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Things to do in Târgoviste

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The top 3 attractions in Târgoviste

Cities in Târgoviste
Targoviste is a city that may seem a little dull and sad despite its prestigious past as Romanian capital and cultural center of the region between the years of 1385 and 1559 in Valachia. Thirty-three kings ruled what is now the heart of Romania. In the 16th Century, it was a famous arts and cultural center, which over saw the region's workers, painters, sculptors, such as Dobromir, to whom many churches owe their interior decor. Many of these churches bore witness to this past glory, such as Stelea, the main church of the city, open daily from 7am, whose construction is due to the Moldavian prince Vasile Lupu, and has an interior which is most magnificently decorated. If you go on a tour of the city, you have to include the royal court, which also has a beautiful church that was built by the dynasty of the voilvoides, and was surrounded by a double wall to ensure their protection. The real church dates back to the year 1580. But apart from these gems, the city unfortunately features many ugly buildings that were built during the communist era. They are gray and huge, and unfortunately they make you forget its glorious past.
Of Touristic Interest in Târgoviste
This region is the first region of Valahia that you pass through on your way to Bucharest, towards the northwest. It is a journey through the history of the Romanian nation, through the first three capitals, well protected by the Carpathian mountains in the distance. The first capital was Campulung, then Curtea de Arges and finally Targoviste. At the end of the 19th Century, the kings of Romania are installed in Romania, in the heart of the mountains, and the gates of Transylvania. Bran Castle is a favorite of the queen, and it is said that Count Dracula lived there. It is a region steeped in history, it is very beautiful and fairly easy to access, even though there is a lot of traffic when leaving Bucharest by car. There are castles, hiking, visiting historic towns and delicious local cuisine, stuffed peppers, smoked cheeses, bacon and spicy soup that burns the mouth. You need to take the car, because it is a large and extensive region.
Of Cultural Interest in Târgoviste
The Roms
The Roms make up a population of approximately 2.5 million people in Romania. Second-class citizens, they are found far away from the city, living in unsanitary villages on the outskirts. It is said that they are thieves, therefore nobody gives them work ... The Roma in Romania make up the largest community in Europe. They are followed by Spain and Bulgaria, with a community of approximately 800 000 people. The state thought he would not build roads, bridges and schools. Then people he manages, cultivate a small garden where nobody wanted to grow things, they recover waste recycling city, such as cans and other metal objects with which they build roofs for their houses. You can see the roofs from afar, reflecting the sun on the field. But few of them are successful, most do not know how to read, many children die, there is no running water or electricity, it is quite sad but it's part of Romania, and you have to see it. The holidays are magnificent and oral culture is still very much alive.