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Things to do in Norway

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The top 648 attractions in Norway

Cliffs in Forsand
Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)
From Stavanger you need to take a ferry and then a bus. You need to hike to the top but the views from the trail are gorgeous and most awesome with every step. The hike isn't too difficult, especially if the weather's good, and you can enjoy simply being up there in the wilderness. If you think that the "pulpit" itself is impressive (it is) you should try going up a little bit further to the next viewpoint. It's awe-inspiring. I mean really, it left me speechless. If the weather's good, you can sit there and enjoy the silence and Mother Nature. You can't miss it! From Stavanger you can catch a ferry and then a bus. The climb is done on foot on a lovely ascent and as you climb the views are amazing ... It's not a hard climb in good weather and is enjoyable to go and enjoy the nature around you. If the rock pulpit is impressive as you approach and once you get to the top ... Do not settle for having arrived, it goes a bit higher up and you'll be ecstatic ... at least I was ...and you have a chance to discover what nature gives.
Fjords in Stranda
Geiranger Fjord
Launching out of Geiranger port to explore this spectacular fjord and the picturesque town of Hellesylt is an unforgettable experience. The guides will probably explain the legend of the Seven Sisters, but you probably won't catch it because you'll simply be too overwhelmed by the area's natural beauty and enjoying every nook and cranny that appears in this incomparable landscape.
Of Cultural Interest in Lofoten
Lofoten Islands
In northern Norway you can find some small islands surrounded by fjords. These islands offer us a landscape of the greatest contrasts: the gray sky, and green meadows, and the red, green and blue houses. Cod is one of the specialties of this area, so if you like it I recommend you to visit these islands.
Gardens in Oslo
Frogner Park
Inside Frognerparken (Frogner Park) is the work of the Norwegian sculptural-artist Gustav Vigelad, there are more than two hundred of his sculptures in which the Norwegian artist shows his unique insights on life, from man's birth to death. Especially significant is the monolith surrounded by stone sculptures nd a bronze fountain. A special place to get lost quietly - don't forget your camera.
Historical Monuments in Bergen
Bryggen District
Bryggen is a charming district, which is located right on the harborside of Bergem where the Hanseatic League was established, to deal primarily with cod. It was also the birthplace of the concept of credit and sales commissions. Today its 66 houses are used mainly for the tourist trade. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1979. Very nearby is the tourist office, and a fish market where you can try various types of salmon or whales. The type of packaging used keeps it fresh for up to ten days without refrigeration, so if the dates add up, I recommend you take some home. About 5 minutes walk away there is the Fløibanen, a funicular that goes up to one of the mountains in Bergen from which the views over the city and especially the Bryggen are really incredible (if it is not foggy, of course).
Of Cultural Interest in Oslo
Oslo Opera House
Oslo Opera House. The new icon of Oslo inspired by an iceberg anchored in the city. The architecture is worth visiting and it's free to enter! It opened in 2008 and was designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta. The auditorium has a capacity to hold over 1,350 spectators. You enter the hall for free. It´s also worth it to go up the building to see the views of the Fiordo de Oslo.
Streets in Tromso
Today Tromsø (once called the "Paris of the North") is a large village inhabited by 60,000+ souls that, despite its rapid growth in recent decades, has preserved almost intact the charm of its historic center of almost entirely different colored wooden houses whose height rarely exceeds 2-3 floors. Located entirely on the island of Tromsøya (connected to the mainland by bridges) downtown Tromso center combines modernist buildings with the aforementioned wooden buildings whose construction date, in some cases, from the late eighteenth century. Despite the fire of 1969 all the guides of the region, say that the historical center of Tromsø has the highest and most notable the concentration of wooden buildings in Scandinavia. If you want to enjoy a nice walk surrounded by historical buildings I advise you take the Storgata street whose flanks are dotted with flirty wooden houses two or three floors high and in where you can find such unique works as the Protestant Cathedral, the Cathedral, built - how could it be otherwise - of wood, or cinema Kino, one of the oldest in Northern Europe and still in operation, aquarium and Polaria museum. Finally the icing on the cake, Skansen fort considered to be the oldest building in and around the city. Northern lights, midnight sun, lively bars and environment, a rich cultural life, a charming historic center and the ability to make countless excursions makes Tromsø a great destination to consider.
