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Things to do in Savanne

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The top 17 attractions in Savanne

Lakes in Lago Ganga Talao
Grand Bassin Ganga Talao - Sacred Lake
The Great Grand Bassin sacred lake can be found in the crater of a volcano and it is a very revered by Hindus of Mauritius ve often come here to worship Shiva. Once a year there is a pilgrimage to the lake to celebrate the night of Shiva. At the entrance of Lake there is a statue of Lord Shiva, the highest of all Mauritius (33m). Inside Grand Basin you will see the offerings made to the gods and the lake. Hindu People leave here candles, food, flowers. This is a place of great peace which you will surely enjoy.
Cliffs in Souillac
Gris Gris
In this place, south of the island, you can enjoy a fascinating spectacle where the waves crash against the cliffs. Some claim that the name refers to black magic ceremonies practiced in this place and witch-like rocks that are in the vicinity. Legends aside, the place is a cross between a garden with gazebos and benches, and a gazebo, from where you can admire a beautiful white sandy beach with vegetation that almost does not touch the sea. There are also many places where you can sample the local cuisine.
Waterfalls in Bois Chéri
Alexandra Falls
We chose a bad time to visit these falls and I will tell you why. To get to the waterfall you have to turn off the road that crosses the center of the island, and into the bush. There is a parking lot where you can leave your car and begin the little walk that is accessible for almost everyone, there is even a souvenir stall. When we arrived at viewpoint from which we supposedly where to see a really spectacular waterfall. but looks like at this time of the visit there was not much water. So the most we could see, was a trickle of water. Although good, with the surrounding landscape one could get an idea of ​​how awesome it would be in full spring. From the viewpoint you can also see the south coast, with the waves breaking against the coral reef and ravines that go from the center of the island down to the sea. On the short walk to the waterfall we entered into the dense semi-tropical forest. The site is very quiet and in summer it should be spectacular.
Cliffs in Souillac
The Rock That Cries
On the side of Gris Gris, leaving the car in the same parking lot and taking a small path to the left, we entered a path through the trees that leads to this natural curiosity. This curiosity is a rock that juts into the sea and apparently, though I did not see it, creates an effect of a rock that is "crying," as the wave crashes against it and retire during the days of raging waves. However, as much as I examined it, I could not see it. This site is also loved by the locals, because they say that the forces of nature have carved in the rock profile Mauritian poet Robert Edward Hart. What is certain is that the absence of a barrier reef to stop the force of the waves of the Indian Ocean acted as a creator of twisted and rounded shapes, a sculptor of magma and cliffs, leaving a truly spectacular landscape, above all during the hours of dusk. Next to Gris Gris, leaving the car in the parking lot and taking a small path on the left, there is a path through the trees that leads to this natural curiosity. It's a rock that juts into the sea and supposedly, though I didn't see it, the days when the raging waves makes the rock look likes it's crying as a wave crashes against it and retires. As much as I examined it, I couldn't see the resemblance. It's also loved by the locals, because they say that nature has carved the profile of the Mauritian poet Robert Edward Hart into the rock. What is certain is that the absence of a barrier reef to stop the force of the Indian Sea waves has acted as creator of twisted and rounded shapes. It's like a sculptor of magma and cliffs, leaving a truly spectacular landscape on everything at dusk.
Islands in Chemin Grenier
Sancho Islet
The islet of Sancho is not a tourist attraction because of its beauty, or for its grandeur, as it is quite often not much more than a big pile of sand and vegetation-covered land. But this place, Jacolet Bay, in the southern part of the island, a place that was famous as a route for the Pirates of the Indian Ocean, places it firmly among the places of legend, with honors. It appears that there is a hidden treasure belonging to a French family who were attacked by the British 1810. Many have been to the little island in search of treasure, but no one has managed to find it. The photo of the salon is a gift for my friends ....... minube
Viewpoints in Baie du Cap
Viewpoint of the Baie du Cap
A viewpoint like this is not normal on the island, especially one with sea views. The truth is its location certainly makes it perfect place. It's perched on a ledge over the sea, between two large bays, behind the mountains and across the turquoise sea protected by the barrier coral reef where waves break furiously .... This area is one of the quietest in Mauritius, where it seems to have not yet been seen by tourist eyes. It's great to have a relaxed drive along this coastal road and do as the Mauritians do: stop wherever you want, get out of the car and breathe in the island, get inside the colours of the sea and put them in your memory. I do not know of anywhere with so many colours, and of course you hear nothing other than the tinkling of small waves that accidentally reach the sand.
