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Things to do in Centro

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The top 596 attractions in Centro

Unusual Places in Tondela
A Serra do Caramulo
The Sierra del Caramulo Tondela belongs to the municipality of Viseu. It's a mountainous area of ​​granitic origin, in fact the mountain is populated by villages with typical granite houses. A couple of miles away is Caramulo, you can climb to the highest point of Caramulinho that is 1075 meters high. From this point, on clear days you can see A Serra da Estrela and appreciate the green fields with yellow flowers and enjoy the stunning scenery while breathing in clean, fresh mountain air. In this area you can find the origin of the medicinal waters of Caramulo. Not far from there, you can also go to the Mirador "Cabeço da Neve" to admire the beautiful landscape Besteiros Valley to get an idea of what the area is like. And after all that walking,if you're not too tired, you can go down to the town of Caramulo to eat at the restaurant "Varanda da Serra" which offeres delicious local foods.
Universities in Coimbra
University of Coimbra
When you go to buy the entry ticket, the 10 euros seem expensive. However, once you start to visit the different rooms, you soon realize that it was money well spent. There are different types of entry tickets for various types of visits, each with its own price. You can get them in the building outside the Patio e Escuelas. My advice is to begin by the [poi = 971031] Auditorium [/ poi], then make your way to the [poi = 696071] Clock Tower [/ poi], the [poi = 696521] Chapel of San Miguel [/ poi], and finishing up at the [poi = 695421] Joanina Library [/ poi].
Cathedrals in Batalha
Batalha Monastery
It commemorates the victory, on 15 August 1385, of the Portuguese troops, commanded by the young Nuno Alvares Pereira, over the invading Spaniards in Aljubarrota. John I, the Portuguese king, had promised to build a monastery if he was granted victory.The work began in 1388. One highlight: the façade, equipped with beautiful gothic arches and pinnacles; inside, where it excels its grandeur and the height of his three ships, the so-called Founders Chapel, surmounted by a dome of great beauty and adorned with polychrome stained glass, the "capelas imperfect", ie unfinished, lacking cover, and known as Royal Cloister, all of it full of arabesques and floral motifs or cables that are influenced by Eastern styles.
Of Cultural Interest in Aveiro
There are several points along the channel to ride in a "moliceiro" and all are the same: € 5 adults and 3.5 € under 12 years a "fee" of 1 euro per person, but this is relative since some don´t charge for children and others do, while some make you wait until you fill the boat and others have up to 40 people. In any case it is worth a ride of 45 minutes.
Villages in Óbidos
In the District of Leiria, Portugal, Obidos is a medieval village which is dominated by its castle, and has centuries of history within its walls, and boasts a vast architectural heritage boht religious and historical relics. Throughout its history it was dominated by Romans, Visigoths and Arabs, being reconquered in 1148. This Portuguese villa was the resting place of kings and queens, and is a clear example of a fortified city reminiscent of the Mozarabic, Romanesque and Gothic. One can observe, when walking around the old town of Obidos, its nice little cobbled streets along with the picturesque white houses and red roofs, decorated with bougainvillea, sheltered by the impressive city walls, which all together take tourists through its centuries of history.
Beaches in Aveiro
Praia da Costa Nova
Spectacular beach with big dunes, it is very wide and very long and has fine sand. In November, it is empty. We spent a wonderful afternoon sitting in a modern bar, almost laying down in hammocks watching the sunset and the surfers riding the waves until it got dark. A delight.
Of Cultural Interest in Aveiro
Costa Nova
Costa Nova is famous for its "palheiros", houses which adorn the facades with colored stripes. Walking along the promenade one can see the views of these houses .There are seafood restaurants and the beaches are vast and full of surfers and tourists.
Castles in Óbidos
Obidos Castle
I was in Obidos last summer. The first time you go, you will be surprised that the situation and the charm of its interior, castle, streets, walls, etc. For lunch I could not find anything interesting and so we went to eat at Calda of Rainha. Regards. Mr. Camarena.
Cathedrals in Coimbra
Old Cathedral of Coimbra
The Cathedral, or "Sé Velha," in Coimbra is one of Portugal's greatest Romanesque buildings. It was started in 1162 by Bishop Miguel Salomao, and construction was completed in 1180 after two decades. In the chapel of St. Peter, you can find the tomb of Jorge de Almeida, Bishop of Coimbra (1483-1543). This cathedral is surrounded by narrow, winding streets which are a pleasure to explore.
Of Cultural Interest in Tomar
Convent of Christ
The Convent of Christ, part of the route of the Templars in Portugal, is in the town of Tomar. Its exterior architecture and garden can be visited for free. When I visited, in 2009, the entrance fee was €5. What I liked, apart from the architecture of its facades, were the central courtyard with its beautiful fountain and the huge chapel and altarpiece, which is a marvel. It is a must in Tomar.
