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Things to do in Lombardy

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The top 1.492 attractions in Lombardía

Cathedrals in Milan
Milan Cathedral (Duomo de Milan)
The Duomo of Milan is a famous Gothic cathedral that's a true symbol of this city. This impressively large temple, among the largest in the world, was built during many artistic eras but I'd like to make a special mention of its famous stained glass windows which bend the light in six colors, as well as its six naves and endless columns. It is not known exactly who was responsible for their design and construction, but they stained glass windows of the Duomo are equally as famous as those of the Notre Dame de Paris and the Saint-Chapelle. When you go to Milan, be sure to observe the wonderful atmosphere they create!. The pinnacles and spires that adorn the wonderful and colorful roof of Milan's Duomo are also incredibly beautiful. You can visit the roof and walk among the statues, gargoyles and decorative ornaments. The highest point of the exterior of the temple is the Madonnina, created by the sculptor Giuseppe Perego in 1774. The view of Milan from the roof is absolutely breathtaking!
Shopping Malls in Milan
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
You walk in and you see that everything changes colour, everything takes a more vivid and golden colour. The truth is that it is beautiful and I loved its domed glass roof in the centre on top of the shield of Milan painted on the floor. I do not think it's a place to buy anything for obvious reasons but it is somewhere you have to visit. Also there is a McDonalds inside and that was the only place we could afford to buy anything.
Lakes in Como
Lake Como
As much as I enjoyed the roads around Lake Como, no visit to the Lombadry Lakes is complete without a boat trip. This is very simple and sometimes extremely practical thing to do, given the extensive network of ferries connecting the different towns on Lake Como. Given the geography of the like (it's like an inverted Y), it's much faster and more efficient to use ferries to cross from the east bank to the west than by road. I'd definitely suggest exploring Menaggio (east), Varenna (west) and Bellagio (central), the most beautiful towns in the region.
Castles in Milan
Sforza Castle
The Sforzesco Castle is wonderful. In addition to finding a great place to spend an afternoon, especially in its gardens, its interior is also lovely. Each room is a treasure, not only for its exhibitions, monuments and sculptures, but the ceilings are wonders in themselves. Each room has a different one and each are wonderful, some with heraldic shields, others with stars... Spectacular!
Train Stations in Milan
Milano Centrale Railway Station
This time we went to Italy, specifically to Milan, a beautiful city whose church, Il Duomo, buildings and galleries I loved. It's really beautiful in every way. I also loved it because you can take public transport anywhere. Here are some pictures of the Duomo, the galleries and some other attractions. I was there in March. I hope you like them.
Squares in Milan
Piazza del Duomo
It is the main square in the city and it is beautiful. It is one of those places that you see in black and white like of old. The cathedral presides in it, although it was being restored at the time we were there so we saw it covered in scaffolding and mesh. We arrived and it was already full of people, walking from one side to another without stopping, thousands and thousands of pigeons with "panisottos" vendors selling corn so you can feed the pigeons or put your palm out so hundreds come to eat from your hand. It was a little overwhelming, at least for me, I did not like that very much. On one side there is the entrance to the Vittorio-Emmanuelle Galleries. In the galleries there is a bull drawn on the ground, and the legend says that if you turn your heel on the bull's testicles, you will have good luck. Everyone did so, but it pained me a little to see the poor bull even though it was only a drawing. It's definitely worth visiting the square for all the elements that it's composed of. They have created a beautiful architectural complex which is why it looks like a black and white photo.
Shows in Milan
Teatro alla Scala
The Scala theater is one of the most important theatres in the world. Open since 2004, when the restoration was finished after the damage suffered in World War II, the theatre represents work by the best artists of the genre. Interestingly, all operas are required to finish before midnight. In addition, the theatre has a museum with works of art, busts and costumes from different periods and all related to the world of opera. The most expensive tickets cost € 2,000 (during the season opening) and the cheapest tickets cost €15.
