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Things to do in Kielce

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The top 5 attractions in Kielce

Cities in Kielce
Kielce is a city located in the southeast of Poland, with about 200,000 inhabitants. It is halfway between Krakow and Warsaw, and it is a very famous city, with lots of things to see. As it was the town where the Bishop of Krakow lived it has many palaces, ancient buildings and museums, plus a very beautiful historic center. There are direct buses from Warsaw and Krakow. It also has a lot of greenery, mountains, forests ... is an ideal place to go with kids. It is also perhaps most famous for the lynching of Jews by Poles, held there after the Second World War. Its inhabitants are known by the nickname of the "razor" (I cannot remember what it is in Polish). But the city is not dangerous.
Streets in Kielce
Calle Sienkiewicza
Sienkiewicza Street is the most important street in Kielce, it's pedestrianized and is one of the longest. The shopping area, cafes, cinemas, restaurants are all there, even the pubs. During the day people go to shop or have a drink, and at night they go to the pubs. It has busy street life and is the nerve center of the city, besides being quite a nice street with lamps and cobblestone
Historical Monuments in Kielce
Karczowka Monastery
This monastery is so named because it's on the top of Mount Karczówka (a hill really as it's not very high) and is dedicated to San Carlos Borromeo. The first church was built in 1624 to give thanks to the saint for saving Kielce from a cholera epidemic that swept Poland. It was Bernardine monastery until 1864, when the order was dissolved by the Tsar as the monks were helping the rebels. The monastery is very beautiful with a green roof, it has access, on the right there's a chapel and on the left the church. If the "lord" it looks good and fancy, you can go up the church tower (free) and enjoy the best views of Kielce.
Of Touristic Interest in Kielce
Monte Karczowka
Karczowka Hill is the highest elevation in the Cordillera Kadzielnianskie in Kielce (340 meters above sea level). It's composed of Devonian limestone and is covered by a forest of old-growth pines, some trees are 170 years old! In 1953 it became reserve area - 26.55 hectares of limestone hills, ancient forests and historical sites. It's also an area where mineral and geological phenomena abound, for example, there are many historical relics from the exploitation of lead. It's beautiful for walking, hiking, or just to climb up to the Monastery and enjoy the best views of Kielce!
Of Touristic Interest in Kielce
La Colegiata
The Archbishop's Palace complex in Kielce also includes the Church of the Most Holy Trinity and Collegiate. The original twelfth century stone church was built in Romanesque style, it was enlarged in the sixteenth century and in 1632-1635. The style keeps enough similarity to the palace, though much less ornate. Of particular note are the clock tower and the vast esplanade that's right in front.