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Things to do in Vinaròs

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The top 14 attractions in Vinaròs

Beaches in Vinaròs
Platja del Forti
Belonging to the Costa de Azahar, Forti beach is one of four that comprise Vinaros. It is 715 meters long and the sand is "whitish" (which doesn't mean it is white). It's a stony beach, making it very rough with white powder. On entering the water the rough sand disappears and there's a hill made entirely of stones (as in the river), when you get down that small hill you "finally" see the typical fine sand of a soft beach. Depending on your degree of endurance for suffering, it is preferable to enter the water headfirst. For the quieter, there are reading tents, governed by the City and monitored, where you can sit and read the newspaper or a magazine, or where children can color.
Villages in Vinaròs
Beaches in Vinaròs
Vinaros Pier
Newly arranged, with some parts still under construction, Vinaros Pier is an ideal place to stroll with the beautiful sea environment around you. Always crowded with fishermen (amateur and professional), this dock serves as a mooring for working and leisure boats as the marina is also located here. At the end of the pier there's a panoramic view of Vinaros, and, a little closer, the typical views of the whole fishing area.
Beaches in Vinaròs
Vinaroz Beach
In the heart of Vinaròs is a boardwalk, located by Forti beach and the port area (where every day of the year its famous shrimp arrive). You can combine the wonderful views of the beach with enjoying the taste of the sea in one of its many terraces.
Statues in Vinaròs
Sculpture to the Archbishop of Tarragona
Don Jose Domingo Costa & Borras was born in Vinaros in the year 1805. He was honored and awarded by Pope Pius IX with the title of "The great soldier of Christ in Spain." Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, granted him the construction of the port in the Vinaros. Don Jose was consecrated as bishop in 1848. The people of Vinaros later dedicated this sculpture in gratitude for his service to Vinaros on March 28, 1965, in the centenary year of his death.
Churches in Vinaròs
Mercy Chapel
Ermita is 5 km from Vinaròs, on a hill about 180 meters high. The building was at first of Gothic style, followed by Renaissance reforms (with excellent porches), but later on it suffered an intense Baroque transformation. They perform two pilgrimages a year: the day of San Sebastian and the feast of Our Lady of Mercy.
Squares in Vinaròs
Sant Antoni Square
A few meters from the beach promenade of Forti, is Piazza San Antonio. It has been recently fixed and you are struck by the colors with which it is made. The floor has colored tiles and there are spaces dedicated to children, with games, and a large pergola in the center, where you can relax admiring the flowers and plants. In the center of the pergola there's a circular fountain lined with small tiles of various colors, like crystals. The square is surrounded by buildings that aren't too high (3-4 floors), that engage in trade and catering.
Coves in Vinaròs
Cala del Pinar
Small steep creek, with stone and charming and beautiful waters. Usually it's not too crowded and is ideal to enjoy the sun and take a dip!
Harbors in Vinaròs
Port of Vinaròs
I liked the fact that it's a place to take a leisurely coffee with the calm sea beyond. A magical light, it's a place to go in any season and at any time of day.
Coves in Vinaròs
Coves in Vinaròs
Squares in Vinaròs
Minimundo is next to the bullring in Peniscola Castellon. This mini-world has a 360 degree panoramic view.
Festivals in Vinaròs
Shops in Vinaròs