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Restaurants in Sibiu

27 contributors

12 places to eat in Sibiu

Restaurants in Sibiu
Crama Sibiana
This restaurant is in the Piata Mica, Sibiu in the small square.I went because a friend recommended it to me ad said that there was good traditional Romanian cuisine there. Seeing the other dishes, it actually looked good. There is a covered terrace outside, but we went to eat downstairs in a converted cellar dining room. There is traditional decor, with objects of everyday life of the Romanian Peasant. We ordered a starter to share which was a selection of meats, especially pork, sausages, ribs, ground beef and some chicken. It comes with pickled tomatoes and potatoes. It was not cooked enough, mostly the pork pieces, so we left a little aside because we were scared of being sick. At the end we asked to pay by card and they said they could not because we didn´t let them know at the beginning, I felt pretty bad. We insisted and finally they let us pay by card.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Crama Sibiul Vechi
This restaurant is situated on the Piata Mica, in the little square of Sibiu. It is fully refurbished and warmly decorated. There is a wine cellar, which dates back to the 19th Century. The owners and the name have been changed, but it great fun to go wine tastingthere. Now it is a traditional Romanian food restaurant, where you can try a plate of different meats and sausages with a creamy sauce (very good!) and a little cornstarch. We tried the stuffed peppers made with a mixture of meat and herbs. They serve generous portions and a main course was certainly enough. We arrived on a rainy day and the restaurant was almost empty. They treated us like kings, it was very nice. We really enjoyed the wines, we tried several glasses of the local wines, but the price seemed a bit expensive compared to a supermarket price, you multiply it by five.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Hermania Restaurant
Hermania is a German restaurant. It is situated in the historic center of Sibiu, a city founded by German Saxons in the Middle Ages, and it was given the name of Hermanstadt. It is quite a large restaurant, which is located on the ground floor, and it is also an important historical monument. On the menu you can find meatball soup, and other meat-based soups, mostly made of pork. There are also meat dishes cooked in a wine sauce, and polenta, pureed corn flour that forms the basis of the food in this region of Romania. When we went there, the restaurant was fairly empty and on several occasions we had to eat there because there was nobody there. It was high season in the city, and to spice up the place they organized concerts and other cultural events, but it seems that some of these nights, people do not go much.
Restaurants in Sibiu
La Turn
This restaurant in the main square of Sibiu is named after the Tower, in reference to its neighbour, the Council Tower. The latter is a real landmark of the city, built in the thirteenth century. Sibiu has a good selection of restaurants, and this is definitely one of them. It is completely open on the square, with large windows; in most restaurants here, you're tucked away in the small room of a medieval house. The menu offers Italian cuisine, with delicious coffee to finish. Soups, salads, pastas, pizzas ... it smells great when you walk past, and is one of the few non-smoking restaurants in the city. There is a decent selection of seafood and fish, grilled prawns, mussels, squid, baked fish, or grilled golden. The fish platter for two includes a good mix of tuna, salmon, shrimp, squid and swordfish.
Restaurants in Sibiu
The German-named restaurant of Hermannstadt is in Sibiu, which, built by the Saxons fresh from Germany in the 14th century, has kept its name for centuries. The restaurant is in the city's main square. It serves traditional Romanian cuisine, like soups, tripe or pork belly, so if you don't want to eat it, you have to say so very clearly to avoid surprises! But most of the dishes are delicious. The basic ingredients are cabbage, potatoes, pork, and onion. The offer good crepes for dessert too, which are thin pancakes with sweet sauces or jams in the middle. It's a little touristy, with dining rooms on the first and ground floors, which I found a bit dark and sad, but upstairs was fine. It was less than 10 euros for lunch or dinner. In summer, there are nightly folk concerts.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Orphee Bar
Orphée is an Italian restaurant of the Piata Mica, situated in the small square of Sibiu. It is a popular place for eating out at night. Most restaurants offer traditional Romanian cuisine around while Orphée is an Italian restaurant. The menu seemed a bit limited, especially when it came to pasta, which basically consisted of spaghetti and gnocchi. The plate of the day was three types of tagliatelle with seafood (we are more than 7 hours away from the sea!), Bolognese and vegetables. Nothing special, but it had the advantage of being a cheap place to eat. For less than 10 euros you can get appetizer, entree, and a drink. The interior room is modern and there are well presented tables outside.
Restaurants in Sibiu
It is a small friendly bar that is behind the Piata Mica, Sibiu in the small square. It has a terrace for summer, serving drinks and fast food. There are salads, soups (ciorba, the dumplings are very good, or tomato), and they cost between 2 and 4 euros. The main dishes are pork dishes, and they make a great roast of various sausages and meats, with cucumbers and tomatoes marinated in sweet vinegar. It is very expensive to eat at this place, and there is a menu translated into English too. The waiters speak only Romanian but it is a language that is easy to understand because it has Latin roots. There are good views from the terrace.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Weinkeller means the wine cellar and the restaurant is a little hidden from the Huet Square. If you go behind the church you will find a small tower, with a walkway through which the bottom of the city can be reached. The restaurant's entrance can be found right next to the tower. We decided on this restaurant because our guide highly recommended it. Upon arrival we found that there was a private party. Romania has great wines and we only wanted to have a glass of wine but it was not allowed. The restaurant had a nice outdoor patio and the food they were serving looked excellent. It is a shame that we could not try it. The restaurant serves wine by the bottle and by the glass, mostly regional wines but some foreign, which are obviously higher priced. The Fetasca dark and the Fetasca white are very rich and made of a type of grape grown in central Romania.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Cafe Wien
Café Wien is at the bottom of the Huet Square, in the back of the central church. It's above the first medieval forts in the city, constructed in the 12th and 13th centuries. It dominates the entire lower city of Sibiu. The cafe has a terrace on the square Huet and 2 inside rooms on 2 levels. It is a cafe that serves Austrian dishes, a place where you can try goulash soups, cakes, crackers, Frankfurter sausages, and even the music, which is connected to Radio Vienna. It is Installed in a big old house, also a protected historic monument, and the inside has been renovated to retain the special touch of the place. The atmosphere is touristy, but in the morning, when it is breakfast time, Sibiu's natives come down from German Saxons and Germanic dishes are appreciated in the city.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Restaurant Transalpina
We took a dirt road through Sibiu, so we didn't go through too many villages. There weren't many restaurants; this one came out of nowhere, like a blessing. We stopped to enjoy the magnificent river views. It has been converted into a hotel, and they were very proud to have foreign guests. The food is very filling, giving us the strength to continue down the road. We really enjoyed the chance to try the local cuisine.
Restaurants in Sibiu
We left Sibiu on a very nice dirt road, which was in the midst of being built, so we didn't pass many villages, let alone restaurants, and this came out of nowhere, like a blessing. We stopped mostly for the beautiful views of the river. There was a hotel, whose owners were very proud to have foreigners. It was part hotel and part triangular wooden huts, quite minimalist, but cheap. They serve food to the construction workers who are building the road, and we were served the same as them, a huge, hot portion with lots of fat, which gave us the strength to continue on our way. It wasn't luxury, but it was nice to try the regional cuisine, and the service was friendly. Since it's not a very touristy area, the terrace is behind the house instead of having a view of the forest and the mountains! We paid 8 euros for 2 people I think.
Restaurants in Sibiu
Restaurant Grand Plaza
I recommend this place for its friendly atmosphere and traditional Romanian cuisine - fresh and delicious. A good restaurant for foreign tourists passing through Sibiu who want a taste of the traditional. The restaurant is in the historical city centre, not far from the station.