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Things to do in Amman

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The top 17 attractions in Amman

Cities in Amman
Very generous people and it has a lot of historical places to visit.
Castles in Amman
Qusayr Amra
King Rodrigo was the last Visigothic king of Spain, the King of Persia, King of Abyssinia, the King of India, the emperor of China. All of these Kings had one thing in common, they were all an enemy of Caliph al-Walid I. When you see the small castle, you may feel a little disappointed (I did, anyway), but when you enter, you'll be absolutely amazed to see the frescoes which are preserved inside. Quseir Amra, was built in the early eighth century, and was used as a hunting lodge and break to enjoy its hot springs. There are several rooms, all decorated with frescoes and assume that at least was painted by two different artists. The frescoes recreate everyday scenes of hunting, work in the fields and in the dome is a representation of the Zodiac. Quseir Amra is made up of three distinct areas: a courtroom that is connected to the throne room and the thermal and hydraulic system used to draw water from the well. The little red castle is a world heritage siteand is under the protection of UNESCO and is considered the most interesting Umayyad castle in Jordan.
Historical Monuments in Amman
Amman Roman Theater
Jordan did not stop surprising us from the first minute we got there. First, we visited Amman, its citadel and, of course, its Roman theatre. It's the largest theatre in the East and within its walls there is an interesting museum of costumes and customs that shouldn't be missed. All the perspectives are good. You can go up and down, again and again by its high steps. It's a must-see.
Historical Monuments in Amman
Amman Citadel
During my first visit in Jordan, I went to the citadel. From the top of the hill where it's located, you can see the huge Jordanian flag and that's how your visit starts. A short walk takes you to the Temple of Herod, the Umayyad palace, and the Temple of Hercules, and ends up by the Archaeological museum. It's a wonder not to be missed. My advice is to see Amman at the beginning of your trip, since the rest is even more surprising yet.
Castles in Amman
Desert Castles in Jordan
It is one of the classic trips from Aman, any taxi driver or accommodation. It is a full day and in 2006 I went for 50DJ (depending on your ability to haggle). You cover several castles, some springs and a nature reserve. Its interesting look at the history of the country back in the eighth century. It is assumed that in each castle there are one or more Bedouin, willing to act as a guide (in English) 1 DJ asked us (it was normal in 2006). But I went in May and it seems that for a single visitor, its not worth the work, so I got rid of the siege of spontaneous guides. It seems that there are many castles and buildings visited, but I took: * Qasr al-Hallabat. A huge complex. * As-Sarah Hamman. The baths of the former. Qasr al-Azraq * aj-Janubi. The Castle of Lawrence of Arabia. * Natural Reserve of al-Azraq. * Shawmari Nature Reserve. * Amra Castle. For me the best. There are only the baths. * Castle Harranah
Castles in Amman
Qasr Kharana
East of Amman, there is an extensive desert plain where dozens of castles from the 7th to the 11th centuries are built. They all had various uses, from rest areas to military forts, like the Harranah Castle. They are especially well preserved. You can walk up and down throughout the grounds, and admire the magnificent views of the Jordanian desert from its rooftop. Like any monument of its wealth, it's full of local inscriptions and doodles.
Of Touristic Interest in Amman
The Duke's Diwan
A beautiful old house that hides all the secrets of old Amman. Family owned by Madi. Old post office. It was acquired by Mamdouh Bisharat, "Duke of Mukhaibeh" in the 80s. The title was awarded by King Hussein, for services rendered to the community. With the intention of creating a meeting point with cultural amenities, Bisharat created a beautiful museum. It is his gift to the city he loves and knows so well. All rooms of the house invite tranquility. Books, pictures, magazines, are in the rich archive that contains the history of the last 50 years of Amman. Besides the showroom, there are famous gatherings that will delight all visitors. A place that brings culture, art and heritage. With more than 90,000 visitors over its history this little gem is open to all. The visit is free. A nice bit of conversation and coffee with the owner will delight any traveler.