Cathedrals in Milan
Terraces of the Duomo
The visit to the terraces of the Duomo of Milan can be done independently of the cathedral itself. For tickets to access the terraces, you have to go behind the cathedral, to a store (I think it was called Point Duomo) that is close to the National Palace. The ticket costs 8€ if you take the lift, and 5€ if you want to climb the stairs. We went by elevator, but keep in mind that there are times when there is a long line. We were lucky and in a little over 5 minutes we were going up to the terraces. Although part of the roof is still under construction, the architectural view of the Duomo up close is great. You can stroll along the terraces and even sit on the roof of the Duomo to see the peaks of the cathedral and its views. From the upper terrace, you can admire spectacular views of Milan, and that alone is worth the climb. It is a highly recommended visit.
Gardens in Milan
Parco Sempione
This is one of the most important parks in Milan. It was wonderful to visit it this winter all covered in snow and then this spring for our first "picnic". The park is very well kept and clean. You can easily go to workout, walk or just have a little taste of green space in this city, which can sometimes be gray.
Nightlife Districts in Milan
Naviglio Grande
Milan is also known for its canals. It is very pretty area, especially, reaching its peak at night. There are plenty of restaurants, places to drink and listen to music. It is a very cool area.
Villages in Varenna
It is a charming and lovely village, of Roman origin, with a location from where you can admire the lake. During medieval times it was destroyed on many occassions, but after a fire in the island Comacina in the year 1169 it became one of the richest towns in Lario. The Church of San Giorgio del 1313, Romanesque, has been renovated, in the front there is a fresco showing XIV San Cristobal, and close by is the oratory of San Giovanni Battista,from the year 1000 . It may be the oldest Christian building. Here also are villas, the most important is Villa Monastero, it is amazing, headquarters of scientific conferences. I recommend the hotel Du Lac, a fantastic place to stay in this area. It's like something out of a book, especially if you get to Varenna by going through Bellagio by ferry, and manage to admire this place from the water in all its breadth, and with the snow-covered mountains as a backdrop. Beautiful! It's an ancient and romantic villa that was built in 1823, a real treat to see in a unique place, they say that in the last century, the Lombard queen came here for her summer vacation. The place maintains the balustrades and marble columns, the terrace overlooking the lake on the water is great as well as the fireplace and rooms, each with the name of a flower, a Delightful Place (and unfortunately the price goes along with that).
Villages in Bellagio
Historical Monuments in Bergamo
Upper City of Bergamo
Visit the monumental city at night, when it is well lit, because at that time it has a special appeal. Although Bergamo suffers from poor lighting in many buildings, it is still gorgeous and very lively in its older part. Behind the Piazza Vecchia, and once you have seen the magnificent library building, pass by Palazzo del Podesta and you will arrive to the small Piazza del Duomo, a jewel. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, Coleoni Chapel and the Baptistery are also a couple of architectural marvel.
Ruins in Milan
Colonne di San Lorenzo
In front of the Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore (http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/30778) you can find the only Roman remains of the city of Milan. The columns belonged to a temple in the second century. Alongside them there are long benches. The enclosure walls limit him a pointed arch and arch.
Stadiums in Milan
San Siro Stadium
Guiseppe Meazza popularly also known as San Siro, is in Milan in the San Siro, and is the home of the football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan. You can visit the interior every day and it is a must see for football lovers.
Squares in Milan
Piazza Mercanti
One of the most interesting places in Milan, Piazza dei Mercanti was built in the thirteenth century and is situated in the medieval heart of the city. I visited the plaza my first day in Milan curiously looking for small holes in the walls of the square which, I was told, the merchants have used since the Renaissance to communicateswitch one another. I did not find any however. But apparently, the place also kept other secrets, such as those like the couple of photography.
Train Stations in Milan
Trams in Milan
The photos attached of the Milan tram are characterized by what makes it special. As I understand it these trams are ancient, but they are very well kept. It's super easy to get around the center of Milan by tram. They tend to run often and have many stops. In fact, when I was in Milan I caught it every day.
Historical Monuments in Milan
Porta Sempione
The truth is that there isn´t much much to say. Just one more arc of the many that are scattered around the world, this didn´t impress me much. It´s very large and pretty but nothing special, with the exception that it was accompanied by one of the characteristic gates of Milan - two twin structures on either side of the Porta Sempione.