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Things to do in Logroño

196 contributors

The top 82 attractions in Logroño

Streets in Logroño
Calle Laurel
Everyone told us we should go to Laurel Street in Logroño, where you eat "pinchos" (a special type of tapas). So we went there and it was without a doubt the best decision we could have made. At first, we went in shyly to places that were packed with people. Getting to the counter was something quite complicated and we were not exactly sure about how and what to order; but the very kind waiters were very helpful. Once we knew the tricks of ordering we were the "kings" of the place: one "pincho" here, another there, one beer for you, an aging wine and then to the next place... We went again the next night, and the next day... The prices are very reasonable: it depends on the place but the average price for a "pincho" is 2€. As for drinks, apart from the usual, you can order "cortos" (small glasses) that can contain been cider or wine, which cost around 50 cents (depending on the wine you order of course). It is quite difficult to tell you about one place in particular, since you go and try them all and do not remember the names. What I can do is recommend one particular "pincho". For example the "zamburiñas" filled with sea food was to dye for (1,80€), or the ham "zapatillas", something simpler but the ham is very good. Another popular thing is the mushrooms, served with different sauces and condiments or the "Bocatitas del tío Agus" (meat sandwiches), which I also highly recommend, as well as the fried eggs of the Bodeguilla de los Rotos. I want to go back! The most famous is Laurel Street, but just next to it there is also San Juan Street, which is still a nice place to have some snacks and a good time. They told us that it is sometimes called "The Elephants' Path". This is because in Spanish "to be trunk" means being drunk. Anyway, the important thing is to have a good time and enjoy local gastronomy. I highly recommend it. It is also a good place to enjoy different specialties of the Rioja's ultimate product: its wine.
Churches in Logroño
Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redond
It must be the greatest and most famous religious building in Logroño. We are in front of the Co-cathedral of Santa María de La Redonda, standing out with its two towers. The porch is really admirable. It is also very nice to have a walk in the interior, where there are different paintings, such as the Crucifixion, attributed to Michelangelo Buonarotti. There are also very lively sculptures. The day I visited the co-cathedral there was almost no one so we could appreciate the entire church. I was not surprised at all when I saw the wire netting in the porch so that pigeons would not make the entrance dirty. I had the opportunity to see how they prepared the Holy Week in the city, with many volunteers and curious tourists. During the last week of March, I had the opportunity to enjoy this monument and this quiet village bathed by the Ebro river. The greatest attraction is the architectural style, being a baroque church, since it was started around the 16th century. A few meters away, there is Laurel Street, one of the best places for pinchos in La Rioja and in Spain. I highly recommend it. If you are looking for another type of tourism and something different, I also recommend visiting the Palomares de Nalda.
Gardens in Logroño
Parque del Espolón
Looking to my right, I saw a child ve was picking beautiful flowers from the grass and from the other side, I could see a beautiful image of a horse walking on the flowers, so I didn't wait another minute to take this picture, which I think is very beautiful.
Rivers in Logroño
Puente de Hierro
Puente de Hierro crosses the Ebro River in Logroño, from Sagasta Street, in direction of the North and it ends just in front of the Bodegas Franco-Españolas. Its name simply comes from the fact that it is made out of iron, but its the type that is characteristic of those post-Industrial Revolution buildings, such as the great train stations, markets, the Eiffel Tower... From there you can see the Stone Bridge (Puente de Piedra) and in between them there is the Science House (Casa de la Ciencias), the old slaughterhouse of Logroño transformed into an exhibition and scientific culture building.
Churches in Logroño
Church of San Bartolomé
As we were near the river and we saw the tower jutting over the horizon, we decided to go and look for it. It wasn't hard, we simply followed its tower and within minutes we were stood in the Plaza de San Bartolomé. We were surprised as its walls are joined with other buildings on one side and some of the area is currently under construction, making the view not as good as we thought. However, we could see the Moorish tower, which was formerly used for defense purposes and its main entrance doorway which portrays, among other passages in the Bible, the martyrdom of St. Bartholomew.
Wineries in Logroño
Bodegas Franco-Españolas
