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    Where to stay in Norway

    Hotels in Bodo
    Rica Bodo Hotel
    Perhaps the second best hotel on this trip after the one in Oslo. Despite the time we arrived at the staff was carefully priced local food polite and courteous. A suite type room with quite a large lounge with an extra bed for Rodrigo awaited us, a bedroom where despite all the furniture you could dance and two bathrooms. The indicated price is from 2006 and was for three people. The breakfast buffet was quite abundant, under the debris left because breakfast had been taken previously by a tour group of Spanish that swept away everything with ladies taking food inside the bags for the rest of the trip. Pathetic.
    Hotels in Vossevangen
    Stalheim Hotel
    Stalheim Hotel overlooks a steep mountain valley near the town of Voss. The hotel itself does not stand out for its luxury or refinement, but for the views that can be admired from the yard and some rooms. There are two roads leading to the hotel, but that one that really stands out is known as Stalheimskleivane, In fact, this steep road is one of the main attractions of Norway in a nutshell and its traffic is reserved for tour buses.
    Hotels in Balestrand
    Kviknes Hotel
    It is a spectacular hotel with a colonial air, which can be found on the shores of the Fiord. It is about 200€ per night, but the cost is more than justified by the quality of the hotel. As it is only open in the summer, because in winter this area is not visited much. It has its own mooring and is well connected by boat. I have a special affection for this place, because our visit coincided with the Olympics in Beijing, and from the hotel room I could see the basketball final between Spain and USA, although it was in Norwegian.
    Hotels in Stavanger
    Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger hotel
    Stavanger is a lovely and visitor-friendly city that serves as the gateway to Norway's magnificent fjords. The Radisson Blu Atlantic is very centrally-located hotel on the banks of a small lake in the city center. The staff are charming and kind and the rooms are spacious and have excellent views. The beds are comfortable, and the bathrooms are definitely big enough. The breakfast is pretty good, and the wifi in the rooms worked perfectly. We wished the air conditioning had worked better, but it wasn't exactly essential at the time we visited. Everything was clean - highly recommended.
    Hotels in Kirkenes
    Kirkenes SnowHotel hotel
    The ice hotel in Kirkenes, is not just a hotel, it is also a restaurant where you can taste typical Norwegian and Sami food around the fire. There are activities for everyone,like walks in search of the northern lights, dog sledding, snowmobiling, king crab fishing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, etc.. Disconnect from the busy world and try different activities in a magical ambiance. The hotel has several rooms, each decorated with a different theme and made entirely of ice and snow. Every winter they re-build it, until spring comes and it melts. The best time to vist, in my opinion, is in January-February. Before then the days are dark, there aren't many hours of light and doesn't allow for many activities. It is alos very cold, but that creates a beautiful landscape that can only be seen at this time of year.
    Hotels in Bergen
    Scandic Bergen City hotel
    The Scandic Hotel Bergen is located close to the city's funicular train and the shopping area. It is a large hotel with 254 rooms decorated in dark colours and elegant style. When I passed through Norway last year, we ate dinner at this hotel on our second day. The buffet food didn't have much variety, but it was all pretty good.
    Hotels in Bergen
    Thon Hotel Bergen Airport
    I toured through the Fjords in Norway this summer. The first stop was Bergen, at the Thon Bergen Airport Hotel, picked by the tour company. We only spent one night in this hotel. We had a triple room, which was actually a double with an extra bed, so it was a little small. The hotel was decorated in reds and purples, very original. The bathroom had a Scandinavian style shower (no tub). Since this was the first we had seen, we found it funny. Scandinavian showers are at ground level and have a curtain. When you shower, water gets all over the bathroom floor, but since they're heated, they dry quickly. The TV in the room was small and CRT. There were no Spanish channels. The room had an iron and a kettle. For me, the worst thing about the hotel was its location, near the airport. Being so far from the city, you couldn't go for a walk after dinner. Also we had dinner at 7 pm, at which time we could have visited the city, but they had to tease us.
