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Restaurants in Vizcaya

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343 places to eat in Vizcaya

Restaurants in Bilbao
Café Iruña
There is nothing like having a good host when you go to a city like Bilbao. My friend Mertxe took me to eat tapas and to enjoy the great atmosphere of this city’s classic. When I got to Bilbao I didn’t have time to unpack and went directly to this place, it was the best way to start the trip. It is a luxury available to everyone, since if you don’t want to sit in the restaurant tables you can stay in the bar and taste some tapas or have a delicious pincho “moruno”, one of the best I’ve had as of late. The Iruña has a curious combination of modernism and tradition. I couldn’t ask for anything else, it was the perfect way to start my vacation in Bilbao. Not to be missed!
Restaurants in Bakio
Eneperi Restaurant
It is a spectacular place to celebrate a special occasion, like in my case, both for the food and for the place, since it’s a walk from San Juan Gastelugatxe. The relationship quality-quantity is unbeatable.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Bar Eme
Whoever goes there to try the sandwiches goes back. I don’t know what these sandwiches have but they conquer everybody. The average price per sandwich is 2,50 €. Aside from the sandwiches, they also have a menu, even though generally people go directly to the bar, where the sandwiches are served.
Restaurants in Kortezubi
Asador Lezika Restaurant
II received quite a gift from my friends after visiting the Forest of Oma and the incredible route we did along the town and valley of the same name. The Lezika is what you expect to visit when you are in the Basque Country, a country house where you can eat good food in a natural beautiful environment. Also, if you go there after visiting Oma, it’s like the culmination of the impact this area has; and on top of that, it was a gift…amazing! Sometimes it’s worth letting yourself be guided by friends, and if they are form Bilbao, then even better. You have to book in advance! It has a succulent and exquisite menu, great wines and service. It has become one of the best restaurants I’ve visited as of late. Each plate that paraded in front of us seemed even more delicious than the previous one. When I see the pictures my mouth waters again! It is a place that I will most definitely go back to. I really recommend it, a must.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Restaurante Abaroa
The Abaroa Restaurant has two establishments in Bilbao: in the Plaza del Museo number 3 and in Campo Volantín number 13; they have another one in Las Arenas and another one in Castrourdiales. It specializes in Basque cuisine and it has a lunch menu and a tasting menu. As a fun fact, “abaroa” means “shelter” in Basque. I was there in October 2008 on a Saturday in the one of the Plaza del Museo, in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. It wasn’t far from the Guggenheim, since we walked from there. I really liked the decoration, although it was a bit dark for my taste. They combined elements and antiquities of the Basque culture with modern elements, like the lamps. I noticed that one of the walls had headboards decorated with paintings. Even though it had an extensive menu with entrees, meats and fish, we ordered the lunch menu that cost 18 €, since it was weekend (on weekdays it’s 10 €). we thought that the price was quite decent. We were two people and we ordered as an entrée: beans and duck confit salad; as a second plate Biscayne codfish and sirloin; for dessert we had a cake bathed in hot chocolate. I loved the food, the quantities were great and the quality-quantity relationship was excellent. The atmosphere was very nice. It is without a doubt a place to go back to.
Tapas Bars in Bilbao
On Monday May 16, 2011, 4 people left shocked , to go get a plate of snacks to bring to the group, but the people were so rude and loud and yelled "DO NOT TOUCH THE DISHES EH "two times, there was no sign indicating this prohibition, and the man turned around ignoring us, the difference between one site and another is in these types of attitudes.
Restaurants in Bilbao
La Mary
We were looking for a restaurant downtown where we could eat something good and cheap, and we found this place. There's a menu with several dishes to choose from for around 10 € per person. At noon there were people waiting at the door but it clears soon. Good quantities, service, and decor. Recommended
Restaurants in Getxo
Bar Galea
In the center of Las Arenas, between the Plaza subway and the Hanging Bridge you will find the Bar Galea. It is pleasant and friendly and attracts people of all ages. This spectacular bar's secret is top quality products and careful preparation and presentation. You can drink coffee and have tortillas in many places, but few as enjoyable as here. The proof is its faithful clientele you will find daily for breakfast here. And as the day progresses the bar continues to offer a variety of goodies to which it is impossible to say no ... you'll want to try them all! Anyway go here on your next visit to Getxo.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Plaza Nueva
In the historic center of Bilbao, Plaza Nueva has impressive architecture and gastronomy. In its many bars and restaurants you can taste, in my opinion, the best tapas of Bilbao. You need to try the muslins, there are some with ham, bacon, with tuna ... Exquisite!
Restaurants in Bilbao
Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao
Like its name indicates, the Guggenheim Restaurant is located inside the museum, which is a guarantee of quality. It is a restaurant with creative cuisine but with a very traditional base, that is, the ingredients are easily recognizable by our palate, without too many frills, except for the marvelous presentation. The best example is found in the “low temperature egg” that I had the pleasure of tasting last week: it is a simple egg over a light base of smashed potatoes that is sprinkled with red onion soup. Or, like the waiter explained to me, a Spanish omelet in three stages. Like I say, the idea is simple, but the result is extraordinary. The other plates that were offered in the menu that day were the codfish meatballs with Biscayan sauce, glazed cheeks of Iberian pork, and to finish, chocolate cake, coffee mousse, and honey ice cream (which deserves it own monument inside the museum). The best thing is that the price of the menu (the tasting menu), with wine included, is not too expensive, I think it cost around 25 € which is not too bad considering the kind of restaurant it is. You can also ask for a less expensive menu for less than 20 €. And you can also order out of the regular menu. In any case, there is no excuse not eat in this magnificent restaurant that is the perfect complement and ending to a morning spent in the museum.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Deluxe Bilbao
Super burgers, huge pizzas and sandwiches, all delicious ... that's what you'll find at this great spot in Bilbao. The giant burgers are their specialty, but they also have an extensive menu of croquettes, nachos, chips with dips ... and everything's supersized. You can also order takeaway. There is another Deluxe restaurant in Miribilla (9 Julian Zugazagoitia, tel: 946 089 892). They also have a great value daily lunchtime menu.
