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Things to do in Mongolia

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The top 104 attractions in Mongolia

Squares in Ulan Bator
Sukhbaatar Square
Without a doubt, this is the best square in this country. This is the place the Mongolian nomads came and it's now the center of the city. You're sure to pass by on your way to other places nearby. The square was named after the July Revolution in Mongolia in 1921, is named after Sukhbaatar, the hero of the revolution itself. Stresses at the bottom with the sculpture of the great Genghis Khan
Temples in Ulan Bator
Gandan Monastery
I have posted some pictures for people to get an idea of ​​the beauty of this temple, but remember that Ulaan baatar offers other sights besides this temple. If you want to see pictures of places other than Ulaan Baatar, check out my other spots. A GREETING FROM MINUBE!
Statues in Kharkhorin
The Turtle (Mongolia)
In the Mongol tradition, longevity is depicted by a large turtle shell, said to repel negativity and bad things. There are 3 turtles that are located in various parts of the country ... His whereabouts are unknown, and if you find one and you manage to touch it, it is believed that you will live forever ... In my journey through this beautiful country found one of these turtles and now I am too tired to touch it. It is situated atop a hill lost the hand of God ... With the help of a nomad, I found it, and it certainly wasn't easy. If you are in Kharakorum ancient Mongolian capital, some nomad may ask you where the turtle is. If you liked this corner and want to continue traveling in Mongolia look at my profile corners to make your path! And if you have any questions, let me know. I'll gladly answer. A GREETING FROM MINUBE!
Temples in Kharkhorin
Erdene Zuu
This site is located in the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, Karakorum. It is the Eden Zuu temple. This is a temple built thousands of years ago where worship is still practiced. If you go to Mongolia, do not stay only in Ulan Bator, but instead, be sure to hire a tour to get around the best country I have visited. One of the most important points is Karakorum. The temple can be visited even full sentence. Quite an experience.
Historical Monuments in Ulan Bator
Gandantegchinlin Monastery
One of the few monuments in the capital of Mongolia, this is an active Buddhist monastery, Tibetan style, few of which survived the fires during the Soviet invasion. The site consists of six monasteries. Inside the main building there is a large Buddha that occupies the entire space. In the other monasteries Buddhist monks can be seen praying. It's also famous for its pigeons - the exhibition is full of them. The people walking through the site feed them.
Waterfalls in Èrdènèt
Orkon Waterfalls
This is one of the most beautiful places in the Orkhon Valley, and is a World Heritage Site. The waterfall is about 20 feet high and the water is pretty cold ... There is a boat that will take you into the waterfall for a few tukris. This place is also called Ulaan Tsutgalan by the native peoples. The waterfall was formed by a combination of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions more than 20,000 years ago.
Viewpoints in Ulan Bator
Zaisan Memorial
At the top of a hill near Ulan Bator, is this memorial of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet revolution honoring the Russian and Soviet soldiers who died in World War II. It offers a magnificent view of the attempted city.
Ruins in Mandalgobi
Ruins of Ingo
A place that sends a chill down the spine of all Mongolians. During the Russian invasion, it witnessed one of the country´s greatest tragedies. In their desire to overthrow Buddhism and lamas, the Russians attacked the monastery, which we are told was amazing, and killed tens of lamas and reduced the place to ashes. Only the foundations remain today. It is a sacred place for the Mongols and the tragedy is still very much felt.
Deserts in Dalanzadgad
Khongoryn Els Dunes
One of the best natural places I have visited in my life. Beautiful sand dunes. These dunes are one of the wonders you should not miss in the Gobi desert, a natural wonder that extends for tens of kilometres. Most trips around the Gobi stop here, if you go up to one of the huge dunes you can see a view that will stay with you forever. Recommended for sunset.
Deserts in Dalanzadgad
The Dunes of the Gobi Desert
After the success of my last entry about this desert, let's get to business again today. The gobi arrival was a surprise since we stayed with a nomadic family in their camp. The family lent us their camels to turn around and approach dunes wings so you can upload and enjoy a breathtaking landscape. Be sure to take some mosquito repellent because there are quite a few rivers and backwaters nearby, which are places with tons and tons of mosquitoes. And a video is worth a thousand words. If you liked this corner and you want to continue traveling through Mongolia, be sure to look at my profile! And if you have any questions, ask me. I'll gladly answer. A GREETING FROM MINUBE!