Cliffs in Honningsvåg
There are many travelers who don't recommend going to North Cape (or Nordkapp) because the site itself isn't worth it in their opinion. In my case, I got to the second northernmost point on the European continent (not the first everyone seems to think) and I marked it as a success both as emblematic of the place and the beauty of the surroundings. Peering off of the cliffs that surround the base of the Nordkapp is to die for. The North Sea covered with clouds appears below the towering cliffs. This and the contemplation of the beautiful, mystical and peaceful land of the "Midnight Sun" that gives us the feeling of being in fact the end of the world. Something magical will this place when we go to mass all his contemplation and mark it as objective as we travel these latitudes. I particularly recommend it ...... I do not have this experience ....... Living yourselves.
Fjords in Bergen
Sognefjord (Fjord of Dreams)
When I got there my first thought was "what a natural paradise." I've never seen anything like it, a treat for the senses, nature in its purest state, a place straight out of your dreams! .It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
Nature Reserves in Stryn
Briksdal Glacier
They told me the ice here was blue, so we went to check out the Jostedalsbreen National Park in Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway to watch the Briksdalsbreen or the Briksdal glacier, which is one of the best known and most accessible glaciers in the country. From where you leave the car after an hour or so of walking through the park we reached the glacier's tongue and I have to say it was quite impressive to see the size of it in the lake thawing into an intense blue color. I recommend getting the glacier crampons and climbing the tongue (always accompanied by an expert). I didn't have one with me and I felt like I was going to fall at any given time and break my leg, but I went slowly and relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and my walk through the ice. It was great.
Museums in Oslo
Viking Ship Museum
This museum showcases the boats of this culture in the best state of existence. They were found near the Oslo fjord in royal tombs, where they were buried over 1000 years ago to transport the dead kings to reinode. Also you will find displayed sleighs and carriages.
Harbors in Bergen
Port of Bergen
This is one of the main tourist areas Bergen (Norway). I visited it with the MSC cruise through the Nordic countries. The typical photo is all the houses of the same height painted in different warm colours.
Train Stations in Flåm
Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana)
The Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana) winds upwards from Myrdal to Flåm rising 865 meters, it is nestled in the innermost part of the Aurlandfjord fjord. The Flåm Railway is one of the steepest railways in the world with normal rails. The gradient is 55/1000 on nearly 80% of the line and the tunnels that go in and out of the mountains forming spirals are all spectaculars feat of engineering. The landscapes and waterfalls are a wonder, you should not miss any of the details.
Cities in Reine
Reine has been a commercial port since 1793. It is located in the Lofoten Islands and was chosen by a well-known publication in Norway, the magazine Allers, as the prettiest village in the country. I think that Reine has lots of competition in this department because it is very difficult to choose just one. The villages in the Lofoten islands are my favorite from around the country, most small towns are very picturesque, situated by the sea and surrounded by spectacular mountains. Its inhabitants lived in earlier times or drying fishing for cod, now do mainly from tourism. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful, as it is located at the foot of the mountain called Reinebringen. Within the village, there are many excursions to go to the village and it is a hard ride which reach 400 meters of altitude, in which even in summer cold My recommendation is not to pass by Reine, admire it from the E10 as a whole and strolling through its famous fishing huts, known as rorbur. housing currently serving. DOn't just listen to what people say. Instead, see for yourself that Reine is the most beautiful village in all of Norway.
Of Cultural Interest in Stavanger
Gamle Stavanger (old Town)
Cruise ships often dock at the Vagen Havn, which is just 200m. from the entrance of the old city. The main attraction of Stavanger is the old Gamle Stavanger, composed of small wooden houses painted white. It is west of the harbor and facing the Valberget tower. I should make a special mention of Stangate Ovre Street, you have to spend a few minutes walking along it. It is very entertaining stroll, down the narrow cobbled streets of the old neighborhood of 173 wooden houses, built in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is only 5 minutes from the cathedral, as everything in this city is within walking distance. I highly recommend it.
Of Cultural Interest in Bergen
Southern Fjords
I really recommend renting a car and exploring the many kilometers of narrow roads along the Norwegian fjords. Each landscape is better than the one before, and the calm waters reflect the mountains like a mirror.
Cities in Ålesund
Alesund is one of the largest and most important fishing ports in Norway. The fishing fleet is one of the most modern in Europe. Highly recommended to spend a few days relaxing, sightseeing and enjoying this beautiful city in Norway.
Historical Monuments in Oslo
Akershus Fortress
I was in Oslo in the summer of 2011 and the truth was that I was surprised by this fortress, and it is even better since it´s near downtown. Entrance fee isn't a lot and there's a great atmosphere. The worst are the people in the frames because they are so ugly.