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Restaurants in Italy

11.332 contributors

4.722 places to eat in Italy

Restaurants in Rome
Pizzeria da Baffetto
This place is located on a small street near Piazza Navona. I had heard that there’d most certainly be a line but that the wait was well worth it. We got there a bit late and luckily the queue had died down and we didn't have to wait too long after all. The décor is quiet and normal and the place seems small; the tables are basically stacked on top of each other so it feels like you’re eating elbow-to-elbow with the rest of the customers. But oh, the pizzas…they melt in your mouth. Super recommendable!
Restaurants in Naples
L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele
Amazing pizza!! There was a long queue for a table so I took a "take-out" and ate sitting on stairs near a market enjoying. Definitely the best pizza I've ever had. I give thanks for the recommendation. God I have wanted to return to this pizzeria, definitely the best pizza I've ever eaten. We found out about it through this app and got a ticket for a table number, but we had 24 numbers before, so we decided to ask for take-out had only 1 Italian before us, we ate sitting on stairs near there buying a coke from a bars that are all over the city. Amazing pizza!!
Culinary Interest in Rome
This is a true temple to gelato and is quite famous in Rome. Everyone ve visits Rome should stop by and try the gelato at least once during their trip. It was founded by an Italian couple, Guiseppe and Bernadina Giolitti, and became so famous that it even supplied ice cream to the Italian royal family. There are indoor and outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy some gelato, a slice of cake, or one of their exquisite truffles. It’s definitely a must when you’re in Rome. After all, the ice cream is world famous.
Cafés in Venice
Caffè Florian
This is perhaps the oldest café in the world, dating back to 1720, where countless influential Europeans sat at the tables. I was lucky enough to visit during Carnival and, although a bit pricey, it is worth it to feel transported back in time to the Golden Age of the 'Serenissima'. We went as the 'canons' dictated, I.e. with our 'Venetian' costumes on, and could not count the number of pictures we took. A unique experience. Recommended 100%
Culinary Interest in San Gimignano
Gelateria Dondoli
When they say that they make the best ice cream in the world, it's because they really do make the best ice cream in the world. They have a great variety of flavors so you're bound to find something you like as you visit the city and all its towers (13 at the moment, above all the Devil's Tower). To emphasize the point even more, this place has won awards for best ice cream in the world in 2006 and 2008.
Culinary Interest in Milan
Panzerotti Luini
Panzerotti is a type of typical Italian dumpling, which is smaller than cal zone. In Panzerottis Luini's, there is a variety of panzerotti, and you can choose from various fillings and if you want it fried or baked. We tried both and they are very good! It´s cheap and it´s an alternative to pizza taglio. You buy the food to take away, you can´t eat it there. It is one of the most popular places near the Duomo of Milan, go and check it out!
Cafés in Naples
Gran Caffe Gambrinus
The Gran Caffe Gambrinus in Naples is located on Via Chiaia 1 near the Plaza del Plebiscito. It is one of the iconic cafes of old Europe where intellectuals of all kinds gathered: poets, writers, philosophers, politicians, etc.. It's relaxing to sit at one of their tables and sip a caffe lungo sfogliatella calda a specialty of the house. The sfogliatella is fairly large, made of layers of flaky pastry dough, and filled with custard. It is an absolute delight. Here in Buenos Aires there is a place on Corrientes street that makes some delicious ones but they are not served hot. The Gambrinus is one of the main streets of Naples, so surely pass by on your way down. Please be sure to sit and enjoy something or at least take a short walk inside ... The staff are not going to be offended if you do not eat anything. They are very, very friendly.
Restaurants in Milan
Caffe Martini
The Caffe Martini restaurant is ideal for lunch if you're sightseeing in the Duomo area of Milan. I was really happy with this restaurant, which is close to the Duomo because I did not expect such a meal for the price paid. We ate on the terrace so we could admire the beautiful cathedral while enjoying an absolutely wonderful meal. Two bottles of water, two exquisite pasta dishes, and an enormous and delicious tiramisu for 28 € total, while in the area we were, was not too bad. Good location, great staff, fabulous food for a great price with beautiful views!
Restaurants in Florence
Trattoria Bordino
This restaurant is hidden on a dead-end street just seconds away from the crowds at Ponte Vecchio. Everything on the menu is typical Tuscan food and the lunch menu is a bargain (7 euros), and the Florentine steak is only 10 euros.
Restaurants in Rome
Mò Mò Republic
