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Things to do in Piedmont

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The top 866 attractions in Piamonte

Lakes in Arona
Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore is a beautiful body of water which lies on the border of Italy and Switzerland. The architecture is superb, as is formed by numerous mansions and luxury hotels that overlook the lake. It is highly recommended to make the journey by car, covering different parts of the lake, so you can see a more diverse landscape. If you want to cross from Italy to Switzerland, or vice versa, and you use the motorway, you will pay a high toll.
Of Cultural Interest in Turin
National Museum of Cinema
In the iconic Mole Antonelliana, the Museo Nazionale del Cinema is one of the most important museums in its field. The museum runs vertically, up the ramps that line the inside of the building while exposing historical archives in film history, elements that have been used by great artists, and impressive screens showing films. Visiting this museum was a terrific experience as this provided a very dynamic way where the viewer can interact with the world of cinema.
Museums in Turin
Egyptian Museum of Turin (Museo Egizio)
This impressive museum really takes visitors into the world of ancient Egypt. The Egyptian Museum (as it is known in Italy), is housed in a baroque building of great historical character. There is an impressive collection of Egyptian antiquities as it is the second largest museum of Egyptian history following the one in Cairo. The museum displays a large quantity and variety of mummies in very good condition which is the main attraction of the museum. It also has large sculptures of mythological figures and famous pharaohs. This is definitely a must see - especially if you you´re knowledgable about Egypt or are interested in its history and culture. There are special reduced ticket for students and seniors.
Historical Monuments in Turin
Basilica of Superga
After taking the tram 15 (stop at Sassi station), you must climb a few steps to reach the top of the hill of Superga. I recommend visiting in the winter (maybe during the Christmas holidays or February) because the snow in Superga, is very special. Rousseau once described it as the most beautiful in the world. You arrive in the Basilica of Superga. The Basilica is open year long. We went there in the morning. Inside are only the basilica and the tombs of the Savoy family, but you can also reach the city of Superga walking a little on the beautiful hillside of Superga. The hidden road is almost in secret and in the right side of the road.
Of Cultural Interest in Turin
Sacra Di San Michele (St Michael's Abbey)
Some of the movie "In the Name of the Rose" was filmed here. Monks still live there. Although it has been modernized, you have to climb far and up many stairs, but it's worth it.
Churches in Turin
Museums in Turin
Palazzo Madama
What originally was a medieval fortified house was extended in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries by Achaia. In the seventeenth century it became the residence of the royal ladies of Dona Maria Cristina of France. In 1718 Filippo Juvarra developed a major expansion project. The main facade is characterized by its base pad, by giant fluted pilasters and columns, framed at the top by a large cornijon with a balustrade topped with vases and statues.
Gardens in Turin
Parco del Valentino
This park extends over 500,000 thousand square metres. Built in 1863, inside you can find playgrounds for children and bicycle lanes. You can admire the majestic Castello del Valentino, a medieval village with a fortress and a beautiful botanical garden.
Museums in Cuneo
Museum of the Fungo E Di Scienze Naturali
The museum and di Scienze naturali fungo, situated in Cuneo, Piedmont province is characterized by having many collections. This gallery is seperated into 2 rooms: In the 1st there are over 1,100 specimens representing 250 species of fungi reproduced in plaster or resin and in the 2nd room, there are fossils, minerals, stuffed animals, reptiles, molluscs, crustaceans and a collection of more than 130 species of butterflies of the plains and valleys of Cuneo. IThere are also impressive sections devoted to the production of exotic fibers, silk and ceramics.
Of Cultural Interest in Cuneo
Cuneo City in the Italian Alps
The city of Cuneo is located in the region of Piedmont (Italy). This picturesque city is surrounded by mountains. If you going to visit, we suggest you start at the Piazza Galimberti, which honours Duccio Galimberti, a hero of the resistance when WWII developed. The perimeter of the square is surrounded by 10 neoclassical buildings that give it an aristocratic air. Some days of the week there is a picturesque market with clothing and food that's an interesting option for tourists. On weekends, the place is crowded as it hosts live music. The Via Roma is one of the city's most important streets that begins here, and is lined with very fashionable stores. Cuneo's design took into account the large amount of snow that the city receives each winter, so the frames were created so people would be protected.
Stadiums in Turin
Juventus Stadium
Innovative, exciting and special. These are just a few adjectives you could use to describe this incredible location. Innovative because it is different from all the other stadiums in the Italian league - the special rows of stands and benches, the commercial area, the museum, etc. There's no barrier between the players and the crowd, so the spectators feel like they're part of the action. Amazing.
Palaces in Venaria Reale
Palace of Venaria
Last year, I was in Torino and in July, my parents came to visit me. We saw places close to the city, like this marvelous Palace of Venaria. It was hot and we sat near a fountain, beside which a group of musicians played while the water seemed to dance to its rhythm. We found it very interesting how the trombone could be seen in the reflection of all the Royal Castle. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful royal castles I've seen.
Cathedrals in Turin
Turin Cathedral
It is said that the shroud in which the body of Jesus was wrapped is stored here. The original cannot be seen, but there is a large replica. A nice place to visit, whether or not you're a Christian.
Museums in Turin
Castello del Valentino
This castle, dating back to 1500, is the pride of Valentino Park. It was purchased by Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, and Mara Cristina of France, to serve as their country home. Inside is a splendid, and well-preserved living room, and a games room with allegorical stucco reminiscent of the seventeenth century. There's also a large patio. This is where truces, alliances, agreements, armistices, and other important treaties in the history of the Piedmont were signed.
Museums in Turin
Royal Palace of Turin
The night lighting will allow you to see the entire facade. Tip: right at the entrance, in front of the gate, you'll find some benches, the perfect spot to rest during your walks around Turin.
Museums in Suno
Museum of Agricultural Tools
The museum offers four rooms and an outdoor shed to show the public an idea of ​​local peasant life. Inside, there is an exposed old kitchen, a bedroom, a wine cellar with a press and wooden barrels, a room with special agricultural tools, utensils like wooden forges and a tooth, old units of measurement and a carpenter bench.
Islands in Orta San Giulio
Squares in Turin
Piazza San Carlo
Piazza San Carlo is one of the major squares in Turin, and can be described as the heart of the Piedmontese capital. It is 168m long, 76m wide, and covers an area of 12,768 square metres. Throughout history, the place has had different names: Piazza Reale, Piazza d'Armi, and Piazza Napoleon.