Culinary Interest in Lekeitio
Without a doubt, pintxos are one of the most typical delicacies of Euskal Herria. They come in all shapes, flavors and colors, there are practically no rules in their making. In Lekeitio, a small town in Biscay, one of the best places to eat pintxos is in the Lumentxa tavern. It is a small place but with great variety and the best ham in town. You can eat there pintxos and delicious sandwiches. They also have a good wine cellar from La Rioja. The service is great, very nice waiters, but you have to take into account that at some hours of the day the place is so full that the waiters can be a bit stressed. Lumentza is the perfect place to go for wine tasting and, if you feel like going out, it is a great option to eat something healthy and quick.
Restaurants in Bilbao
The Amboto Restaurant is located in the emblematic old downtown of Bilbao, surrounded by many bars and restored places. In my last visit to Bilbao I had agreed to meet friends for dinner; we were having something to drink in the area and we decided to go inside this restaurant since it was the only one with a free table. The place has two floors; the first floor has the bar and the second one the restaurant. The dining room is quite big and fits 110 people. I was surprised that it was practically empty, especially when the other restaurants of the area were so full. It is decorated with wood and paintings, one of them featuring the Dama de Amboto of the popular legend. It specializes in traditional Basque cuisine, like codfish and other fish and grilled meat. They have a special house menu (26€) and they make special group menus. We were three people and we ordered to entrees (an assortment of cold meats and a smoked plate) and then each one of us had a main dish (turbot with shrimp and eel, grilled monkfish with shrimp and clams, sirloin with Idiazabal cheese), all of it from the “recommended dishes” section of the menu. We paid 30€, wine bottle included, which I believe is an average price in Bilbao. They were good sized servings and with a great presentation. We had a great dinner. The service was excellent, quick, attentive and kind. When they saw that we couldn’t stop taking pictures, the owner herself came to say hello, talked to us and turned on all the lights in the place and told us the history behind the paintings in the wall. I definitely recommend this place, both for the service and the dishes.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Bistrot À Table
Dos de Mayo Street, Bilbao’s most cosmopolitan street, is the focus of the most avant-garde and alternative shops in the city, and precisely here we find Bistrot À Table. Bistrot À Table is a cozy and romantic corner ideal for intimate dinners between friends or couples. It is a charming place with an elegant but simple decoration, with French airs and a certain picturesque air. It is not too big, with about ten or twelve tables, very carefully illuminated and perfect music. It’s a fusion between Basque and French cuisine in an innovative way. Foie gras mi cuit, boletus mushrooms with magret, fillet Stroganoff, goose salad, duck tournedos filled with duck foie, duck confit with plum sauce, and the fish, always fresh. Among the desserts I recommend the chocolate palet. On weekdays they have a good priced menu, considering the delicious dishes and desserts they offer. The wines are the best. The different dishes of the menu are served with different wines, according to each dish. We can’t forget the blind dinners, two fun hours of dinner with your eyes covered, a didactic experience that allows you to taste the food with your sense of smell and taste, doing without the sight.
Cafés in Bilbao
Café La Granja
The Farm is one of the most popular bars in Bilbao, on Gran Via, opposite Plaza Circular and the statue of Don Diego López de Haro. It's also one of the oldest bars in the city. Lovely décor, high ceilings and covered in wooden furniture. Ideal for tapas by day and beers at night.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Sidrería Asador Arriaga
Awful service and frozen potatoes We were a group of 19 ve ate at this restaurant. Of course, we booked a table in advance. Half of the people asked for the menu and the other "a la carte". Thise ve asked for the menu said it was pretty good, those ve only ordered a second plate (steak, entrecote, etc.) were waiting for one hour watching the others eat to discover in the end that the garrison potatoes were frozen - totally outrageous in any decent restaurant. The dessert was good overall, we paid 33 euros per head. Awful, the site seems to live off tourism and not the good of the restaurant.
Restaurants in Bilbao
The Alhondiga of Bilbao is itself is worth a visit. A renovated building that is 100 years old and was once a wine store. Inside is the restaurant Yandiola, which is based on Bilbao cuisine and uses local produce - it is stylish and innovative. You can also dine on a couch. They have very good things and are very careful. They say that the terrace is a treat with great views of Bilbao, but we were unable to see it. The perfect excuse to return.
Restaurants in Bilbao
Txacoli Simon
This restaurant is not in the city of Bilbao, but on Mount Artxanda, on the Camino de San Roque. To get there, you can drive, take a cable car or a taxi. We took a taxi, and it cost just € 9. It is a good restaurant, a beautiful stone house with some picnic-style tables outside. I remember the steak, which is partially prepared in the kitchen before being brought to the table for you to finish cooking it to the point that you want. The meat is fabulous and with this method you're guaranteed to get what you want: the meat melts in the mouth! The waiters offered great service. It's a good place to eat, and if you bring the kids, there's plenty of space for them to run around outside. We didn't have any drinks, and spent 35 € per person