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Things to do in Antalya

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The top 46 attractions in Antalya

Villages in Kas
If you fancy exploring the Costa Licia in 'gulet' (traditional wooden boats), with delicious food, stay in a comfortable small hotel and spend a few days, Kas is the place you should go. The town revolves around its harbor where fantastic yachts with flags from different countries and old gulets are docked. In front of it, almost like a lighthouse, stands the white minaret of a mosque. Kas is a city for travelers and sailors who love the good life. In the lovely cobbled streets, shaded by bougainvillea and jasmine, abound carpets and antiques shops and beautiful restaurants serving typical Turkish delight. There is nothing like returning to Kas after a boat trip to Cachet. The sunset colors everything red, gulets return to port, and the terraces of restaurants, and some diners light lanterns.
Waterfalls in Antalya
Düden Waterfalls
A group of waterfalls in the province of Antalya, Turkey, formed by the River Duden (one of the most important rivers in southern Anatolia). You can find them 12km northeast of Antalya, ending when the clear waters fall from a rocky cliff directly into the Mediterranean Sea - a dazzling spectacle. No wonder Antalya is known as the city of waterfalls!
Of Cultural Interest in Kas
Ancient Lycia Coast
Great, diverse, and multicultural, Turkey is a spectacular place full of surprises. I have so much to tell. But since it's summer and the only thing I can think about is the sea, I'll start with the fascinating Lycian Coast, a stretch of the Aegean ranging from Antalya to Fethiye. The best part was embarking on a 'gulet' in the port of Kas and navigating it through the maze of uninhabited islands. There are sunken Lycian treasures, clear water, and huge sarcophagi over 3000 years old left on the tops of the islands. And in this paradise was Kekova, an island that's out of this world. It has a small port, fig trees, timid women selling bouquets of lavender, and men napping under leafy vines. It's as if time is stopped here. www.Xanthosturizm.Com Xanthos is the efficient agency for yachting adventures that I went with. Although I am reluctant to go in a group, I have to admit that it was great!
Beaches in Olimpos
Olympus Beach
The path that connects the village of Olympus to the beach is amazing. It goes between laurels in bloom and huge trees that shade the track which is fortunate because at the time it was really hot. The narrow path skirts a crystalline stream which overflows at times, so you get to the beach, soaked to the waist. The beach, an open bay is spectacular, the best I saw in Turkey. It's a combination of pebbles and sand, so one can stay for hours either sleeping or lying in the sun. The bay is ideal for swimming, the water is incredibly clear and warm. Gulets (wooden boats) and yachts are anchored near the shore. The atmosphere is very relaxed as there are lots of young people, many hippies. Tip: Stay until sunset. The beach gets golden, the surrounding mountains are greener and full of huge sand seagulls. It ooks like a different place.
Historical Monuments in Antalya
Hadrian's Gate
Erected in honor of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who arrived in the year 130 AD, Hadrian's Gate is a triumphal arch in white Antalya marble. Located in the heart of the city, it is nevertheless quite difficult to find, so it's best to go accompanied by a guide. From the top of the tower, you can admire the roofs of the city, and the bay of Antalya.
Harbors in Antalya
Port Akdeniz
This summer we went on a trip to Turkey for 15 days, and one of the fondest memories that I have, accustomed to traveling on my own, is a day that we went around on our own in Antalya. There was a little beach with sunbeds and a bar to drink where the prices of the drinks were printed on the shirts of the bartenders (they were not expensive), and a historic center crowned with a beautiful medieval harbor offering stunning views of mountains that vanished and appeared in the day. It is also advisable to go around on one of the boats that constantly comes out of there.
Ruins in Kemer
Ruins of Olympos
Despite its backpacker and hippie atmosphere, Olympus has an ancient history: Here, in the 2nd century BC, flourished Lycian city. There are not many traces of the old Olympus, but what is noteworthy because it is beautiful but because of its location. The ruins scattered along the path from the village to the beach and people are content to take a look from there. But if you venture into the woods for a few tracks, marked with tablets, although quite bad, you are in a magical world, where among a jungle of flowering laurels, figs and vines, are spectacular sarcophagi, statues, sculptures, and remains of a city that must have been wonderful.
Historical Monuments in Antalya
Aspendos Amphitheatre
Aspendos is an ancient Greco-Roman city, about 45 kilometers east of the present city of Antalya. The theater, constructed by local architect Zenon during the reign of Marcus - Aurelio, is one of the best preserved of the Roman world: it has a stage wall, and the cavea is in excellent condition. Even the gallery down before with arcades has been preserved until present day.
Of Touristic Interest in Antalya
Turkish Riviera
At 100 km from Antalya, Turkey on the Turkish Riviera, we can find a paradisaical place called Alanya, just between the sea and mountains. I was there in October 2008. Enjoy the wonderful views and stunning sunsets. You'll certainly have a wonderful vacation here.
Historical Monuments in Antalya
Islands in Kekova
Kekova Island
An island of the type that everyone fantasises always, that's Kekova. I got there on a 'gület', a beautiful wooden boat which is typical of ancient Lycian Coast. I got on at the Kaleköy port, which is less than an hour from Kas, and sailed all day through the clear, warm shallow waters of this Lycian paradise. This area of ​​the coast is dotted with uninhabited islands with ruins that are over 3000 years old. Most impressive is the Sunken City, a Lycian city submerged under water. Kekova is the largest island on the Lycian Coast and is an earthly paradise. It has a small harbor with wooden wharves, simple stone houses, vines, fig trees, a couple of bars by the sea, and incredible carpet shops. The island has a medieval fortress and and an amazing amount of Lycian sarcophagi are scattered across its arid slopes. As the island lost in time, its few inhabitants don't seem to be from this era. All are older, looking like they are 100 years old. Men nap in the shade of the fig trees, women sell bouquets of thyme and lavender sachets. While they talk, or sit in silence, they are always crocheting.
Nature Reserves in Antalya
Of Touristic Interest in Kas
Tumba Licia
Walking through the fishing village of Kas I came across this beautiful Lycian tomb in the middle of town. It's very similar to the ones in the Lycian archaeological sites throughout the south coast of Antalya and it's free to see.
Beaches in Antalya
Turtle Bay
On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is Fethiye near Oludeniz, Bordum and Kas. We only stayed one day, but we enjoyed the beautiful sunset and stunning aerial views (hang gliding). Here are some photos.
Of Cultural Interest in Antalya
Acropolis of Syllaion
The city of Syllion is not too from Anatolia, so you can go here for a day trip, combined with other tours such as Termessos and Aspendos. It's an ancient town, said to be founded by Argo, which bears some traces of the Byzantine period, especially in the acropolis. You can visit the area freely without paying anything.
Beaches in Antalya
Museums in Antalya
Mevlana Museum
A nice monastery and museum where you can see many objects of the dervishes. In the center of the mosque there is a box with relics of the founder of the Whirling Dervishes, specifically of the beard hairs.
Shopping Malls in Antalya
Migros Shopping Center
Migros Shopping Center is a small, pleasant shopping center in Antalya with well-known international brands like Zara, Mango, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. The prices aren't exactly a bargain but they're not expensive either.