    Hotels in Forde
    Rica Sunnfjord hotel
    The third stop on the route I did this summer was the Norwegian Fjords. We stayed at the Rica Sunnfjord Hotel for two nights. The triple room was actually a double room with a small sofa bed. This hotel was one of the ones we liked out of the available hotels on the route we had chosen. He was in the center of Forde, which allowed us to meet people. It also has a small pool and a sauna, so the first day of the trip we just came back and enjoyed the hotel. The room was comfortable and spacious. It had a Scandinavian shower. The only thing I did not like is that the floor of the room had carpet and I didn't like it at all. Although I must say that the carpet was very colorful.
    Hotels in Hamar
    Scandic Hamar hotel
    The Scandic Hamar Hotel was chosen by the agency for our sixth stage in the circuit of the south of Norway. The hotel is big, and pretty nice from the outside. In the garden there is a sculpture of a pig with her piglets - very original. The room was a double with an extra bed, but was a little cramped. The decor was simple, without many extras. It had an iron with ironing board. The TV was small and CRT. The desk was simple. The bathroom had bath with shower screen. The best thing about the hotel is that you could visit the city easily, as it was not far from the city center, so we could take a walk at night to get to know Hamar.
    Hotels in Molde
    Scandic Seilet Hotel
    The fourth stop on our tour took us to Molde, Norway. This time we stayed at the Rica Seilet, a hotel worth staying at for the views alone. They definitely had the best views of the hotels we'd stayed at so far. It is shaped like a candle, and seeing it from afar we thought it would be a great hotel. The views from the rooms and from the panoramic terrace on the top floor are fabulous. When we were there, there were still snow-capped mountains, so the scenery was spectacular. The room this time was a huge quadruple room, it was great. There were dressing gowns on the bed for us, and the bathroom had a heated towel rail. As usual in Norway, there was a copy of the New Testament in the night-stand drawer, in Norwegian and English. I must also emphasize that at breakfast this was the only hotel we stayed in that had croissants. It appears that Norwegians do not really like pastries, I love them so when I saw this hotel I was very happy ha ha.
    Hotels in Stryn
    Villa Visnes hotel
    Villa Visnes is one of the historic hotels near Stryn and Nordfjord in Norway. No doubt it will surprise you. When you come here it's like travelling back in time. especially with the ceilings, lamps, decoration, bathrooms etc. Villa Visnes, open since 1850, is a family operation, and as explained to us, it is in the 7th generation of the business. The hotel is a summer hotel and is open from May to late September. Don't miss out on eating there because they do a delicious salmon and sweet desserts leaving you very satisfied. I recommend the hotel if you love Norwegian art, if you want your excursion to the Nordfjord, or if you like trout and salmon fishing on the River Stryn. From here you can organize it all.
    Hotels in Aurland
    Vatnahalsen (Myrdal) Hotel
    The village of Flåm has been a popular tourist destination since the late nineteenth century. Currently it receives approximately 450,000 visitors annually. Major attractions include a boat trip through the fjords and Flåmsbana, the train that travels the 20 miles between Flåm and Myrdal, one of the steepest slope railway trips in the the world (including in its ascent several spirals). Opened in 1940, the Flam Railway connects Sognefoss with the railroad leading from Oslo to Bergen. This hotel is in the path, it is a hotel with a long history. Built in 1896, it became popular for being located in Vatnahalsen, a station stop facing the end of the Flåm Railway line,in Myrdal. Because of its location and the wonderful view of the Flåm Valley,it is today a popular destination for tourists from around the world, especially those who travel by bike to Rallarvegen on the fantastic route. The best thing is that its old flavor has remained unchanged for years and its location, in addition to this their waffles with blueberry jam and whipped cream, ummmmmmmmm
    Hotels in Asker
    Thon Hotel Vettre
    The Thon Hotel Vettre was the last hotel we stayed in during our tour of Norway. During the day, we visited Oslo and at night they took us to this hotel, which is practically in the middle of nowhere. The only thing nearby is a supermarket, so going for a walk was useless. As for the room, it was a double with a sofa bed. It was small and everything was very fair for three people. There was also a small table with two chairs. The decor was simple, a tad shabby. The bathroom had a Scandinavian shower. Unfortunately, the worst thing was that because we were in the middle of nature, you couldn't open the window without filling the room with mosquitoes! So we opted for being overheated. Like all hotels in Thon, there were red propaganda umbrellas that guests could use, but you had to pay if they wanted to take. I think it was about 8€.
