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Restaurants in Coruña

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606 places to eat in Coruña

Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
A Taberna do Bispo
It’s been awhile since I’ve wanted to recommend this tapas bar in Santiago de Compostela, one of the busiest places in all of the old section of town since it opened in 2002. It’s a small “tapería” located on famous Franco street. It’s very popular among tourists, pilgrims, and those from Santiago de Compostela too, both for the quality of food and the great location in the old quarters, just a few meters from the cathedral. I recommend you try the exquisite tenderloin “pincho” (little dish) (2.70€), that are the best in the city in both quality and price, the ensaladilla (Russian potato salad) (3.30€), or the tortilla (Spanish omelet) (1.10€), or anchovies with cheese (1.10€), although any hot or cold dish won’t let you down. The deserts are also recommended: Santiago cake, cheesecake, fruit cocktail, homemade flan, Catalana cream, chocolate cake, etc.
Restaurants in A Coruña
Adega O Bebedeiro
I’m from Coruna, but I’ve lived and traveled across the world, and one of the main reasons for returning is the Bebediero, a place I’ve known since 20 years ago and that has only gotten better over the years. I have many friend that only say they’re visit me in Coruna if I take them to Bebedeiro, but it can be hard to get a table at times. A commentary about the translation of the name. Bebedeiro doesn’t mean drinker, but rather the place where one drinks. The name comes from bebedeiro of rock for animals that animals As it hindered/obstructed the distribution of tables, it was put up against the wall, which made it lose some of its local flavor, but allows for more people and more friends inside. The scampi with provencal sauce is a must, the sea bass pastries are for the truly hungry, the ox tail, and other meat-based dishes. The albarino of the house is really good and pretty cheap. They also have classic wine from the Rioja area. I recommend the Monasterio de Yuso.
Restaurants in A Coruña
Bar La Bombilla
This bar is always chocker block so be patient and get ready to enjoy some good homemade cakes and snacks of all kinds for very good prices (2 rods, 2 super cakes, 2 sausage skewers with potatoes and a piece of pie = 8 €) to be in the center of A Coruña. While not a gourmet place I recommend it for its authenticity.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
A Curtidoría
I have no idea where you got 10 € from. 30 € per person is about as low as it got (unless you do not order wine or dessert) It was carefully decorated and well located (very close to the San Pelayo, behind Praza A Quintana, in an lively area) and good food. Neither expensive nor cheap, nor sublime nor bland ... A decent place to take someone without spending a fortune. Its death by chocolate dessert is a secure hook ... But it usually disappoints.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
O Gato Negro
The other day I went there with my girlfriend (02/07/2012) and we came away happy. It's normally full and it sometimes takes sometime to get your food, but it's certainly worthwhile. The empanada (tuna or cod) is lovely, the cockles accompanied by the house wine were spectacular, the mussels were the best we've tried. You can't leave that city without stopping here.
Restaurants in A Coruña
A Nova Lanchiña
It's a little far from the tourist area, but it's worth it. There are only 9 dishes on the menu, but there's nothing else needed. The octopus is delicious. The portions aren't very big, so you'll definitely order more. The raxo is also recommended. The prices are affordable, a ration of octopus is 10.50 euros.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
Bodegón Os Concheiros
It's a little outside the centre, about 15 to 20 minutes from the Cathedral. It is a typical tavern, which is neither beautiful or elegant, but it is quiet, with a small menu. What stands out is the octopus of course, although the ear or roasted ham are really good. It's a classic in my travels to Santiago.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
Restaurante A Barrola
I am a resident in Madrid and Galicia and whenever I can go with friends or family to this restaurant, I have seen some people associate the Barrola 2 with the Casa Elisa Barrola restaurant but they have nothing with each other because the Barrola 2 is closed and no longer exists and the Casa Elisa is a specialty Jamoneria restaurant. Their waiters are exceptional, I recommend getting to know them, and the manager is professional in all sense of the word. Their food is excellent, as is true everywhere, there are dishes that are good and others very well, but overall it exceptional. Their rice with lobster is irresistible but what I liked about the whole menu was the good Galician seafood and the T-bone steak, the very best I've had in my life. Certainly nothing is wasted, I hope this review will serve to help and if you go maybe we agree on a vacation time, if not, enjoy the food.