Nature Reserves in Amman
Shawmari Natural Reserve
It was created in the year 1975 by the RSCN as a breeding center for endangered animals. It occupies a space of ​​over 22 square km.It is the oldest and most important center for animal conservation and in the country of Jordan. It is within the Natural Reserve of al-Azraq which is home to some of the rarest species in the Middle East, including the Arabian Oryx. we can also see ostriches, wild asses and gazelles. They work with animals in an environment free from the dangers that threaten the destruction of their habitat. Shawmari reserve is home to a wide variety of desert plants, including Atriplex, a natural food source for wildlife. The fee of admission was $ 3 DJ with a tour . You can pay in the Tourist Information Center close to the park, which also has a small craft store, maps and more. First you visit a visitor center with an interactive museum that guides you with all the explanations and photos. Close to the visitor center there is a picnic area and a playground with swings for kids. After a short walk, you will reach the lookout tower, with 4 floors, is a great place to observe fauna. The breeding area has become, almost inadvertently, a makeshift zoo that is varied and interesting. There is also the possibility of a tour by jeep, supervised by the RSCN, ie, reservation required for mini-safari plan, the best way to see the conservation work is done on the reservation. To me he was included in the tour of "Desert Castles", but because I asked for it. The photos were provided by Jordan Tourism: Http :/ / sp.Visitjordan.Com /
Ksars in Amman
Qasr Al-Hallabat
Located northeast of Amman, Qasr Al-Hallabat is part of the desert castles route. Built in the 2nd century by the Roman Emperor Caracalla to protect the region from Bedouin tribes, it's a fortress over the Via Traiana Nova, linking Damascus and Aqaba via Petra and Amman. It is square-shaped and built against black basalt and sandstone, with a tower at each corner. The door of the castle is a definite highlight since it's made out of a solid slab of granite. There are also some reliefs carved into the stone, and a kind of improvised museum has been installed in one of the rooms of the castle. There are, however, some areas that can not be visited due to danger of collapse. I'd suggest visiting early in the morning because later on the sun beats down mercilessly.
Castles in Amman
Qasr Hammam As Sarah
Qasr Hammam As-Sarah, Assarah, or as-Saragt are the baths, hammams, or Arab baths belonging to the [poi = 200111] Qasr al-Hallabat [/ poi] residential complex. It is the second building you visit on the "[poi = 359891] Desert Castles [/ poi]" tour in Jordan. The truth is that what was partly original (fairly well-preserved) and partly rebuilt. It is easy to enter into that world and imagine what life was like in that era, having a Arab-style hammam steam "bath." The structure basically consists of a apodyterium (dressing rooms), tepidarium (warm room) and caldarium (hot room).
Museums in Amman
Beaches in Amman
Airports in Amman
Of Cultural Interest in Amman
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Temples in Amman
Markets in Amman
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The best things to do in Amman

The capital of Jordan is the starting point for most international visitors who make their way to this beautiful country. Although the airport is just 25 miles from downtown, it can take forever to reach the metropolitan area due to improper planning of streets, so get ready for a long ride. But take heart, once you get to town there are plenty of places to visit in Amman.
The city is built on the ruins of a Roman city. It is common to find great archaeological sites here, and visiting them are some of the best things to do in Amman. Attractions in Amman include a citadel and a Roman forum, which together are some of the things to see in Amman. Among the major Amman attractions are the markets. Take a stroll through its narrow streets and shop for handmade crafts and typical food.

The Roman theater is located east of the city and is among the great cultural and historical stuff to see in Amman. Another of the Amman activities that you can enjoy is the Folklore Museum. In the east is the Odegón, one of the places where they hold many Amman activities including many local musical manifestations. One of the last things to visit in Amman is the National Archaeological Museum. If you are still wondering what to do in Amman, you cannot miss the Blue Mosque or the Hussein Mosque.
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