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Things to do in Møre og Romsdal

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The top 63 attractions in Møre og Romsdal

Fjords in Stranda
Geiranger Fjord
Launching out of Geiranger port to explore this spectacular fjord and the picturesque town of Hellesylt is an unforgettable experience. The guides will probably explain the legend of the Seven Sisters, but you probably won't catch it because you'll simply be too overwhelmed by the area's natural beauty and enjoying every nook and cranny that appears in this incomparable landscape.
Cities in Ålesund
Alesund is one of the largest and most important fishing ports in Norway. The fishing fleet is one of the most modern in Europe. Highly recommended to spend a few days relaxing, sightseeing and enjoying this beautiful city in Norway.
Fjords in Åndalsnes
A beautiful place, it is a dry fjord where there is a road, the Trollstigen, which is awesome. It's worth getting there for the scenery. Also, close to this is Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Photos are attached.
Viewpoints in Geiranger
Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint
Another of the spectacular viewpoints that exist in Norway, in this case near the pulpit is one of the images that Norway marketing uses to attract more tourism and no wonder because the views from there are a blast, if you look down and contemplate the beautiful town of Geiranger and the fjord of the same name. TIP: If you have vertigo, there's another viewpoint above a little more light, because here you get on a platform and stand like hanging vacuum, pretty impressive but worth it.
Roads in Averoy
The Atlantic Road - Atlanterhavsveien
This beautiful road, which runs along the west coast of Norway in the More og Romsdal County, jumps from island to island (the islands that lie bewteen Molde and Kristiansund) along 12 bridges creating a journey of about 9km with amazing landscapes. In 2005 it was considered the construction of the century in Norway and one of the best road trips in the world (a view not shared by me). The photos that can be viewed on the internet are amazing but when you get there you get a little disappointed, it is not easy to find places where you have spectacular views.
Viewpoints in Stranda
Mount Dalsnibba
Mount Dalsnibba is where you can see one of the most beautiful views of the Norwegian fjords. From 1500 meters above sea level there are barely 50 kilometers separating you from a Hellesylt fjord. The tradition is to place one stone on another in the top of the mountain and you'll have good luck. At the base of the mountain there is one of the deepest lakes in the world at that point, Lake Djupvatnet.This is a must-see if you go to Norway.
Viewpoints in Geiranger
Ørnevegen Viewpoint
No doubt Geiranger Fjord is (well capitalized) par excellence, if not most, of the more impressive that one can find in the Norwegian fjord region. It is also one of the best equipped for tourism, as evidenced by the great Ørnevegen viewpoint. From here you can admire one of the bends of the fjord in all its magnitude and on a sunny day it is one of the most beautiful in the country. My advice is to try to avoid all of the tourist buses that are visiting the same site. Access from the town of Geiranger is simple if you have your own vehicle (or you're on an excursion organized by the area). Simply take the only road out of the valley where the village road that winds in 11 curves-stopping. There is only one road and it a single size, so be very careful because you will probably come head to head with a bus going in reverse direction.
Lakes in Stranda
Djupvatnet lake
Lake Djupvatnet is a beautiful lake that we passed on our ascent to the Mount Dalsnibba lookout point. The name has come to mean something like deep lake, but it's not far from one of the deepest lakes in Norway. The funny thing about it is that it's frozen pretty much all year round. If you look at my photos, they were taken in July and ice shelves are still floating on the lake. It's really something to see. The beautiful and breathtaking Norwegian National Road 63 goes around this lake in the ascent of Mount Dalsnibba and I assure you the experience and views are worth it, even if you have vertigo. I recommend taking a tour in the area.
Viewpoints in Ålesund
Mount Aksla
The views of Alesund and surroundings are beautiful. Visit essential. What is most apparent from Alesund is the Town Hall, a work highly criticized because it does not save the village architecture. With good weather, you can eat on the terrace of Restaurante-Bar Fjellstua.
Nature Reserves in Hellesylt
Hellesylt Waterfall
When I got to HellesyltI could not believe my eyes. This place, the waterfall of Hellesyltfossen or Hellesylt as it is known by the Norwegians, is so beautiful. I had no doubt about the beauty of the waterfall judging by the pictures, but in real life it is the most relaxing, beautiful and special place that i have ever visited. I recommend visiting the waterfall at the beginning of the summer when the ice melts and it becomes more impressive. If you get onto the bridge you can even experience little drops of 100% natural water - a unique experience. Do not miss this wonderful place in Norway.