Mò Mò Republic is both a restaurant and cultural center located in a renovated historic villa in Monteverde Nuove. The restaurant is known for its simple, high-quality Italian cuisine (you MUST try the fettuccine with mushrooms and truffles), good prices, and modern but casual atmosphere (in other words, no fancy dress required). If you're going to staying in Rome for a while, check out their website from upcoming events like movie nights, book signings, etc. You also have the option to become a "citizen" of the republic and enjoy membership discounts. The only drawback is the location. It's located a good ways outside of the city center but there is a good mix of transportation options so it’s still fairly easy to reach. I really recommend it.
Restaurants in Rome
La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D'oro
Only a few meters from the Pantheon in downtown Rome, I saw several couples leaving this place with cups of “café freddo,” a kind of frozen coffee cream. Others came out with delicious looking concoctions topped with whipped cream. And it didn't stop; people kept entering and entering this little café. I ended up going three different times when I was in Rome and I even bought several bags of coffee (they grind it themselves) before I went home. There’s nothing better on a hot day than a cool café freddo while looking at the colossal and magnificent Pantheon.
Restaurants in Milan
Pizzeria Spontini
A very unique pizzeria, where the pizza is sliced and is very thick. If you like that type of pizza, you'll be in heaven! It's a nice spot, with small tables, and paper napkins. Perfect for enjoying pizza with friends.
Cafés in Palermo
Antico Caffe Spinnato
Spinnato Caffè is located in the center of Palermo, in the middle of the flower market in the city. It is a cafe and chocolate shop where you an find coffees and refreshments and try a variety of different chocolate with diverse additives like lemon or pistachio, liquor, etc. There are two terraces, surrounded by the market flowers, which makes the ambient very nice. It is a great place to rest after a long day touring the city.
Restaurants in Rome
Osteria Da Zi Umberto
The service is quick and friendly and the portions are generous. We were a large party and they even treated us to appetizers. The place isn't big, but the terrace is large and the atmosphere ends up being friendly and casual. It’s located in Trastevere which has its own charm that no visitors should miss.
Restaurants in Trapani
Pizzeria Calvino
The Antica Pizzeria Calvin is an place in Trapani, and is said to make the best pizza in the city and really, I have never tasted a pizza like that one I had here. Here is where they serve the authentic pizza ¨trapanesa¨ which is different from any other in any Italian city. It is situated ted on the ground floor of a building on the street Nuncio Nasi, however it resembled a house (as I read, the place used to be a brothel). A long narrow hallway gives access to small rooms which are used for dining (each with 2 or 3 tables). The decor is quite common: paper tablecloths, plastic cups ... Here you can only eat pizza, but there are all kinds of ingredients. There are different sizes, depending on the number of perople (for 2, 3, 4 ...), but always ask for less than you want because they are enormous. The pizzas are round or oval, and are cut into small squares. The dough is thick but super fluffy and crunchy. And the price are very cheap, and with wine we ended up paying 12 € per person. At the entryway there is a small counter where you can order pizzas to take home, as well, which is convenient.
Restaurants in Pisa
Pizzeria Trattoria Toscana
Here we has some pizzas for dinner and we found it to be quite good value for money and the location is also good, as it is very close to the Tower of Pisa. I think it's a good choice for lunch or dinner and also there is a tourist that, although we did not order it, seemed quite good. The facilities are very correct, both the exterior and interior terrace and bathrooms.
Restaurants in Naples
Pizzeria Trianon
I was there. It´s very good but don´t expect the typical Italian restaurant. They say it is the best pizzeria in the world and the service wasn´t bad and you can choose from 4 or 5 types of pizza and beer or soda to drink. I loved it. Just in front there is another one that is also good called Da Miquele.
Restaurants in Rome
Sfizio Pizza
A delicious restaurant which is next to Termini, making it perfect to eat while on the way from one corner to another. They have all kinds of Italian food: Pizza (from fungi, plants, four cheeses, etc..), Cannelloni, penne, lasagna, calzoni, etc.., All at reasonable prices. A quarter of a pizza (quite large, the whole pizza probably measures more than two feet in diameter) ends up to be about 3 euros, and drinks around 2. The sit down dishes were slightly more pricey, but nonetheless very reasonable. A quarter of a pizza, a plate of lasagna, and fanta for about 10 euros. There is also a menu of the day but I didn't ask to see it. Great care, very friendly employees, like all Italians in general. I would give it A 10.
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