Cafés in Santiago de Compostela
Café Casino
Not that the Casino Cafe is decorated like an old casino, It is the old Casino of the city. With the decreasing amount of members it had to open its doors to the public. A place not to miss. Take a seat on the terrace, in the middle of Rua do Vilar, or in one of its old chairs inside, either way you'll have a good time. It's not very popular among smokers, for the place intended for smoker they have an old "room of punishment."
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
Bierzo Enxebre
A lively place for the evening or for dinner. It's always full of people drinking wine and beer accompanied by sausage. In the back and on the side, there are long tables and wooden benches. You can eat very well here. The desserts are rich. Before, they had cherries in brandy for dessert, but the last time we went, we had them for free. They are delicious, but strong. It's a nice place.
Tapas Bars in Santiago de Compostela
Mesón O´42
We read good reviews and were not disappointed. The staff were charming, while waiting for the rice with lobster, they served an some exquisite food. Well cooked rice, lobster, we didn't leave anything. We shared dessert and a shot. In the bill we saw that the food and the shot was part of the offer. 26€ per head and a good tip is earned.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
La Bodeguilla de San Roque
This is a perfect place to have rations for supper or to have a glass of good wine. It's always packed, but the waiters are really fast as lightning. The pork tenderloins with cheese, pantumaca, octopus grilled are all delicious. The tables below are a little uncomfortable (tavern style), but the upstairs dining room is cozy.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
O Dezaseis
Typical dishes of very good quality and at a good price. Located in San Pedro 16 Santiago de Compostela. The menu includes a tapas of croquetas with smoked meat which are very good, well-made tortillas, octopus or grilled octopus, among other things ..... You can not go through Santiago without eating at this restaurant.
Restaurants in Ferrol
O'Lager Ciderhouse
We ended up eating at this restaurant on the recommendation of a lady who saw us taking pictures of all modernist buildings of the Magdalene Street. The restaurant is opposite the Mercado de la Magdalena, and though it is not very easily recognizable once inside reveals the type of food offered, it is full of cider boxes. The place is not big, decorated in rustic plan with a bar all along the right, and in front of it, a row of tables. He was full of people, but we were lucky and were able to accommodate us in one of these tables, then came the waiter to bring the menu based on typical Asturian rations, and take note of the commands. were two and ordered three portions: Scrambled eggs with turnip greens oricios (exquisite), baby squid and scallops with Cabrales (the worst of the three). The portions were huge, even the waiter recommended we ordered half portions (which is welcome), thank goodness! Because we could not finish all that food. We avoid dessert, going directly to the cafes and courtesy of the house brought us a plate with fresh strawberries (another point to thank). I don´t remember not exactly what I paid but I think it was around 20-22 € per person, including a bottle of wine, which I found very suitable. A highly recommended site, both for the exceptional treatment, for the price, quantity and quality of food.
Restaurants in A Coruña
Dinner for 4 greedy people, we love this place, Lots of varied dishes, colorful, and above all delicious, plus speedy! I also have to congratulate them on their customer service and care. We came to a piece of Hellenic culture, with good explanations of each dish and a little culture overall. It is a place with quiet music and friendly atmosphere, perfect and highly recommended,Keep it up!
Restaurants in A Coruña
Restaurante Manolito
One of the most popular restaurants in La Coruña, with over 50 years of history and two sites in the 4 Caminos - El Corte Ingles area. The first location is in Calle Ramón y Cajal, number 45. Tel: 981 282 062, but I prefer the one in Fernandez Latorre. The recipes showcase Galicia at its best, with supreme of halibut, cod confit, and hake cheeks. In terms of meat, you can't fault the pork with turnips, entrecote of beef or the lamb. In autumn they organize food festivals with game and mushrooms.
Restaurants in Santiago de Compostela
Restaurante San Jaime
With fantastic weather, we explored the city all morning. We finally had to stop to regain strength and to continue discovering Santiago. This is a friendly and cozy kitchen where pilgrims sit writing postcards, Santiagueños have a few drinks, and tourists, like me, eat.
Restaurants in A Coruña
El Rincon De Eli
This might be the world's smallest bar, so small that the door is within the bar itself. The facade is just over 2 metres wide, but the tiny size is at odds with the large kitchen. They prepare high quality food at unbeatable prices. In summer, there's a miniscule terrace if you want to smoke. They offer traditional Galician pork dishes, stuffed potatoes, prawns, roast ham, and sardines.