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Things to do in Álava

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The top 341 attractions in Álava

Villages in Laguardia
In the region of La Rioja Alavesa we find this beautiful medieval municipality where a walk along its streets is like going back to the 15th Century. In fact, the day we visited it there was a medieval market, creating a perfect atmosphere. The wall, about two meters high, surrounds the whole town, giving it a much more impressive appearance, as well as its streets, narrow and with stone buildings. It is worth highlighting Santa María de los Reyes, a monastery with a gothic façade where we find an important polychromed portico, one of the few that remain intact in Spain. It is a secret corner of Álava that is worth visiting and where you can also enjoy the amazing Basque gastronomy.
Squares in Vitoria
Plaza de la Virgen Blanca
Vitoria is a city made for walking, to enjoy it while strolling around without rushing, without the stress of cars. You find places like Plaza Vieja, where you sense that Vitoria is depicted in the walls of the buildings that border this beautiful and unique space. We contemplate part of ancient Vitoria in the stairs that give way to Gasteiz, we observe the romantic Vitoria, with its houses with white windowed balconies, the strong Vitoria with the incredible statue commemorating ancient battles. We find modern Vitoria where the city widens. The gastronomy, the tapas, is found in the innumerable taverns, bars and terraces; the feeling of the city with the great atmosphere that this square has. It’s an all inclusive, a beautiful recompilation of the Vitorias that await us. For me it is a unique place, full of life, history, art and culture, where suddenly a group of people start dancing to the sound of traditional music. It is a gathering place for locals, a welcoming place for those of us visiting from outside, and we feel a great warmth in this square. The hustle and bustle, the handshakes, kissing, kids running around, tourists, photographers, and the curious eyes, such as mine, that can’t stop looking all around. When you get there, sit down, observe, enjoy and feel the passion and elegance that this city transmits. I must admit, Vitoria made us fall in love with it!
Gardens in Vitoria
Salburua Park
This park is in the village, and it is where when i fisrt arrived to Vitoria, and I didn't know anything, I went in search of peace and quiet. When I took my camera out, this photograph became one of my first attempts at night photography. Now that I'm settled in at the city, it is still my favorite place. How I made this night picture? Everything was quite dark. ISO 200. With tripod, 25 "exposure. The highway was behind me and I was 2 meters above the camera. You imagine my face when I saw the result of the photo in the camera. I think this helped me to perceive a certain magic in this forest.
Cathedrals in Vitoria
Cathedral of Santa María de Vitoria
Situated high on a hill, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, overlooks the old town of Vitoria. It is a Gothic style cathedral, which grew from a twelfth century church. Due to this there were structural problems from the start. Due to these problems, the Cathedral was closed to the public in 1994, in order to undertake a series of reforms to solve the problems. However now you can visit the Cathedral in a very original way - you go into the work itself and see the restoration work. The visit takes place through scaffolding that crosses the Cathedral. A guide explains everything first hand, such as the reconstruction process and techniques being used. There are still a few years until it will be completed, but it is a unique opportunity to see and learn the whole process. Besides, in what other Cathedral you will have the opportunity to see it from the middle and up high?
Wineries in Elciego
Marqués de Riscal Winery
Elciego was not one of the places we were planning to visit, but its location in the road that took us to the region of Laguardia (where our hotel was) made us stop in the way. Suddenly one remembers how impressive Frank Gerhy’s work is, and one must stop and admire it. I’ve never had this feeling of “paparazzi” before, which is what we felt because we had no reservation and the access is limited to clients. With our camera ready, we tried every possible way to immortalize the futurist work of art. This is what comes from travel without planning, but at least we could enjoy the exterior of this amazing and titanic architecture that floods the landscape of the Rioja Alavesa. By sunset, the rays of orange sun, the games of colors and the brightness were amazing, and when I walked away I had to rub my eyes to make sure that what I saw was not a science fiction dream. Thus, we resolved to make reservations and come back to enjoy this exquisite winery and its glamorous resort. Once in a while it’s good to pamper oneself, am I right?
Wetlands in Vitoria
Pantano de Landa
Pantano de Landa is a beautiful place that is suitable for swimming and leisure in general, it is a completely green area with all amenities possible such as bars, toilets etc. .. It is used by both Alava and Gipuzkoa given the proximity to these province.
Of Cultural Interest in Vitoria
Mural Route
It is an interesting artistic curiosity in the streets of Vitoria. Up till today, there are about seven buildings that can boast this true works of open air art, but slowly, many facades of Vitoria-Gasteiz are awaking from their insipid life and becoming living stone, full of colors. As you stroll through Gasteiz you discover secrets that you won’t find in the typical tourist guides. It is worth to spend as much time as possible there and enjoy this street art that is transforming the old downtown of Vitoria while discovering the delights of this beautiful city.
