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Things to do in Inner Harbour

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The top 205 attractions in Inner Harbour

Historical Monuments in Sliema
Roman Baths
There are few beaches in Malta that have such fine sand. An original way to replace this is to use the natural resources which are available on the island. Being an island with an important limestone base, the rock formations are a sight even on the banks. You can go for a lovely swim in these clean and blue Maltese waters, and you can explore these curious pools. In the evening there is a lovely color.
Cities in Sliema
Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, we found ourselves in Sliema on the coastal road that connects with St.Julians. This is probably one of the liveliest holiday resorts in Malta, and the center of the origins of many of the large hotels there. It is a very lively area centering around the shops, cafes and restaurants. The Sliema promontory offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital,Valletta, and Marsamxett Harbour.
Harbors in Valletta
Grand Harbour
The Grand Harbour in Valletta in Malta, is described as one of the most beautiful in the world! It has been used as a harbor since Roman times. This is one of the most beautiful views of Malta and it is crowded both day and night. Do not hesitate to come and have a visit.
Bays in Valletta
Bay of La Valletta
From the stronghold of St. Elmo, you can beautiful views of the bay. Once there, and after seeing the giant bell in the temple, take the street of Saint Paul, to visit other buildings that hosted foreign delegations of the Order of the Knights of Malta. It is quite a walk through history on this island that is truly a melting pot.
Of Cultural Interest in Valletta
Valletta Old Town
The truth is that to walk and wander through the capital is one great pleasure. Steep streets, balconies with hanging laundry, stairs, cats, closed balconies, doors and other features motivates you to keep moving. Also see the city's ancient walls of protection, real works of engineering genius, small springs and savor the history of this charming capital. I did not care who joined me, I just loved getting lost in the smell of the bakeries in the morning and chats with the elders to who love to share the history of Malta.
Nature Reserves in Valletta
Valletta Harbour Cruise
Along the harbour at Sliema, there are many agencies offering day cruises around the island of Malta. However, it is best to go by boat. The boat trips guide tourists superbly. It's cheaper on less touristy routes. It really is a great way to discover the island, and you can swim in peace.
Cathedrals in Valletta
Saint John's Co-Cathedral
Never have I seen a facade as lavish! For my taste, is the best of all in Malta! A must! Admission cost us 5 euros and 3'50 for students (in April of 2012). It takes about 1 hour to visit and listen to the audio guide.
Beaches in Sliema
St Julian´s
This is another of the cities situated near Valletta where many tourists go to spend their holidays. The main casino of the island is located here. Opposite the Casino there is an American hotel resort that looks good. There is also a very modern office complex which is notable for its high tower called Portomaso.
Viewpoints in Valletta
Upper Barrakka Gardens
The viewpoint of the park is none other than the old main watch tower. The park is very active and lively almost every day. Children play, the young go around as couples and the elderly and gather there almost every evening. The elderly are delighted to tell you the story of oldest and newest place, with its innumerable anecdotes, so you don't need a guidebook.
Streets in Birgu
A Walk through Vittoriosa
It is a very nice place, but I think a couple of hours is more than enough to visit it as there's not a lot to do. You can't fail to go in the Church of San Lorenzo, it's free. The walk along the harbor at sunset is lovely and there are some amazing views of Valletta.
Beaches in Sliema
Beach of Paceville-Sant Julian-
This tiny beach was not like this a few years ago, they excavated it for the district of St. Julian and Paceville that that were being filled with tourists and hotels. Today it is only sand. It is located the core of the capital.If you go a little further, just outside the "city", you can catch the bus. From noon to 5 pm it is overcrowded with Europeans tanning themselves, we as do in Spain. It is later when the Spanish, Italian and South American come, you can spend these evenings with your own colleagues. Here the italians are missing. Magnificent evenings on this tiny beach, mama mia!
Historical Monuments in Sliema
View of Valletta from Sliema
The best place to enjoy the view of Valletta is Sliema, from the bay you see a superb panorama of Malta's capital. The blue-green water that separates the two cities makes the capital picture perfect-its walls and beige buildings, highlighting it and making it more impressive. It is the ideal place to take pictures.
Of Touristic Interest in Valletta
Valletta Niches
These so-called street niches were introduced in the 17th century and are an architectural feature in Malta. They can be found in almost every corner in Valletta. Virgins and saints flood the city, but what made me curious is the devotion of the people. You will meet many people, of all types and status, which do the sign of the cross on themselves as they pass by every saint, and even stop to pray and then move on. They are very devout.
Of Cultural Interest in Valletta
The Knights Hospitallers
Malta ... is, above all, for the tourist, the Knights of the Order. In fact, the cross is strongly present in the iconography of the island. The contemporary members of the order don't roam the streets of Valletta. In search of the Knights, discover portraits of the Great Matre in the museums; also the armor of warriors and powerful cannons of the following centuries. It's the Warrior role which is mostly retained in popular imagination, and not as carers or nurses who also existed. Souvenir shops abound, and are stocked full of medieval costumes with weapons.
Streets in Valletta
Republic Street
I visited Malta on a stop on a cruise in 2009. Republic Street is the principle street of the capital, Valletta. It has all the palaces that belonged to the delegations of the Order of Malta, such as Castile, Aragon .... Apart from monuments you will find other things of interest such as the Queen Victoria, the Museum of Archaeology, Grand Masters Palace, and dozens of souvenir shops with the Maltese cross. At the end of the street after the Grand Masters Palace, and on the way to Fort St. Elmo, you can find many houses with typical balconies only found in the city of Valletta.
Bus Stations in Valletta
Valletta Bus Station
The first thing that strikes you when you arrive in Malta are the buses! It's like being transported back 20 years! They not leave until they are full, they only have one door and this is open during the journey, no luggage, and you request the bus to stop by pulling a rope! There are no direct buses from the airport to anywhere, you must go to the bus station (there isn't really a station station there are two lines in which there are plenty of buses standing no particular) order. And there you have to find (ask the driver) which bus goes to your destination. And for the return journey the same.
Statues in Sliema
Love Bridge
On St Julians road, located near to the restaurants, there is a very curious little bridge. The word "LOVE" appears written on one side of the bridge, written upside down, and when the sun shines it is projected so that it can be read correctly. How very romantic! Also there is no love padlocks hooked, and the view from the bridge is very nice, a small harbor with small boats.
Of Cultural Interest in Valletta
Merchant Street Market
In the capital of the island of Malta, Valletta, you have this great street where you can talk a walk, shop, drink, and admire the Baroque and Maltese architecture. Houses with windows and green shutters, commercial-style English, and a nice van market where the natives of the city provide food. There is a market in the morning along the street, selling almost everything, nothing of interest, but it's always fun to take a look anyways.