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Things to do in Phuket

117 contributors

The top 45 attractions in Phuket

Islands in Phuket
Phuket Island
Well I had a very good time. The most important is to bring mosquito spray because they will bite you a lot but the rest was great. It´s very hot and the beaches are lovely, good food and very tranquil and if you want to go out at night you an go to the center of Phuket a Paton. There are all the bars and restaurants and anything else you want to buy. If you want tranquility the rest of the island is perfect. I recommend it.
Beaches in Phuket
Kata Noi Beach
This beach is located in Phuket which is south past the beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata. The road ends here so most of the people here are staying on this beach or one that is close by. It has fine sand and is quite long. The main accommodation is the Katathani hotel which is where we stayed. It's a great beach for relaxing and the water is good for surfing during the appropriate season. On one side, there´s a mountain full of vegetation and on the other, a precious stone cliff where you can see the sun set and the waves breaking on the rocks while having dinner at Mom Tri's Village. It´s a highly recommended beach to go and unwind at. The other beaches are quite close too. The most famous one is Patong which is about 20 minutes by Tuc-Tuc.
Islands in Phuket
Ko Tapu
Due to a mistake I have created an entry on the blog about "dancing an H" since Ko, can be written with or without H. So here I have left you some photos, because I have not been able to erase the blog I created earlier ... which you can see at www.Minube.Com / rincon/54797 of Miguel Angel Cartagena. The rock has a height of about 200 meters, is shaped like a monolith, and when you see it surrounded by the blue sea, you understand why it has been "co-star" in many movies
Beaches in Phuket
Karon Beach
Thailand has a highly variable climate, especially in certain parts of the country. There is a period between May to September when monsoons hit the Andaman Sea. This photograph was taken on the beach in Karon, at four in the afternoon.
Shows in Phuket
Phuket FantaSea
Flying Elephants! Disappearing elephants! Cannons which shoot you! There were people flying, chickens and goats running around the stage, fairies dancing in the air, Thai dances, war reenactments. This is everything a country like Thailand can offer in the paradise island of Phuket, in the south, in the Phuket FantaSea. A nearly two-hour show where they show you all the Thai culture after having enjoyed a typical meal in the huge exhibition halls of FantaSea or after exploring the many shops on the streets beside the enclosure. The wait to start the show is livened up by dances and elephant rides! All these add up to a nice typical hotel shuttle transfer with all the kindness that is so typical of Thai drivers.
Cities in Playa de Patong
Of Touristic Interest in Phuket
Rawai Sea Gypsy Village
In the southeast of Phuket, lies this strange gypsy sea village, most of the people are Muslims, and their livelihood is fishing. The houses are on stilts made of wood that form "streets" . There they have a small covered market where you can buy some crafts, and even fish. There is a restaurant where the menu consists of fresh fish, and although it may not be the cleanest, it´s worth eating there because the views of the coast are pretty.
Beaches in Phuket
Leam Sing Beach
Leam Singh Beach is located 20 minutes from Patong going towards the north. It is a public beach, so you'll have to pay for sun loungers and umbrellas, and it's mostly frequented by Italian and French tourists. The beach isn't visible from the main road; to get there, you'll have to go down a steep path. Ideal for snorkeling, and there are several bars and restaurants.
Beaches in Phuket
Nai Harn Beach
The beaches of Phuket are quite touristy. They have shopping centres, restaurants, streets and bars. It's not easy to find a "natural", untouched beach here ... but Nai Harn is still a paradise, and I'm faithful to it. People who go to this beach are often foreign retirees or tourists seeking a quiet place to relax. I hope it remains as it is now, and doesn't get destroyed by the hordes, as has happened to the other beaches. You can rent a chair all day for 1 or 2 euros, enjoy fresh coconut juice, the, the sound of the sea, white sand, no jet skis that make horrible noises, only catamarans in the bay: This beach really is paradise.
Islands in Phuket
Ko Khai Nai