Wineries in Laguardia
Bodegas Ysios
Inaugurated in 2001, the Ysios winery, located in the outskirts of Laguardia (about two kilometers away), Rioja Alavesa, occupy a building designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, next to the Sierra de Cantabria and built in a way that it is integrated into the landscape. Along with Marqués de Riscal, they are at the top of the ranking of avant-garde buildings inside a traditional wine industry. The outside is formed by wood beams supported on the lateral walls, creating an undulated surface. The material used in the outside is aluminum, which contrasts with the wood in the walls. The interior of the winery accompanies the avant-garde conception of the outside. You can visit the inside, but on weekends it is only open from 11-13. Anyway it is worth talking a walk in the surroundings of the building, with its vineyards.
Waterfalls in Amurrio
Nature Reserves in Vitoria
Humedales de Salburua
The Humedales de Salburua are part of the green belt around the city. I live very close to this spot, and I love coming here to relax surrounded by animals and plants. In the winter, you can go ice-skating, and in the spring, you can watch the deer during their mating season. A great spot for walking, watching birds, or just enjoying nature, only 10 minutes from the centre of Vitoria.
Historical Monuments in Vitoria
Vitoria-Gasteiz City Walls
Some of the vitoriano wall still remains in the old town. It has been rehabilitated and is now one of the most interesting tours of my city. Anyone who visited Vitoria a few years ago and were told that this city has a wall of more than 200 meters may have found it a bit strange because they didn't see the wall... maybe they wondered where it was or laughed at us because it was made up. But the reason is because this wall was not well known because it was mostly hidden by houses and streets of the old town. In the pictures you can see the visible part of the walls, which you can not see on the tour.
Gardens in Vitoria
La Florida Park
I like northern Spain because it is always green. Vitoria is an example of a city built around gardens, some decorated more than others, but green always dominates the landscape. The Florida park is the most ornate and maintained park of the city both in summer and winter. Here stands real size the figures of the nativity.
Statues in Vitoria
Ken Follett Statue
A curious statue precedes the entrance to the Vitoria Cathedral: a thoughtful Ken Follet who seems lonely and melancholic in the middle of the great plaza. When you go near, it is surprising to see him have a media celebrity air, a “because I’m worth it” kind of look. All jokes aside, the statue, the surroundings and the plaza constitute one of the most charming corners of the old Gasteiz. Once we finished the guided tour of the cathedral and while we were waiting for the tour of the wall, we decided to enjoy this corner and get closer to Ken. The truth is he doesn’t speak much, but his books are interesting. A great literary figure has given international fame to this beautiful town, which has rewarded him with this interesting statue. His last book draws a lot of inspiration from the Vitoria Cathedral.
Historical Monuments in Vitoria
Plaza de Españ
I spoke of Ca l'Oscar as "the place to eat rice that succeeds in the last year", and with good reason. Taking advantage of good weather at noon, we sat on the terrace of the restaurant, in the heart of Tarragona, Plaça del Rei, and ordered rice for six. First, a pica-pica as classic as well as croquettes, salad, squid and tomoto bread (pa amb tomàquet in Catalan). Second, rice. I could write a thesis about variants of paella up and down the Mediterranean coast. In this case, it had more red than yellow, with seafood but no vegetables. In any case, 10 - a no nonsense restaurant with good food and that triumphs like the people of the city.
Churches in Vitoria
Catedral de María Inmaculada
Here I've posted a photo of the Catedral de María Inmaculada. As you read this, I'm sure everybody will think that is a picture of the front, it isn't, the picture was taken from the park that's behind the cathedral. You can see the charm that this cathedral hides. I hope you like it and visit it.
Of Cultural Interest in Vitoria
Vitoria-Gasteiz Old Town
The medieval old town of Vitoria-Gasteiz is almond shaped and the streets and townships form around the Cathedral of Santa Maria in its height. The streets are named for trades and craftsmen ve settled them, such as Cutlery street, the Painters, the Blacksmith or the Shoes. There is a guided tour of the Cathedral and the old city wall.
Squares in Vitoria
Plaza del Machete
Located on the road between the church of San Miguel and San Vicente. The Plaza del Machete marked the boundary of the medieval town, and owes its name to the fact that on the wall of the church of San Miguel there's a gap, where a machete was once kept (nowadays you can see a replica). It was used by the local government, who swore to enforce laws under it. It was also known as Judgement Square, as the death sentence was carried out here.
Villages in Elciego