I went with some friends to see a winery and was greatly surprised. This warehouse, just five minutes from the centre of Logroño, hides a history of over 120 years. We walked through its corridors, surrounded by barrels, and found ourselves in a room with a reproduction of Velazquez's Las Meninas. We enjoyed a tasting, where we had a lot of fun as well as learning a bit about how tastings should be done. Special visits are available at different times of the year.
Gardens in Logroño
Parque del Ebro
Logroño has much more to offer than the world-class wines for which it's famous, and the atmosphere of the well-known Calle Laurel. Take a look at this park, with more than 150,000 square meters beside the River Ebro, which flows through the centre of the capital of La Rioja. It is the largest urban park in Logroño, and is a great reminder of the joys of a smaller city over somewhere like Madrid.
Wineries in Logroño
Bodegas Darien
It is a winery located very close to Logroño, specifically on the road from Logroño to Zaragoza, km 7 (N-232). It was inaugurated in 2007 and has a a design and architecture very modern from the outside and very minimalist from the inside, like many of the impressive wineries that have been built lately in La Rioja. Apart from visiting the winery and the wine tasting (there is even a course on wine tasting), it is worth eating in the restaurant of the winery, where you eat very well.
Of Touristic Interest in Logroño
Centro de la Cultura del Rioja
The CCR or Rioja Cultural Centre is in a historic building in the old town of Logroño. It's a sprawling modern cultural centre which unfortunately has not come into operation since its opening in summer 2012, for lack of budget. The place is extraordinary, with several floors, a huge auditorium, very modern tasting rooms, and first class facilities that are now collecting dust.
Streets in Logroño
Calle San Juan
They tell you: Logroño equals Laurel. But the pinchos and wine are not exclusive to this street, you will find them all around the area (Albornoz, San Agustìn) and a bit further. There you will find San Juan Street, generally preferred by the locals, but tourists are also starting to go there. You will find cheap and classic pinchos. The street has a neighborly atmosphere, calmer; you can even talk to the waiters. The bars are associated, so you can check both in the website and outside the place a list of bars and their specialties. In my opinion one must go both to Laurel and San Juan.
Streets in Logroño
Calle Portales
This is what Portales Street is: the epicenter of life in Logroño, where you always end up after a walk in the city. It is always full of life. It crosses the old part of the city and gives life to the stores that it houses under its arcades. The Market Square and the Santa María Cathedral surround it. Like with many Spanish main streets, it is great at night, with a golden light… “This orange light that you have in Spain is as if the sun never stopped shining”, I heard a visitor say. Of course, he was German, and there the public lighting is white and of low energy. Lighting aside, what is interesting of the street is to walk it, visit its shops, have pinchos in its bars and to appreciate the buildings’ facades, essential.
Squares in Logroño
Plaza de Santiago
Logroño hides small surprises in its streets, like this huge "Game of the Goose" (something similar to Snake and Ladders) that decorates the surface of the square. Apart from gooses, the motifs of the small squares consist of villages referring to the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), since the square is crossed by the route when they pass through Logroño. From the sides, a huge dice invites you to play and jump from square to square. The best is to see it without people, so that you have the view of the entire board. It is a lot of fun for the children. Without a doubt a curious place to visit, where you will bump into pilgrims heading to Santiago. On the same square, going up towards Santiago el Real Church, you will find the Pilgrim's Fountain.
Of Touristic Interest in Logroño
Rioja Vineyards in Autumn
The vineyards in Rioja are fascinating, not only for producing excellent wine, but also for the surrounding scenery, which is best seen in autumn. Reds, browns, oranges, greens, we can see all this permeating the vineyards beyond infinity. This beautiful landscape can be seen throughout La Rioja, but there are places around Calahorra or Briones with the most spectacular vineyards. Not surprisingly, the landscape of the vineyards are to be considered a World Heritage Site, hence the importance of culture and landscape. Do not miss this spectacle of nature, every autumn in Rioja vineyards.
Wineries in Logroño
Bodegas Olarra
Located at 30 Avenida de Mendavia, this Logroño winery was founded in 1973. They perform two types of visits for individuals: first, the winery tour and tasting/appetiser pairing (6 € / pers). A specialised guide will show you the whole process, from the grape harvest to the bottling and subsequent aging process. Duration: 1h 30min, accompanied by a tasting and snack. Winery Tour with introduction to wine tasting course (20 € / pers): Visit supplemented with a course of introduction to wine tasting and a tasting of eight wines accompanied by snacks. Duration: 3 hours. Minimum 8 people.