Streets in Coimbra
Coimbra, though not a city that struck my interest, was recommended by a friend so I decided to check out something new, and I was not disappointed! I fell in love with its streets, the narrow paths through the city. It's full of monuments and people, but still quiet. It has great, warm weather and along the river you can get close to nature. The number of hills shocked me, to go anywhere you have to go up and down, but it really is part of the city's charm. Being a university town, it is really lively, with lots of young people partying. Eating in Coimbra is very cheap. It's typical to eat in a bars with a dirt cheap menu. For example: salad + grilled chicken + chips + white rice + bottle of water = 2.50 €! Yes, less than 3 €! Amazing! And you don't leave hungry! A beautiful landscape, a cheap vacation, a big party, if you have the chance, do not hesitate to visit Coimbra.
Villages in Monsanto
Largely known as the most Portuguese town in Portugal, Monsanto is a parish of Idanha-a-Nova on the slopes of a small but steep mountain named Monsanto Cabeço (Mons Sanctus). There are big granite rocks that are often part of their homes.
Churches in Coimbra
Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha
This Gothic church was built by Isabel of Aragon, Queen Santa Isabel, in 1283. The place where the monastery was built was a bad choice, due to flooding from the Mondego river. It was abandoned in 1677, when the Clarisse nuns moved to [poi = 696 111] the Convent of Santa Clara in Nova [/ poi], very close by. From May to September it is open from 10-19. From October to April it is open only 10-17. They allow you to enter up to 45 minutes before closing. We weren't allowed in because the visit lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half, depending on how long you take looking around, so go there early. It's close to [poi = 308791] Two Little Ones [/ poi]. Closed on Mondays, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.
Shopping Malls in Aveiro
Forum Aveiro
The Forum is a large, open shopping center that is located in the heart of the Ria de Aveiro and near the Hotel Meliá. The ground floor and first floor have the following stores: jewelry, accessories, sports shop, games, optician, music and books, cosmetics and perfumes, shoe stores, clothing stores like Mango, Zara, etc.. On the first floor there are restaurants such as Mcdonalds, Pizza hut, Aki ai soups, Rio Brasa, etc. It is a very ornate place, especially at Christmas, as you can see in the photos. In short, it is a good place to spend the day shopping, enjoying a coffee, or eating at one of the restaurants.
Gardens in Coimbra
Parque Mondego
Mondego Park is, as the name suggests, on the River Mondego, passing through Coimbra. It's also known as Mondego Green Complex, it was inaugurated in June 2004 and occupies an area of ​​400,000 square meters that are dedicated exclusively to leisure and sporting activities. In this large park of about 4 km you can practice hiking and biking. It has halls for temporary exhibitions and sports in canoes, karts, electric cars and boats. It also has a playground and catering right next to the river with local cuisine.
Historical Monuments in Coimbra
Monastery of Santa Cruz
Located in the lively May 8th Square, the Santa Cruz Monastery was founded in 1131 by the canons of the St. Augustine order. Today it is a national pantheon since it hosts the tombs of D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, and his son, D. Sancho I. It is open daily from 10:00-12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. The entrance to the church is free. The entrance to the sacristy and the cloister costs 2.50 euros for a normal entry and 1.50 euros for a reduced entry. Sitting in a terrace bar in the square admiring the monastery, along with a glass of wine, is priceless.
Caves in Mira de Aire
Grutas Mira de Aire
Right in the heart of Portugal, 15 kilometers away from Fatima you'll find the Ace Grutas de Mira de Aire, which was discovered in 1947. Before 1974 it wasn't open to the public. However, after a partnership formed that lead to the construction of tunnels over the years, then they decided to open it to the public on August 11, 1974. Water games and lights complete their natural beauty. The Grutas de Mira de Aire is Portugal's largest, with an area of ​​10,000 m2, a 110 meter drop during the visit, an illumination of about 3000 lamps, and 2 elevators that can hold 33 people. Outside there is a water park, and various nature areas for contact with wildlife.
Nature Reserves in Seia
Serra da Estrela Natural Park
I visited the Serra da Estrela Natural Park during Easter. It is considered the highest elevation of continental Portugal. It is 1993 meters above sea level and is located between the towns of Seia and Covilha. At first it looked like there was not any snow but as we continued to go up the landscape changed to the point of seeing lots of snow and the fog that continued until the end. We went up to small store that was at the top, where they sold everything, including fur items like gloves, hats, etc. They also had coffee, so we had a delicious hot coffee and took some photographs. There were some cars parked there as it was impossible to keep going. On the way back, we passed by Seia and walked around looking for restaurant and as we were at a little late. We stopped for lunch at a great restaurant almost on the same road, but at the end of the village which is called "O Abrigo da Floresta". Http :/ / www.Minube.Com/rincon/61201 The real altitude of 1993 meters is at the top, called "The Tower", the highest point that belongs to the district of Guarda. At the sierra, there is also the Vodafone Ski Resort, the only ski resort in Portugal. There is snow cover from December to April and is sometimes aided by cannons that produce artificial snow. The Vodafone Ski Resort only has infrastructure for winter sports including modern lifts and equipment rental for skiing and snowboarding. The British company has sponsored Portuguese skiing since 2005 and is also responsible for the remodeling, hence the name Vodafone.
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