Of Touristic Interest in Hellesylt
Hellesylt Excursion to Geranger
If you travel to Norway there is a tour that you can't miss - the one from Hellesylt to Gerainger. There are several options, you can get an air taxi, or travel at your leisure like I did by bus and use the shipping company that was organizing the fjord cruise. This is a magnificent tour of the small town of Hellesylt and the first stop is the beautiful waterfall coming down through the houses of the village and flowing into the fjord, the next stop is Hornindal Lake, Europe's deepest (514 meters at its deepest point). Villages passed are as nice as Nordfjord or Stryn where you can stop for a drink or to shop, the tour also passes under the famous Briksdal glacier and then the road enters Dalsnibba 1500 meters above sea level and where you have one of the most impressive panoramic views throughout Norway, glaciers, snowy mountains, lakes and fjords. All this awaits you at the top. The next stop is Flydalsjuvet lookout and then down to the village of Geiranger where you can finalize purchases, drink or just watch the fjord. The tour takes about 7-8 hours but it's easy and everything runs perfectly as indicated in route.
Viewpoints in Stranda
Dalsnibba Viewpoint
Climbing up to Dalsnibba is in itself is an adventure, the road is only open in the thawing season, and you climb 1500 meters in under half an hour. An odyssey taking into account the number of buses going up the narrow road and quality of the surface, but I assure you that even if you are afraid, looking out from the viewpoint is a unique and unrepeatable experience. I still remember the feeling of vertigo that runs down your body when you extend your head out and see what you see. The views of the Geiranger Fjord are unique but then so are the views of the snowy mountain in July. The air is pure and clean to breathe there. Above all, without hesitation, take a mental picture of Norway's best postcard. One tip, remember to bring a good jacket with you because it is can still be quite cool in Summer.
Viewpoints in Ålesund
Fjellstua Viewpoint
Unforgivable not to go up to the lookout. The views we have of the city of Alesund, one of the most beautiful Norwegian cities, are impressive. We climbed up stairs, about 500 steps, but for those who are not fit there is a road that leads to the viewpoint (I don't know if there's public transport). Better to go in the morning, the sun will be on your back.
Fjords in Ålesund
Between [poi = 76533] Alesund [/ poi] and Geiranger is where you can find this fjord which isn't very well-known. This fjord is a cut of about 35 km in the so-called Norwegian Alps, with peaks over 1700 meters. At the end of the fjord lies the small town Øye, leading to narrower valley in Norway (Norangsdalen), where you can visit the famous Hotel Øye, who has had queens and emperors as guests. Leaving Alesund we skirted around the fjord until we reached Standal where we went into the mountains. Later we went down to the town of Saebo, on the shore of the fjord, where we caught a ferry that took us to Lekneset, which drove parallel to the fjord.
Villages in Hellesylt
Hellesylt is a small town situated on one of the most famous and spectacular fjords in Norway, the Geiranger Fjord. It is a town of about 600 inhabitants but is very lively with industry and tourism. People passing through are mostly those who take the ferry from Geiranger. The inhabitants of the county Møre go Romsdal keep themselves busy with the post office, banks, shops and hotels. It is worth mentioning that Hellesylt boasts one of the best living standards in Norway. If you have the opportunity to interact with locals, talk to a farmer to teach you his methods of farming as there are 54 farms in the area.
Of Cultural Interest in Ålesund
Art Nouveau in Norway
In 1904 a devastating fire destroyed the town of Ålesund on the west coast of Norway. Its reconstruction transformed this small town with its traditional wooden buildings into a city of brick and stone houses inspired by the architectural style known as Art Nouveau. Several Norwegian architects, influenced by continental architecture, especially German, and craftsmen were attracted to this city to take part. The rules were that all buildings had to be brick or stone. This created a new city with unique architecture and a significant concentration of more than 320 houses in a small modernist centre. You will see a symphony of turrets, spires, bay windows and balconies that overlook streets and canals to transport us on a fairytale ride.
Waterfalls in Geiranger
De Syv Søstrene
Listening to legend just before you see the falls makes you alert. The sound and sight captivate the moment you realize you're at "The Seven Sisters" and "The Pretender" with "bride's veil" in front. Fantastic
Villages in Åndalsnes
From Trondheim to Geiranger our next destination, we went to see the pretty village of Andalsnes in which some of the fjords cruise ships port. Just outside we were able to buy some groceries. Before coming to this town, we had the opportunity to go through an impressive gorge, the road bordered a river and some mountains and it seemed like we were going to fall over. Majestic. After parking the car, we had the opportunity to take a short walk around the harbor and eat at an Italian restaurant called Mamma Rosa. After this we left Geiranger where we had booked a hotel for 2 nights. From one village to another we went along a spectacular road known and called Road of Trolls. It is steep and narrow and able to shake the best of them. We witnessed two camper vans, one had to go a hundred meters backwards to find a small widening to pass to the other. At the top the view is spectacular. You can see all the curves you've been through and various waterfalls that rush to empty that really cold water. There are several shops with figures of trolls and other souvenirs. A place to remember.