Beaches in Bel Ombre
Statues in Bois Chéri
Mangal Mahadev Shiva Statue
The Lord Shiva is the world's biggest statue. It is very impressive, appearing among the trees, especially if you haven't heard of it, it appears right in the heart of the island. Since ancient times it was believed that that this statue was a supernatural power sustaining the universe. This strong power is worshiped by all people of this world as "The God", irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion. No one has been able to define the shape, size and form of that power, however, the Hindu religion has imagined God in human form and simple, the Great God, 'Lord Shiva'. To revere is crafted from this gigantic image of 38 meters high, set in a plaza for prayer with capacity for 50,000 people. The statue is facing west, as stated in the Hindu religion, and facing the sun, Lord of Life. Standing with his trident in the middle of the lake, is a faithful copy of the statue of Shiva Sursagar in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. It was first opened in 2007, and more statues of this size are expected to come.
Temples in Bois Chéri
Ganga Talao
It is said that the god Shiva, and his wife Parvatti, flew over Mauritius bearing on his head the Ganges River, he was so moved by her beauty that a few drops fell to the ground, forming the Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao). If we consider this legend, we realize that it is the most sacred place in the world outside India. This is a source of great pride for 500,000+ Hindus who make up half the population of the island. When we went there was almost no one there, the odd faithful making a small offering, but not much more. Most likely they were preparing for Diwali, the festival of lights. It is not really touristy, and I advise you not to go if you don't have respect and can't observe basic etiquette rules. Recall that is a very, very sacred and any unseemly gesture could be offensive. So be silent and respectful but with curiosity. Hindus understand that we are interested in their ways, and if have the right attitude they invite us to share everything. If we put aside the legend, the story goes that the sacred Ganges water mixed with Ganga Talao in 1972, which ensured its prominence between several sacred places of the island and the world. Ganga Talao is formed in the crescent-shaped crater of an extinct volcano more than 1,800 meters above sea level, it is also known for its exotic wildlife such as the giant eel lake and lots of fish. There are several temples around the lake which act as a religious complex, statues of Hanumman, Lakshmi, Ganesh and others, are always filled with gifts and flowers. There is a custom that makes the faithful come to Lake barefoot, and make offerings of small statues, flowers and fruits to the gods. A final consideration, you must take shelter, because the altitude and vegetation causes low temperatures for most of the year.
Nature Reserves in Rivière des Anguilles
La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes
If I'm honest, I didn't expect to like the park I came to, and I went with the idea that it would be a mere tourist attraction. However, as I was learning about the place, my opinion changed and the hours passed almost without noticing. The park is not very big but is structured to fit a variety of strategically placed habitats. Donkeys, goats and deer are in semi before entering the park. Once you pay the entrance fee, you see crocodiles, some curious fruit eating bats and turtles (huge and heavy, up to 250 kg, all born in captivity and that the recovery effort has yielded good fruit)s. After feeding them vegetables (a carer payment, jejejej) and learning about the various stages from birth to adulthood, we passed several ponds with huge crocodiles and some Japanese carp ponds then we stopped for a while to enjoy small monkeys that are semi free, as are the majority of animals in the park. Go under the restaurant, which oddly serves crocodile meat prepared in various ways - this was shocking to me, because I thought that breeding them and then eating them was a contradiction. We continued and got to see several ponds with eels and turtles, and a recovered past century locomotive. A confined space to show a magnificent collection of insects from around the world that cover the walls. We reached the end of the route almost without realizing it, but having enjoyed this nature foray of the Mascarene we had so much more understanding and knowledge about where we spent our holidays. At the exit there was aa boutique store with a variety of very interesting gifts, especially the crocodile leather (for those ve like it, I am very sorry). The truth is that the place is very interesting, especially if you go with children, ve will enjoy it the most. And those ve are not children also.
Nature Reserves in Rivière des Anguilles
Waterfalls in Surinam
Cascade of Rochester
Finding this waterfall was definitely an adventure. 1st, because the indicators range from the road until they are all like you see in the picture, and 2nd because it is between high-rise cane roads that are misleading. Once we got there we realized it was worth it. We left the car at the side of the candy cane, and then, out of nowhere came a guide to go with us to the waterfalls that were 20 meters tall ... After we went a short way down to the bottom of the waterfall. The show is really nice. A fall of about 10 feet above a lake of a large depth, about 3 meters and fragmented lava walls with rectangular shapes. Then, our guide walked up a path to the stream that led to the waterfall, took a cane and twisted it to us to try their juice ... mmm a delight. Then we asked for some money, as normal, we gave and help us back on the road to return. It was what I liked most that day, though I showered, but it was cold but my traveling companions said there was frost, but it was worth it.
Nature Reserves in Chamouny
Of Cultural Interest in Bois Chéri
Of Cultural Interest in Rivière des Anguilles
Beaches in Baie du Cap
Volcanoes in Chamouny