    Hotels in Sogndalsfjøra
    Quality Hotel Sogndal
    Sogndal was the second leg of the circuit I made this summer by the fjord area. We stayed at the Quality Hotel Sogndal just one night, after visiting the wonderful afternoon Fjord of Dreams. The reception at the hotel is of black and white decor, which for me, is a bit sad. Even though the room was supposed to be a triple, for some reason, we got a double bed. The wood of the room was clear tone, which brought light. In the room, we were left some peanuts, nuts and wine, along with a letter containing the price. The TV was a Philips LCD. There was no Spanish channels. The hotel was located next to the river from the small town of Sogndal, so after dinner we had the opportunity to tour the town.
    Hotels in Trondheim
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim Airport
    The fifth stop of the tour I did this summer was at the cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. This time the hotel the agency selected was the Radisson Blu Trondheim Airport, located near the airport. The hotel was nice, and the decor of the rooms was very cool. There was a double bed that was quite spacious. There was a kettle in the room. The bathroom had a bath and a separate shower. There was an LG LCD TV was, but no Spanish channels. The desk was very modern, I really liked it. The worst part of the hotel was its location, I would have liked to have stayed in a less luxurious hotel closer to the city centre so I could explore the city more or go for a walk after dinner.
    Bungalows in Sortland
    Vesterålen Sjøhus
    One of our lodgings in Lofoten Islands known as SjøhusSenteret, is located 2 km from the center of the city of Sortland, in a small town in the heart of Vesterålen. The accommodation consists of 7 completely new huts at the edge of a fjord, each with two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and a bathroom across two floors. The setting is idyllic and is the ideal location for exploring the north of the Lofoten-Vesterålen archipelago. Cabañitas complex has a small marina where you can take excursions around the area and a restaurant where you can taste the exquisite cuisine of the islands. We also offer a breakfast service in your cabin if you prefer. A luxury ,but it is not cheap, like most things in this country.
    Country Houses in Olderdalen
    Cabañas Aabrekkgard
    There are some cabins that you can rent for less than 100 € / day between 6/8 people. The really spectacular thing is where they are located. You can be cooking and looking out of the window at a breathtaking view of a glacier next to Nordfjord. After 10 days touring Norway this is one of the places that stuck in my memory the most. When you sit on the stairs of the cabin and look around the landscape, you feel insignificant in comparison.
    Apartments in Luster
    Solstrand Fjordhytter (Cabañas Sobre Fiordo)
    If on top of the spectacular scenery of the Norwegian fjords you add the experience of staying in one of these cabins that are on the edge of the Sognefjord and of sitting on the balcony to see the eternal Norwegian summer sunset, of using one of their boats and paddle to the middle of the Fjord, that spells luxury. The cabins have 2 floors, the ground floor with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, lounge and terrace on the first floor there are 2 more bedrooms. All very functional and well mounted. The price is very reasonable. Ideal if you're into water sports or if you simply want to enjoy spectacular views.
    Hotels in Oslo
    Grand Hotel
    The Grand Hotel is situated in the heart of Oslo, just 500 meters from the Royal Palace. It is a flagship hotel where people stay who are going to visit the Scandinavian capital. They serve its rich buffet breakfast at Grand Café, which also has a popular dinner menu. It is worth sitting on the deck and watching the glamorous clientele sitting (if the weather permits). The Grand Hotel also has a rooftop bar and a spa with sauna, pool and steam room. The subway station is steps away and Oslo Central Station is less than 10 minutes walk.
    Hotels in Oslo
    Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo hotel
    Located in a convenient area and close to the Royal Palace. It has Wi-Fi and all the amenities, such as gym, sauna ... If you're lucky and you get a room on the upper floors, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Oslo. A drink on the top floor and watching cruises enter to Oslo harbor is a good way to pass the time.
    Activities in Norway
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