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Things to do in Canelones

86 contributors

The top 31 attractions in Canelones

Beaches in Atlántida
Atlantis Beach
Atlantida Beach is one of my favorite places to relax and by close to nature. In it's clean beaches and clear water you can spend unforgettable days, and at evening and sunset, the show before your eyes is incredible.
Airports in Ciudad de la Costa
Churches in Atlántida
Church Atlantida
It was in 2006 when I went for the first time, as since I studied architecture, it always interested me. We were in a group and our attempt to get there was unsuccessful because no one knew how to get there. No matter with what directions, we always ended up in the same place. It was the second time I went that I had more success and I could finally explore this brick wonder that leaves its condition and merges into undulating ceiling and walls, where light penetrates in a precise and lovely way. It was ingeniously constructed. There's no denying the ambition and innovation of technology. The same goes for the way to get there. That's why the first time we went, nobody knew how to guide us. It's a wonderful work. A place of peace, even though the construction technique has required great ingenuity and complexity, the atmosphere is just lovely, charming, thought-provoking and worth admiration.
Spa in Atlántida
El Aguila
The Eagle is in the Department of Canelones, Gold Coast, Spa Villa Argentina. It's a building dating back to the time of WWII with lots of stories about its creation and use. There you can see spectacular sunsets accompanied by the sound of gentle waves breaking against the rocks. You can get here from route Interbalnearia (km 44) or from the Rambla de Atlantida.
Spa in Canelones
East Spa
Peaceful, quiet and wild, this is truly a wonderful place! Rich in nature, sun and sea, simple and peaceful, natural, situated in the East, in my native Uruguay, places and memories of unforgettable days. Natural Spring Water that falls from the mines of the Sierras throughout the year and provide the landscape of the beach and the spa called Blade High!! Another tourist attraction!
Of Touristic Interest in Canelones
Sunset in Cuchilla Alta
Sunset at sea ... it is something truly magical when the sun melts into the water an casts wonderful sunset colors that touches the heart of any human being and remain with him forever.
Forests in Canelones
Canelones Wild Field
One sunny afternoon, I approached Dam Lake of Canelón Grande by bike. There I found total wild vegetation, peace, and nature ... Suddenly a screamer went over my head squawking and I went to the lake to have a peaceful moment. It's a beautiful view that is very unique. Without leaving my wonder and delight in the natural silence, I heard some cries from above ... I turned and the leafy trees covered my sight to the sky ... Suddenly the screamer, answering the call of his mate to nest on the shores of the lake, appeared. I saw it and it looked down just as I focused my camera. It met its partner and they were soothed by my innocuous and invasive presence ... Those are the experiences of contact with nature that is found in the natural country of Uruguay.
Beaches in Parque del Plata
El Paraiso Beach
Well, what can I say about this resort, I can tell it has the best beaches with sand so fine that it slips through your fingers with large areas that provide comfort and tranquility for the tourist, cuisine which highlights meats, wines, seafood, etc., which are recognised worldwide, it is a place where you can still breathe fresh air and sit at sunset to listen to nothing but the sound of the waves and gulls. About the people: they are very hospitable and friendly. I assure you that you will not regret getting to know the Uruguay Gold Coast.
Ruins in Toledo
Toledo Roman Circus
Mérida, Tarragona, Calahorra and of course Rome, but Toledo? Did anyone imagine that Toledo had a Roman circus? OK, so there are experts, or scholars, or even just ordinary people who vaguely remember what they learned in school. But I belong to another sector of the population who did not expect to find a Roman circus at Toledo. Although perhaps it was the circus who found me. I stopped to contemplate what at first glance looked like a park and read that it is an ancient Roman circus. It dates from the first century and was later used as a cemetery in the Muslim and Moorish period. A paradox of life, that one of the places to party and meet for the Romans, became resting place of dead, a necropolis of the unique inhabitants and, at the same time, multicultural Toledo.
Spa in Atlántida
Atlántida Spa
This is where I take my favourite photos. Atlantis is a small seaside resort on the Gold Coast of Canelones, Uruguay (a small and beautiful country in South America). It lives mainly off of tourism and boasts beautiful beaches. With a suitable hotel infrastructure and varied restaurants, it offers tourists a very cozy and friendly atmosphere, typical of small villages and resorts from Uruguay. The photographs have to do with the area's nature, beaches, cliffs, places to visit and also pictures of flowers (taken in my own garden). I hope you enjoy them. Woman of the Sea.
Of Cultural Interest in Parque del Plata
Parque del Plata is a beautiful resort that is not just only for young people but for everyone like couples, families and more. The place is beautiful, the landscape and the flora are something you won't believe until you see, every sunrise and sunset is different like every day is a new painting. Fernita is the two-story American cabin built on a very high Medano, making it the highest. From the porch you can see the sea and from the balcony there is beautiful landscape as far as the eye can see.
Of Touristic Interest in Santa Lucía
Costa de Oro
It is one of the main tourist areas in Uruguay. Its main resorts, such as Salinas, Atlantis, Parque del Plata, La Floresta and Costa Azul are also visited by foreign tourists. The tranquility, security and the possibility of a full rest, makes it seem like a true paradise. While tailored to the needs of most tourists they offer no frills but certainly have all the comforts and amenities of the modern world. The beaches of fine white sands along the Rio de la Plata look like the ocean make it seem more like a sea rather than a big river. After spectacular summer evenings, the night has a number of possibilities. The main center of the nightlife takes place in the Atlántida spa which has an important gastronomic center, casino, discos and nightclubs for the young. Along the Gold Coast during the summer, there are many shows you can attend for free.
Gardens in Canelones
Times past, eras, people, school street art in a beautiful place that lives in the moment with the exemplary manner of free thought. The boat that sails for the first time, and it no longer sinks in agony.
Spa in Canelones
Cuchilla Alta Balneario
Beach, Sun and Sea - an amazing place which is 100% natural and so wild that it's almost uninhabited, where man has not even touched it, only and exclusively to visit and enjoy the sunset. It really is one of the most beautiful places in the world where you can enjoy utter peace and solitude.
Of Touristic Interest in Ciudad de la Costa
Spa in Canelones
Balniario Neptunia
My experience is common in this city, I mean, I live here. In this city you can find everything from beautiful beaches, to pine forests in the mountains, which is where I like to take pictures because there is such a variety there of things to see.
Of Touristic Interest in Atlántida
Atlantis invites you to rest on the beaches and parks and stroll among shops, streets and picturesque sites. It is the option to relax without losing sight of the summer movida. Many people chose Atlantis as leisure destination between García Lorca and Neruda. You can visit: the Expo amphitheater which puts on shows; the boat-shaped Planet Building built by Natalio Michelizzi and which forms part of the National Heritage; the ancient Eagle building of Villa Argentina - a symbol of the area whose history is shrouded in mystery and legend (it was a house and shelter for Natalio Michelizzi, spa pioneer). The parish church Cristo Obrero is an architectural gem of great heritage and value, it was designed and built by the engineer Eladio Dieste.
Villages in Las Toscas