Valleys in Bayankhongor Province
Ice Valley (Yoly Ann Canyon)
Mongolia in its purest form. So is Yoly Ann canyon also called the valley of the ice. In winter it's covered in ice cover that forms a glacier that thaws in summer. A walk through the gorge without a watch or being in rush or problems, only lose yourself in nature and silence. If you go to Mongolia don't hesitate on going on a tour to travel the country, I will recommend the tour in the guesthouse. It's explained better that watching a video.
Deserts in Dalanzadgad
The Gobi Desert
After yurtas, You have to continue south to find the Gobi desert, a stretch of sand, devoid of any human trace. Here, you can see camels and horses, most notably Mongolian horses. A haven for those who do not like urban crowding and prefer the great outdoors.
Villages in Èrdènèt
Natural Paradise of Orkon
What better way to disconnect from life than with people stuck in the past. In Mongolia there are several non-tourist nomad camps. You can only find these nomad camps if you go with a native guide. Orkon is one of these camps. It is located in a great green steppe. Mountains, river, waterfalls, wild horses ... and all this without electricity or any twenty-first century amenity, just your horse to walk and grazing yaks and your ger to sleep in. Sitting on a rock and gazing out at the vastness of the Mongolian steppe is the best way to lose yourself .... if you don't believe me, look at the pictures.
Valleys in Dalanzadgad
Vulture Valley
Located south of Mongolia, in the Gobi, is a respite to see a huge expanse of desert. This is a valley that is slowly becoming a narrow mountain with a creek in the middle that you have to weave in order to pass. In theory it is the valley of the vultures, although I did not see one. At the entrance of the creek you can rent camels and horses to make your way through effortlessly whilst taking in the scenery.
Of Cultural Interest in Kharkhorin
Journey Ulan Bator - Karakorum
As the video from my trip from Novosibirsk to Irkutsk was so successful I will now post the video of my trip from Ulan Bator to Karakorum ... a journey I made in a van with an expert Soviet guide and driver. Since I was in Mongolia there is only one road. The rest is driving using your intuition :) The video also contains a walk through the Hustay National Park, where I saw wild horses. (If you need more information on the hustay park or karakorum I have several spots on my profile about it.) And since a video is worth a thousand words, I leave you with the video. If you liked this area and want to continue travelling in Mongolia take a look at my profile for other places to add to your route! And if you have any questions, ask me. I'll gladly answer. A GREETING FROM MINUBE!
Canyons in Dalanzadgad
Yoly Ann Canyon
The ann Yoly Canyon in Mongolia is also known as the ice gorge valley ... Where you can find ice almost every day of the year. As hot as it is, the ice is deposited on the bottom of the canyon creating a tremendous landscape. Taking a walk along the bottom of the canyon is so peaceful, as you will see in the video. Wildlife units in harmony for the lone traveler to feel free in this great country. If you enjoyed this blog and you want to continue traveling through Mongolia looking at my profile of places to plan your journey! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'll gladly answer any questions. GREETINGS FROM MINUBE!
Historical Monuments in Kharkhorin
Tovkhon Monastery
This temple is situated in the river valley Olkhon, about 50 kilometers from Karakhorum. The complex dates from 1650 and was destroyed by the Communists and later renovated in the 30s. It is built entirely of wood. The temple isn't bad, however, it is located 4 kilometers from the "road", at 4 kilomneters from a brutal slope. The views from the top are spectacular. To enter the temple, you have to pay 2500 tukris.
Canyons in Gurvansaikhan
Gurvansaikhan Mountains
Gurvansaikhan Mountains and surrounding natural area that's in this part of southern Mongolia has a sublime beauty, tours travelling to the Gobi usually stop here. In the area you can trek for a few hours, and in some cases like the one I was lucky to live, you can camp about ten minutes by jeep. It is a beautiful place spend between the canyons, streams, mountains. You can see some horses and wild animals. In winter it's completely covered in snow and is unreachable.