temple dedicated to just one God. This highlights the Padmasana or central altar that is dedicated to Siva. It is built entirely of out of white coral. It is also home to the turtle Bedawangnala and the two snakes Naga which symbolizes creation.
Beaches in Denpasar
Legian Beach
A few meters away from [poi = 57679] Kuta beach [/ poi], we stumbled upon the magnificent Legian beach. From this beach you can also see some wonderful sunsets of a reddish orange colour that is difficult to describe, because it is not very common to see such intense colors as those reflected in the water and sand. The atmosphere of this beach is much more relaxed than Kuta beach, but you can still find many vendors and food stalls that start to appear after dark and it is quite a sight to see them with their kerosene lanterns lit and their steaming woks. On the other side of the beach, there are lots of bars, filled with backpackers and surfers, mostly from neighboring Australia. Sunbathing, walking, watching a sunset, diving or snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing or kite surfing or just relax with a book, with the wonderful swell of the tide echoing in your ears, will make your stay in Bali feel like you´re spending a few days in paradise.
Of Cultural Interest in Denpasar
Denpasar is the capital of the island of Bali in Indonesia. It's next to the most touristy area, Kuta (although in reality there weren't as many tourists as we were expecting). The quiet, peaceful streets will transport you to the world of Arabian Nights. Denpasar is the ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon, or do some last minute shopping, as it is cheaper than most of the resort shops.
Statues in Denpasar
Catur Muka Statue
Walking along Gajah Mada street towards Puputan Square, we found a huge granite statue surrounded by a beautiful garden at a roundabout (something very common in Bali). We looked at it intently and felt as if the statue was looking at us. Magic? No, it is simply because in fact, the statue has four heads, which keep watch faithfully over Surapati Street crossing, Udayana Street, Street and Gajah Mada and Veteran Street, it is really the representation of God Brahma, the manifestation of God as the almighty creator . Catur Muka Statue (Four Faces), was erected in 1973 by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad Ubud. In my opinio, it may just be one of the most impressive sculptures in Bali, if we do not count the giant statues which you can find in the south that include dragons, horses, carriages on the waves ..... everything that is made possible by the imagination of sculptors and the malleability of the stone. Being quite isolated in the center of the junction, it attracts attention and is often used as a meeting point for the inhabitants of the city.
Nature Reserves in Denpasar
Harbors in Denpasar
Padang Bai
It's very nice place, but not for more than a day or two. Great fish!
Islands in Denpasar
Nusa Penida
Nus Penida is a small island, where you can go diving, but it is demanding. The temperature of the water is great. There is an abundance of flora and fauna, from corals to turtles. The reef protects the beach, a perfect crescent of white sand with clear, blue waters. You can also go diving here.
Shops in Denpasar
Rivers in Denpasar
Ayung River
This photo was taken on the Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia, far from the noise and pollution of cities. Here you can really find inner peace.
Temples in Denpasar
Of Touristic Interest in Denpasar

The best things to do in Denpasar

Looking for things to do in Denpasar? This city is the capital of the island of Bali in Indonesia. In the local language, the word Denpasar means "market". Bali is the most popular island for tourists in the Indonesian archipelago, so you won't have to look far for what to do in Denpasar today.

Although Denpasar is close to the beach, the beaches in town are not that great. Just out of town to the north and south, however, are spectacular Indonesian beaches, some with surfing waves.

A few kilometres from the city is the mountain that dominates the landscape of the whole island, the volcano Agung. Agung is still an active volcano and last erupted in 1963. There are various excursions from the town to see this site, which are highly recommended, as it is one of the top things to see in Denpasar. Another one of the great places to visit in Denpasar is the large coral reef. The reef surrounds the island and is of course an incredible place to snorkel or dive. For those looking for an aquatic adventure, this is the best of the Denpasar attractions.

Other stuff to do in Denpasar include visiting the rice fields. For local people, it is just land where they grow rice, but the landscape is beautiful and it has turned into one of the most popular attractions in Denpasar. Another of the many Denpasar activities is enjoying the stunning views from the slopes of Agung. Don't forget your camera!

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