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Things to do in Jerash

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Activities in Jerash
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Cities in Jerash
Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sites in Jordan is this city of Roman origin. It is one of the best preserved in the world. It has an impressive Roman theater and the tall colums at the Temple of Zeus will make you feel small. It is interesting to note that the columns are completely skewed and may move if you push, so beware, don't lean on them!
Historical Monuments in Jerash
Temple of Artemis
Jerash, or Jarash, is the home to some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world. They have been declared a World Heritage Site and are not exploited touristically in the shadow of Petra and the Dead Sea, but they are really impressive. You can appreciate the route of the old city, the street, the Hippodrome, the city gate, temples, theaters, The Square ... all in an enviable state of preservation that greatly impresses.
Ruins in Burma
South Theatre
The ancient Roman city of Jerash had two theaters, the North and the South Theaters. The North Theater dates from AD 165, but in 235 AD, in doubling its capacity, it was expanded to hold 1,600 spectators. The South Theatre is the largest and most spectacular of the two, with seating for over 3,000 spectators and is two stories high, and in fact it is still used for performances. It's amazing that it has such excellent acoustics: From the top of the stands you can perfectly hear the voice of the person at the center of the stage (try it - you can do the test). It was built in the first century, and from the top of the stands you can get a wonderful panoramic view of the entire city.
Streets in Jerash
Avenue of the Columns, Colonnade Street or Cardo Maximum
The street known as Colonnade Street or Cardo Maximus (commonly called the Avenue of the Columns) is one of the most famous images of Jerash. It was the city's main avenue, which ran from north to south and was 800 meters long. The most striking aspect of this broad avenue are the columns that flank both sides of the way and the stone paving, and still it retains the original stones (where the grooves are still visible of the carts, and under which there was a complete network of underground sewers in which they collected and stored rain water).
Historical Monuments in Jerash
Historical Monuments in Jerash