City Halls in Logroño
Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Logroño)
Lots of architects come to see the Ayuntamiento de Logroño (City Hall), “it has become very famous”, they tell me in one of the bars in Laurel Street. Outside of the old part of town, the city hall of Logroño doesn’t appear in the guide books, but many locals recommend walking there to see it: passing the Muro de Cervantes, seeing the beautiful façade (in the picture) of the Escuela Superior de Diseño (design school) and continuing on Avenida de la Paz, we reach the big plaza with the city hall. “A unique example to know and understand the Spanish civil architecture of the lat years; constructed over the building of ancient headquarters, on the continuation of the old city and open to the eastern urban expansion of new Logroño”, they explain on the website. It is the work of Rafael Moneo, built in the seventies and today it’s part of the daily life of the people of Logroño: there is a school behind it, and the square is the meeting point for parents and kids and the end of the school day. Instead of encountering tourists drinking wine, you can see kids playing football. Isn’t it nice to get of the established routes? More details: the building is beautiful seeing from the air (and if you can’t do it, here is a link that will allow you to appreciate it, and if you feel you’re in Salamanca, it’s normal: they use the same stone in Salamanca’s historical downtown). It is architecturally interesting and kind to tourists, if you feel like discovering something beyond the guide books. And it’s recommended by the local people!
Museums in Logroño
La Rioja Museum
The Museum of La Rioja is located in Calle San Agustin, one of the streets that make up the old town, specifically in the Palace of Espartero. Museum hours are 10:00 to 14: 00h and 16:00 to 21:00 from Tuesday to Saturday, the museum is closed on Mondays, and is only open in the mornings on Sundays and holidays.
Of Cultural Interest in Logroño
Casa de las Ciencias
After crossing the Puente de Hierro over the Ebro, you'll find yourself at the Logroño Science Museum. When we went, there was an exhibition about Roman Engineering in Spain. It is a small space, but used very well to organise some excellent shows. We saw models, panels and archaeological remains showing the complexity of the first "consumer society" as the Roman Empire was by the time of the fourth century.
Markets in Logroño
Mercado de San Blas
Long live the markets: fresh local food presented in a simple way, a festival of colors, aromas and tradition along the stalls. Since I barely like food, I always go to the markets of the cities I visit. The San Blas Market in Logroño is also known as the Abastos Market, and it is a good place to begin the tour of the city: after passing through Espolón and going into Sagasta street, number 1, we find this building that is pretty both inside and out. It is open since 1930 and was built by architect Fermín Alamo. The stalls offer fruit, nuts and dried fruit, fish, meat, as well as other typical market products. Since La Rioja can boast an exquisite gastronomy, it is a good option to go there early in the morning and get typical products from the region: asparagus, peppers, chorizo or mushrooms. A lot to choose from!

The best things to do in Logroño

There are tons of great places to visit in Logrono. Capital of the province of La Rioja, there are many fun things to do in Logrono. Close to the Ebro River,
Logroño has been a crossroads for many trails, namely the Camino de Santiago. The historic center is among the many attractions
in Logrono. The Cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda is one of the oldest buildings in the city and dates from the 12th century. It has undergone numerous renovations and extensions throughout history, the last being the incorporation of its famous twin towers in the 18th century.

Other things to see in Logroño in the old town are the Church of St. Bartholomew, Church of Santiago el Real, and the convent of La Merced. Among the non-religious buildings and Logroño attractions, you cannot miss visiting Laurel Street, Iron Bridge, and the San Blas Market. Art lovers shouldn't miss the Museum of La Rioja, House of Science, or Würth Museo La Rioja, which is a major highlight of the city. La Rioja is a also a type of wine, and there's nothing better than leaving the city and visiting some of its wineries. This is unarguably one of the best
activities. It's also where you can learn more about how one of the best
wines in the world is made.

If you want to know a little more about the city and what to do in
Logroño, visit minube where you can see our users' favorite spots and learn more about all the stuff to do in Logrono today.