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Restaurants in Wisconsin

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13 places to eat in Wisconsin

Restaurants in Milwaukee
Safe House
When traveling to Milwaukee we really wanted to see this restaurant for several reasons. First, it is a themed restaurant dedicated to the world of espionage. Second, because of one of its peculiarities that is advertised, it is hidden in a typical American city alley, behind a door with the sign anonymously says: International Exports Ltd. Even so, we had to make several turns until we got to the door ... After opening the door you find yourself in a small room in which there is the typical English library furniture. And nothing more. Based on search, find a lever that if you pull the slide makes it one of the panels of the library, like in the movies. Then at the end of a long, dark passage (my son became frightened) you finally find the restaurant. The place is decorated like an English pub, wood paneling and a multitude of gadgets related to the world of spies, especially James Bond. The truth is that it is curious and mysterious. The food, unfortunately, does not accompany the theme because the offer is limited to cold dishes: salads and sandwiches. The bar, however, is of far more grace, so I recommend going to take one thing and nothing else. Visual tricks abound (eg, open the toilet door and you find a wall walled) and the place is quite labyrinthine. To exit is not easy. You have to get in a phone booth, put a coin of 25 cents memorize the keycode you get, and then enter it on the keyboard. Finally, a door opens and after traveling another long and sinister passage, you will find yourself on the street.
Restaurants in Madison
Weary Traveler Freehouse
Weary Traveler Freehouse restaurant in the east side of Madison has delicious weekday lunches and dinners and weekend brunch. It can be really crowded, especially on weekend evenings, so it is best to arrive early or visit for a weekday lunch. The specialty at the Weary Traveler is Bob’s Organic Bad Breath Burger, which is a half pound burger topped with cream cheese, onions, garlic, and other vegetables and sauces. This is the best burger in Madison. The Weary Traveler serves food from small local businesses in Wisconsin and has organic, vegetarian, and vegan options. The Weary Traveler also is a bar that has a huge selection of local and imported beers and wines.
Restaurants in Madison
The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned restaurant, on Capital Square, in Madison serves traditional Wisconsin fare. This is always a popular restaurant to bring any guests and/or visitors who come to Madison. Though the Old Fashioned has expanded in recent years, it is very popular and there is often a wait for a table. Thus, it is best to arrive early to put your name on the waiting list. The Old Fashioned also serves locally brewed beers and the bar tenders are knowledgeable and can guide you to a new favorite or help you to find an old friend. My favorite dishes that they serve are bratwurst or macaroni and cheese made with Wisconsin cheddar.
Restaurants in Madison
Fugu Asian Fusion
I absolutely love the restaurant, Fugu, in Madison, Wisconsin. Fugu serves very authentic Sichuan-style (Chinese food). Out of every Chinese restaurant that I've tried in the United States, the food at Fugu is the most similar to meals that I enjoyed in Yunnan and Sichuan, China. The menu is huge and the dishes are fresh and often very spicy. You can even order Chinese beer and white liquor (bai jiu). Fugu is best to visit with a larger party so you can order together and eat family style. This way you can taste several different dishes in one sitting. I especially enjoy their spicy string beans, Sichuan style cucumber, and ma po tofu. You can order in English or in Mandarin Chinese.
Restaurants in Madison
Glass Nickel Pizza Co.
Wisconsin has great cheese and fresh produce, however there are very few restaurants that serve good pizza. One of the delicious pizza places in Madison is Glass Nickel Pizza, which has several locations in Madison. I love Glass Nickel Pizza because you can order your pizza and pay online with a credit card to have your pizza delivered at home. This removes the hassle of having cash to pay the delivery person. Additionally, you can create your own pizzas by choosing your favorite toppings. Another great thing about Glass Nickel Pizza is that they consciously work towards being environmentally friendly.
Restaurants in Madison
Sunroom Cafe
The Sunroom Café is a beautiful second floor restaurant on State Street in Madison. The restaurant offers a casual dining atmosphere and you order and pick up your food at the main counter. The Café opens early and has amazing breakfast with both healthy and hearty options. For lunch and dinner they have southeast Asian food, Mediterranean dishes, pasta, meat dishes, and huge salads. They also offer sweet treats and locally made root beer. The food is absolutely delicious at any time of day and the service is quick. It is best to arrive at not peak times otherwise you may need to wait in line for a table.
Restaurants in Madison
Soga Shabu Shabu
Soga Shabu Shabu is Chinese and Japanese hotpot restaurant located in an upstairs room on State Street in Madison. It is popular with students and is especially great on a bitter cold winter day. Hotpot, or shabu shabu consists of a boiling broth (typically spicy) that you cook meat, vegetables, and mushrooms in. This meal must be consumed slowly to allow for the food to cook fully and should be eaten in a very relaxed atmosphere. It is not uncommon for this meal to take at least two hours to eat. The atmosphere and hotpot meal at Soga Shabu Shabu is authentic.
Restaurants in Milwaukee
Restaurants in Pleasant Prairie
Family is quite important in the Midwest. Sometimes it is hard to find places suitable for all kids and all sizes of families. If you are roaming around Wisconsin or really any type of place in the Midwest and you come across a Cheddars, it is well worth the stop. The kids had a choice of anything they could possibly want on the kids menu and we ended up with some delicious pasta. There was a decent beer selection for a chain restaurant for the grown ups. We had a really lovely time with the server and the environment of the place. It was a good place for transitioning kids to nicer places. They did not provide any crayons or anything to look at while waiting for our order, and the decor was very lovely...almost too lovely for kiddies. Overall, great Midwest American cuisine....cheese curds galore!
Restaurants in Kenosha
Brat Stop
If you want a taste of American Midwest tradition, this is it! As a kid the brat stop was the place we dreamed to go to on our way through Wisconsin. Trips were planned around going to the brat stop. This is the ultimate road trip stop throughout mid America. The concept is the the most simple idea. It is like an old fashioned truck stop, but huge. Once inside you can go left to the restaurant and have the best brats/sausages you could ever imagine or go right and head in their store. The store is complete with different Wisconsin cheeses and meats and souvenirs. The food is by no means gourmet. They are the most rugged, simple, and delicious sausages in the Midwest. The Brat Stop has become a Midwest humorous landmark because of its massive size and its irresistible junk food. The prices are pretty cheap so it's worth checking out (especially if the Green Bay Packers are playing)!
Restaurants in Hudson
Pier 500
Before I tell you anything else about this place I need to express how absolutely phenomenal their Greek Flatbread is! At $13 it seems a bit pricey until you take your first bite, after that you'd be willing to pay just about anything for more! Packed full of flavors ranging from tomatoes, olives, feta cheeses and more! Makes me drool just thinking about it. As for the restaurant itself- it's huge and expect it to be incredibly crowded on a summer weekend evening. With views overlooking the Hudson Marina and plenty of outdoor patio seating it's a popular spot for just about everyone. The appetizer menu is great and if you sit in the bar area during happy hour you can take advantage of great appetizer discounts- though I wouldn't recommend their Bloody Marys.
Restaurants in Milwaukee
Cafe Benelux & Market
Cafe Benelux and Market, located in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, serves delicious food and drink with flavors from Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. Cafe Benelux has a large indoor dining space as well as a beautiful outdoor section that is open seasonally. I've eaten at Cafe Benelux a couple of times now and have really enjoyed everything I've tried. They have delicious macaroni and cheese and mouth-watering bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Yum! All of the items on their menu also are paired with beer to compliment the flavors of the meal. Also open for brunch, try their cinnamon streusel french toast or waffles.
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