The little sister of "egg island" Koh Khai Nok is kho khai nai. It is an island where there are no buildings, and many people go here to practice snorkeling. They go from one island to another to enjoy its spectacular marine life. It is an island with small coves surrounded by trees where you can enjoy being in a completely natural environment. Truly gorgeous. To go swimming there you cannot take a camera so I can show only the photos from Egg Island. From Phuket there are several places by which you can access these islands by hiring a boat. It takes about 25 minutes with a long tail from Loh Jaak Pier. Also accessible from Chalong Bay, Laem him and Koh Sirey, which are possibly the nearest places to this island. Here are some photos for you to see. Greetings.
Roads in Phuket
Kata Noi
One of the best days we spent in Phuket was on one of the two days it rained. During the morning we swam in the sea, and the water was tremendous, but I was a little uneasy because there are hammerhead sharks in the area sometimes. They are said to be quite shy animals, but of course your mind runs away from you! After breakfast, we took a walk along the road from Kata to Karon Noi. Along the way, we saw not just the wildlife and surrounding mountains, but the local people and how they lived.
Islands in Phuket
Ko Mak (Monkey Island)
We had the opportunity to visit Ko Mak, or as it's often known, Monkey Island. It's practically a desert island excepts for its star inhabitants: monkeys. There are little monkeys everywhere and they even run up to you once you get off the boat. We offered them bananas and they would run up and grab the slices right off our tray. A lovely trip, highly recommended, although be careful not to upset the monkeys; a scratch or bite could send you to the hospital for vaccinations. But if you love nature and find yourself in these parts, don't hesitate to visit!
Harbors in Phuket
Royal Phuket Marina
The Royal Phuket Marina is a port east of the island of Phuket, where the company Andaman Leisure Phuket offers tours to a lot of islands, including those highlighting Pang Nga Bay with James Bond Island, the Phang Nga National Park, canoeing, Monkey Island, and the famous Phi Phi islands with postcard beaches like Maya Bay. From here, you start from Ferrys by speedboat for a more than half a day excursion where you are offered food included in the tour price. It's a modern port where homes are now being built meaning there are boat moorings and really quite impressive complexes with places to eat. The routes vary by destination, but a ferry to the Phi Phi islands can last an hour and a half. It leaves at 8:30 and 13:30. There are obviously other ways to get to these destinations, like various jetties catching a longtail, but it's better to do a guided tour, with food and everything organized. For more information, you can visit the website at this Annex spot. Greetings.
Temples in Phuket
Wat Chalong
Although best known as a beach rather than "historic" destination. Phuket has 29 temples, the most revered is the Buddhist Temple Wat Chalong. Admission is free and for photography lovers this incredible temple looks like a postcard. Its architecture is Rattanakosin style like thousands of other Thai temples. Its central structure called the "Great Pagoda" has several levels, many statues and murals and a sanctuary. Unfortunately being such a busy temple, it's hard to feel the "spiritual environment" that is supposed to be felt.
Surfing in Phuket
Surf House Phuket
When there are no waves and you want to surf, or if you want to get started, this is it. It's a fun bar, but very original, has a kind of pool with a ramp in which a monitor starts the surfing. The current is very strong and makes it hard to stand. They have a bar where you can grab something to drink, and there are also burgers, sandwiches, etc. It is open from 10am - 12pm.
Streets in Phuket
Thalang Road
The Phuket Old Town is a very nice place to explore because it's quite small and really only one square with four or five streets branching out. The main street is Thalang Road and it's famous for its Portuguese-English colonial style buildings dating back to the the early 20th century. You can also see Malay and Chinese architecture resulting from the mining boom of the last centuries. After years of neglect, the local government is finally restoring this beautiful area.
Bars in Phuket
Naiharn Reggae Bar
Next to Nai Harn beach on the island of Phuket, this is one of those places find by chance. With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this bar is run by a family of Rastafarians ve make you feel like one of them. Our time there coincided with the celebration of the Full Moon Party (nothing to do with the one which is included in travellers' programmes) which became a true multicultural festival, where no one is strange and is very fun and enjoyable. With barbecued steak, fluorescent tattoos, music DJs from all over the world you get that feeling of having experienced something special.
Islands in Phuket